Mosaic Artist Completes Lindsay Lohan Portrait Made of Trash: TIME-LAPSE VIDEO


Jason Mecier, the genius mosaic artist (we've featured his Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike and Ike' candy portrait and his Honey Boo Boo garbage masterpiece) has completed another portrait: Lindsay Lohan.

This art piece is made entirely out of trash, recycling and found objects inspired by Lindsay Lohan, and took over 50 hours to make!

Highlights include make-up, jewelry, sunglasses, credit cards, cell phones, booze bottles, handcuffs, Visine, prescription bottles, Lindsay's CDs and DVDs, 2 collectable Mean Girls nail files, 4 ant traps, Monistat 7, 8 Q-Tips, 13 bullet shells, 1 tampon and 29 cigarette butts.

Watch a stunning time-lapse of its creation, AFTER THE JUMP...