1. Erstegeiger says

    The Reverend’s head looks freakishly large in the still…….or perhaps it is just at a weird angle to his body.

    He has given us lots of support! Keep up the great work Al!

  2. anthony says

    I am “wondering” why Brian’s NOM BLOG…has not had many entries lately AND why have they disconnected their comment sections:

    “Comments are temporarily disabled. Please try back later.”

    Just wondering ???.

  3. MarkSquared says

    No Miss Brown, the question is can certain people vote to TAKE AWAY rights that have already been granted and enjoyed by their fellow citizens.

  4. alex says

    Jack M: You must be an April Fool’s troll. Sharpton has been a civil rights leader for decades — unclear what would be ‘strange’ about him supporting marriage equality.

  5. tilltheworldends says

    I really wish someone would bring up the fact that Biblically marriage was arranged and many of them had wives’! It was redefined many times in history!

  6. Jack M says

    @Alex, I honestly have not heard Sharpton talk much about gay rights. He probably doesn’t get the publicity that other people do. Nice to know he has been speaking out for a long time.

  7. Walt NYC says

    Living in NYC< I’ve never been a huge fan of Rev. Sharpton. However, my opinion of him has changed considerably over the past few years. He has been an outspoken proponent for gay rights, and this was really quite entertaining to watch. He didn’t let Brian Brown get away with ANYTHING.

  8. Alex says

    @JackM – Al Sharpton has always been a friend to the gay community – I recall that he gave the strongest answer in support of gay marriage during the 2003 Democratic Primary debates and even said it was like asking him if he supported interracial marriage

  9. Chitown Kev says

    Actually, Al Sharpton supported marriage equality before quite a few gay people did.

    You can find any number of pro marriage equality statement from Re. Al right in this very blog’s archives

  10. Voet says

    I have been a fan of Al Sharpton for a long time. He is able to cut through the fog and mirrors and get to the heart of an issue. While some of the folks hear may not know of his advocacy on our behalf, he has been an ally for a long time. He is one of the voices that has done a great deal to change minds in the Black community. His sister is a lesbian.

  11. Ant says

    Why bother asking Brown on anything, we know his answers.
    From now on, if the discussion are going to have a Brown or Perkins, they should be fair and invite KKKs and anti-interacial marriage groups.

  12. Caliban says

    Al Sharpton has been pro-gay for a long time. He first came to notice with the Tawana Brawley case but since then hasn’t been the clown he’s often portrayed as.

  13. melvin says

    If you can find the footage of Sharpton’s March 27 show, he opened it with a blistering attack on the anti equality bigots. He has been on our side for a long time.

  14. Jack says

    We have plenty of gay people fighting for us. The reason we’re at the Supreme Court is the support of straight people, and it warms my heart to see them speaking out for us. The more the better.

  15. andrew says

    @Alex: Check out Al Sharpton’s disgraceful behavior in the Tawaney Brawley case and you may see why some of us on the left are not going to accept him as a spokesman for our side.

  16. andrew says

    @Alex: google Tawana Brawley Case and you will get a taste of how inflamatory the “Rev” Als behavior was. A civil court later awarded one of the defamed a $65,000.00 judgement against the “Rev” which his supporters paid. Has he ever apologized for his stoking the flames of race hatred in that case? If you can find that apology please tell me about it.

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