1. Audi-owner says

    The New York post has as much credibility as Faux news and National Enquirer. So while it is an outrage,it’s predictable on their end.

    *Waits for some other smug,bitter dingbat to make some bitchy remark about the kind of car I own. Which would only prove my point about the mostly low-life animals who read this blog*

  2. says

    It’s the Post – the paper that puts “man at the moment of his death” photos on the front page. The paper that runs comics comparing black people to monkeys.

    It’s the POST – the go-to paper for racists that want to look like they’re semi-edumacated en route to work.

    and yeah, maddow is spot-on.

  3. jamal49 says

    This is just one day of the NY Post. Imagine having to see this sewage every day. The NY Post is Rupert Murdoch’s baby. It’s simply FOX News on newsprint.

  4. Donald says

    So the Post runs photos of people it says are the suspects when in fact they aren’t. Gawker then republishes the covers of those papers with the “suspects” faces and then rants how awful the Post is. Maddow is the only one to blur the faces of the people. The only person I can side with on this is Maddow, not the Post and not Gawker.

  5. Anony6 says

    Totally agree with rachel here. I couldnt believe how some “independent” blogs and news sites were posting the pictures of “suspects” in the bombing. All in the name of unfiltered pure journalism. That is not journalism, that’s just being reckless and putting potentially innocent people in danger.

    I also couldn’t believe the self identified libertarians and independents who frequent those sites applauding the posting of pictures of the suspects so that we all can “catch the bad guys”. These same people were bragging about-as usual- how their news sources are not corporate/government controlled.

    ***eye roll***

  6. David Hearne says

    Luke – What is your point? Islam is not a race. I know that is news to the folks who like to claim that “islamophobia” is racist, but it’s just not the case. Islam is a cancer which has invaded nearly every ethnicity on the planet to some degree.

    They were Islamic terrorists… as I predicted.

  7. ratbastard says


    They’re not Russian; they’re Chechen. Russia has been at war with Chechnya for a long time. Chechen are Muslim, many are very hardcore. How the F did they get into the country so easily? How do these ‘poor’ oppressed Muslim refugees [see my above post for their known lifestyle in Amerika] manage to live so well, so high off the hog, in Amerika, AKA Chumpistan?

  8. ratbastard says

    Yes, it was wrong to publicly name these two totally innocent young men. I feel for them. Sue the post. End of story.

    What’s Ms. Maddows opinion of the two eurotrash big spending, oppressed, ‘poor’ Chechen refugee boys?

  9. moz's says

    David hearne seems correct

    they were russian muslims from the area of chechnya

    can even agree with hearne that ALL religions are a cancer and blight on humanity

  10. MateoM says

    It figures that David Hearne and his alias Ratbastard would assume all terrorists are muslim. Rick and all of his aliases are the WORST. Just stop giving them any attention.

  11. ratbastard says


    WHERE did I say that? You’re making things up again.


    @Mr. Miller from Toronto,

    You’re very tough in front of a keyboard, if you can call mocking someone’s dead mother, suggesting she should be raped my Muslims, is tough. If I were in front of you, you’d have no teeth left in your mouth, and need surgery to fix your broken nose. You are a sick puppy, Mr. Miller.

  12. JamieC says

    I agree with many of you. I love Rachel Maddow! But I also am an anti-theist. Muslims have declared war upon us, upon the West, and they are among us. Sure we can point our fingers at Rotten American Right-Wing Christians who are always quoting the Bible, always condemning gays. But the difference between Muslims and Christians is that THEY (the Muslims) actually DO condemn homosexuals, by hanging them in public or stoning them to death. Muslims treat their women like dogs, in general, as their holy book proscribes them to do. Before pointing your fingers and calling other bloggers on here racists, many of you need to do some basic research; there are plenty of videos on youtube for example to back my claims of gays being hanged in public, women being stoned to death for simply being accused of adultery by their husbands. Muslims are not a race, they are a religion; the fasting growing religion on the planet and the most violent. They are invading every corner of the planet at the moment (the continuation of the crusades) and they must be stopped before it’s too late.

  13. mj says

    Love Rachel…she’s right on point…but am I alone in noticing Towleroad’s unfortunate pun in the title of this story?? I had to read it a couple of times before I realized what it concerned

  14. Bill says

    @David Hearne: While technically Muslim, for the most part they do not appear to be particularly religious, although one started praying 5 times a day, starting a couple of years ago according to a family member. That family member didn’t think it was a big deal, and probably better than getting stoned/drunk/whatnot (don’t remember the details). Regardless, that doesn’t sound like what a religious fanatic would say. In any case, it is wise not to jump to conclusions as to their motive – it doesn’t hurt to wait until the surviving one tells the police something definitive.

    If you actually visit a Muslim country (not the really theocratic ones), you’ll find a lot of people who are Muslims only because their parents were, and who show up at a mosque primarily when visiting their mothers. You’ll also get asked if you have any alcohol for sale.

  15. RyaninMiami87 says

    I think Jamie and David are spot on. You can cry racism all you want (even though Islam is not a race) but the fact of the matter is these animals were Muslim. Are all terrorists Muslim? No. Are all Muslims terrorists? No. But are the majority of terror acts perpetrated on the US of recent history (and many other places) by Muslims? YES.

    As for Rachel. Its terrible that these two young men pictured were victims of wrong place wrong time. However, they only stated that they were “sought.” At least the post did SOMETHING to attempt to find the men responsible. What efforts did Miss Maddow make from the comfort of her studio? Had these two men pictured been the perpetrators, The Post would be being praised. The Post cleared them, ABC cleared them, the government cleared them, and the eventual capture of the true suspects exonerated the two men. Move on.

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