Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) Comes Out for Marriage Equality

Saying, "As a senator and as a citizen, I can no longer in good conscience take a position that denies her and her family the full measure of equality and respect," Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is the latest U.S. Senator to evolve on marriage equality, in an interview with Philadelphia Gay News:

Casey“After much deliberation and after reviewing the legal, public policy and civil-rights questions presented, I support marriage equality for same-sex couples and believe that DOMA should be repealed,” Casey said in a statement exclusively first released to PGN Monday afternoon…

Casey said he attributes his evolution on the issue in large part to feedback from LGBT Pennsylvanians and their families.

“These stories had a substantial impact on my position on this issue,” the senator said. “If two people of the same sex fall in love and want to marry, why would our government stand in their way? At a time when many Americans lament a lack of commitment in our society between married men and women, why would we want less commitment and fewer strong marriages? If two people of the same sex want to raise children, why would our government prevent them from doing so, especially when so many children have only one parent or none at all?”

Casey had previously backed civil unions for same-sex couples and opposed consitutional bans on same-sex marriage. He has also supported ENDA and 'DADT' repeal.

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  1. robroy says

    Well- this is big. He is from a Northern state but Casey has to the Dem most associated with their religion- Catholicism. I think he’s still anti abortion. So either the Dem heirarchy is putting out word or he is scared of a primary campaign from the left. Or of getting slaughtered from the left in a Gubernatorial primary.

  2. says

    Another senator’s position has “evolved.” Like robroy said, we don’t really know why his position has changed. Maybe he thinks that the party or his constituents are becoming more liberal and so he must change, too. He didn’t mention any gay children like Republican senator Portman, so there really isn’t any way to know why his position has changed.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    It’s very clear that Schumer and Reid (and possibly the President) are whipping votes here…probably for a repeal DOMA vote in the Senate (even if it’s nothing more than Section 2).

    The question is would the Republicans filibuster if the yes vote gets over 50?

    and still…where is Susan Collins. Even Lisa Murkowski has stated that she is “evolving.”

  4. will says

    Listen, people. Marriage equality in politics is POLITICS, that is the hard Machiavellian truth. It is not always “sincere” and “heartfelt” or whatever some of you guys want to see. This is a gift of support right now and don’t bite the hand that’s giving us the support for whatever reason.

    We are going through an evolution of thinking in the entire country. Casey is not just giving HIS opinion. He’s representative of citizens, he’s not necessarily required to give a vote of conscience. ACCEPT GRACIOUSLY from here on out whatever good support comes our way and stop questioning about changed positiions. This will happen a lot now, especially from the GOP side which is next.

    Don’t tar and feather anybody, even it Sarah Palin herself come out in support. Just aceept graciously and move on. You are not going to get accountability on this question. You might as well ask the american people themselves. Say “Thank you. We welcome your support.” and move on.

  5. Francis says

    Not everyone is willing to completely bend over backwards and applaud what basically amounts to “well, everyone else is on the bus now so I may as well get on too”. Especially taking into consideration that several of these new equality-minded pols have done nothing for us in the past. Will they do anything for us in the future? That’s what really matters and the jury is still out. Being openly in support of marriage equality is virtually a necessity at this point if you’re a Democrat in the Senate/House. But how many of these pols are going to actually put their words into action? Or some of these Republicans changing sides? Do that, you’ll be applauded.

    Tar and feather? No. We shouldn’t do that. Be happy that politicians are recognizing supporting our rights is an imperative. Be happy we’re becoming the “cool” group to support in society. Don’t let your guard down, though, in the slightest. These pols don’t really care about too much us, they’re coming out in support b/c they have to. We don’t have to do anything as a group but fight for our rights and for politicians willing to fight for our rights; we’re the ones being discriminated against.

  6. Becky says

    I wrote Sen. Casey of my family: a gay son and a straight, married daughter and asked him why my son should be denied the opportunity to find the same kind of happiness in a loving, supportive relationship as his sister had found in her marriage. I think my story and others like my own, from caring families are what caused Sen. Casey to evolve in his thinking on this matter. I applaud him. Now if only we can convince him that the Catholic Church (I was raised Catholic) does not speak for everybody on the issue of abortion or morality.

  7. Icebloo says

    It is great they are all now supporting us but I think that if the Democrats made gay marriage a part of their official platform then ALL of the Democratic politicians should HAVE to support it. If not, then why bother having an official platform at all ?

    When gay marriage does not pass in Illinois over the next few weeks despite having a Democratic majority, the Democratic Party should expel all of the weak, spineless Democrats who didn’t have the balls to support gay marriage. If they are not supporting the official party platform then they should not be in the Democratic Party.

  8. andrew says

    @Icebloo: You constantly show by your posts that you have no idea how our real democracy works. The 100 Senators and 435 voting House members represent over 330 million people. They represent urban, rural and suburban districts. They represent people of every religious faith and non believers. They represent people of all the races and nationalities on the planet. They represent their constituents. You should not expect them to all vote in lock step with the party platform. If you think that is a good thing, you should find yourself a dictatorship to live.

  9. David says

    Not sure if you wanted to be aware of these kinds of things. First, I commend Bob Casey for his stance. But, as if we needed another reason to despise national AND local FOX news coverage and commentary, about 5 min. ago FOX anchor in Philly glibly pronounces “Democratic Senator Bob Casey comes out … (with a long pause – and abrupt restart to punch home the joke) … in favor of gay marriage.” I cannot stand these guys.

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