Nevada Senate Panel Advances Bill to Repeal Ban and Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Nevada's Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections yesterday voted 3-2 along party lines on Senate Joint Resolution 13 which would repeal the state's definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, and also amend the constitution to say all marriages are recognized regardless of gender, the AP reports:

NevadaBecause it is a constitutional amendment, the measure must be approved by the Legislature this year and in 2015 before it would go to voters in 2016 for ratification. Supporters said they’ll keep up their campaign for passage.

“All people in Nevada deserve the freedom to marry,” said Laura Martin with Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada.

The original proposal sought only to repeal language in the state constitution that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. But a late amendment adopted by the committee Thursday adds that the state “shall recognize marriages and issue marriage licenses, regardless of gender.”

HRC adds:

In 2002, Nevada voters passed Question 2, banning marriage equality for same-sex couples. In 2009, the state passed domestic partnership legislation, becoming the 17th state to provide relationship recognition to same-sex couples. In recent polling, public opinion has shown growing support for marriage equality with 54% of Nevada voters supporting same-sex marriage.


  1. Tyler says

    This is a no-brainer for tourism dollars. Of course they may not want to upset the moral tone of the state with its legal brothels and gambling dens.

  2. Clayton says


    You got there first. I was going to say that Nevada is the last place in the union that can “defend” marriage on moral grounds.

  3. Jere says

    I don’t know anything about the political process in Nevada and I’m curious about why this is a 3 year process. Did it take 3 years to pass the amendment originally? It seems to be a long time to wait for something that, as other commenters have said, is something of a no-brainer for a state famous for its casinos and legal whorehouses.

  4. Ryan says

    @Jere – it states why it’s a three year process. It needs to be approved by 2 consecutive legislatures, and then has to be put to a public vote the year after that. There are other states (Iowa comes to mind) that also have similar processes for amending the state constitution to prevent anything rash from being implemented.

  5. Steve says

    Didn’t Nate predict Nevada voters would pass this around 60% in 2016? Let us not forget about the casinos getting behind this.

  6. emjayay says

    Nevada needs to make the state safe for spur of the moment gay marriages done by Elvis impersonators.