New Zealand Becomes 13th Nation to Approve Marriage Equality

New Zealand has legalized same-sex marriage in a 77-44 vote on a third and final reading of the bill, the New Zealand Herald reports:

NewzealandThe bill will take effect in mid August and comes 27 years after New Zealand decriminalised homosexuality.

Same-sex marriage supporters at the Campaign for Marriage Equality party in Wellington cheered loudly and applauded as the bill was passed into law.

More than a hundred supporters gathered at the San Francisco Bath House bar on Wellington's Cuba St to watch the vote. They will be joined later tonight by the bill's sponsor, Labour MP Louisa Wall, who is expected to be welcomed with a haka before addressing supporters.

There was a din of anticipation in the moments before the vote was announced, followed by a hush as the vote was read.

The bar then erupted into cheers and applause. Supporters embraced and joined in a waiata following the vote.

New Zealand joins Uruguay, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, and Denmark as the 13th nation to offer its citizens nationwide marriage equality.

Brazil, Mexico, and of course, the U.S. offer it in parts of the country.


  1. Bollux says

    And there is much rejoicing in the Shire. Still waiting to hear the anti-gay marriage press release from Mordor.

  2. Aaron says

    And just like that, now countries in 5 of the 6 inhabited continents have countries with marriage equality.

    North America – Canada
    South America – Argentina, Uruguay
    Europe – Belgium, Denmark, et al
    Africa – South Africa
    Australia/Oceania – New Zealand

    Come on new Nepalese constitution! Let’s run the board!

  3. nn says

    I do not mean to be rude, but the United States has 2 class marriage equality in the states that offer them. Because they are not recognized by federal government/laws, and that is not the same as the other countries who have marry equality, with equal rights for all marriage, straight or gay!

  4. says

    We are all thrilled, even American expats like me. One things I WOULD point out, though, is that this region is called “Asia/Pacific”, and not just because Australia so often lags behind… 😉

  5. disgusted american says

    yahh MeriKKKa – we’re no#1, we’re no#1 WAR, and income disparity…….once again-MeriKKKa the LIE…Liberty & Justice for All….my ass.

  6. TampaZeke says

    We really should stop repeating the lie that some parts of the US have marriage equality when the fact is that NO PART of the US has marriage equality and no part will until the federal government recognizes them and provides them with EQUAL benefits and responsibilities.

  7. guynyc says

    Agreed. Even after the federal government strikes down Section 3 of DOMA (if they do…) there still won’t be full marriage equality…America is a disgrace. Mazal Tov, New Zealand!

  8. DB says

    Hallelujah! Each inhabited continent except for Asia now has at least one country with full equality. In Europe, the pro-marriage countries are Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. In South America, civil rights have been achieved in Argentina and Uruguay. In Africa, South Africa has marriage. In Australia, New Zealand has marriage. In North America, Canada has marriage. So far only Christian countries have legalized marriage (8 Protestant and 5 Catholic), reflected the core value of Christianity that all of God’s children are equal and should be equally loved and equally treated.