1. Diego says

    I’m sorry but this season was brutal due to Coco Montrese and Roxxxy Andrews and their vicious bullying. Especially Roxxy. I mean it wasn’t even this pseudo bully label….it was the most cut throat, calculated, messy form of bullying I’ve seen. That Roxxxy was wearing a rosary and keeps mentioning her Catholic faith while attacking a fellow gay man wasn’t lost on me.

    I get it’s drag…But heart and soul are a huge part of drag

  2. MIke says

    Wow, I spend a good deal of my life where his Cajun punk-rock mother was from. Who knew it was ROUXPaul?! (and the way to explain it girl, it’s how every cajun recipe begins: “First ya make a roux.”)

  3. Alejandro says

    Love Ru

    and Ru if you see this….you truly have the next drag queen super star, who I can truly see putting drag back on the map, in broadway, mainstream movies, tour, shows and above all a true icon for LGBT and her name is…..JINX MONSOON. Don’t let her get away. Crown her.

  4. Icebloo says

    Joan is a Republican. I have no interest in anything she says or does.

    RuPaul is the only man in the world who would be willing to get into Joan’s bed. She is hideous inside and out. Joan is ALL about Joan and Joan’s bank balance. She is vile.

  5. HirsuteHeuristics says

    Watched this yesterday when it first posted. Genius perfection!

    As to the “roxxxy” issue. If Ru doesn’t pick Jinkx, there will be riots in the streets. Detox mentioned something about setting fire to the rain. That too.

    Roxxxy is a pageant girl and most of the ones I’ve been around as a judge for multiple shows, are the same way. They can be vicious and jealous of anyone they perceive as a threat.

    That being said, it would certainly appear that “roxxxy” needs some help with unpacking that “abandoned at the bus stop” baggage.

  6. Chris says

    @icebloo First of all, she’s not a republican. She was at one time but voted for Obama these last two elections. Second of all, she’s all about herself? Really? You obviously know nothing of Joan. She’s done LGBT rights advocacy work, Women’s reproductive health rights work, AIDs work (and was the one who got Liz Taylor involved in it. Before any celebs dared mention aids, Joan did). And if you saw here documentary you would be aware of how much she cares for people. For instance, putting her employees children through private school. And that she’s truely a ki d and sensitive soul who has had a very ruff life. She wants money like all of us, yes. But she deserves and has worked for every penny. Sorry for being so sensitive about this, but Joan is not only one of my idols, but she is truely one of the kindest and most considerate people I have ever met. I’ll never forget the kind thing she did for me.

  7. Lee says

    I love Ru but she better croqn Jinkx as the next drag super star! Jinkx is entertaining, smart, strong, hilarious, and I have NEVER seen a drag queen or any reality show contestant get as much support as she is! She’s already a star. Crown her and make it official.

    Btw: roxxxy owes harvey milk an apology.

  8. Wayne says

    LOVE Ru and LOVE Joan. Two of the more genuine celebrities around today. They both tell it like it is—don’t hide their flaws, fears, etc.—and make us laugh along the way. I see two beautiful souls!

  9. ken says

    I am old enough to remember David Frost interviewing folks, really interviewing them. Now, stars show up on late night to do brief infomercials for their latest project. I have never watched Ru’s show, or this show of Joan’s, but thanks, Andy, for bringing it to us. I found it fascinating.

  10. Nick Name says

    I need to add my name to the list of Roxxxy Andrews critics. That queen needs some serious help. She got progressively nastier with each episode out doing herself each time. What an incredibly shady character. Jinx on the other hand was not only extremely talented but also a major sweetheart.

  11. michael says

    Loved this (laughed out loud several times), but the emphasis on plastic surgery is upsetting, especially since everyone who gets it done ends up looking like “Madame” (of Wayland Flowers and). What happened to aging gracefully and appreciating yourself *exactly as you are*?

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “What happened to aging gracefully and appreciating yourself *exactly as you are*?”

    Alas, Michael, I think that went out with Baby Jane Hudson.

  13. testington says

    What I don’t understand about Roxxxy is what is it that she actually thinks she is good at? Just make-up, clothes and lip syncing? Jinkx can buy dresses and hire a make-up person but Roxxxy can’t buy a sense of humor or pay somebody to be funny, smart, interesting and talented for her.

    Also, don’t these idiots realize they’re just hurting their careers in the long run by being so mean? My friends and I purposely changed our evening plans last weekend when we found out Coco was appearing at a club we planned on going to because nobody wanted to see her.

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