The OXD Mirror: New Music For 4.26.13

Toy Boy & Robin – 'Jaded'

The London House & Garage duo known as Toyboy & Robin first caught my ear with the release of 'No More Sunshine,' a  floor filler I turn to on many occasions when DJing at our weekly Sunday party, Paradisco. It plays directly to the R&B-based nostalgic trend of house music of the past year as the song is a rework of Sunshine Anderson's 2001 hit, 'Heard it All Before'. With 'Jaded,' the duo proves their previous brilliance was no fluke. A simple kick drum guides the listener as they emerge from a haze of electronic sounds before the Toyboy & Robin's trademark addictive synth hook and melodic unrecognizable vocals draw them to the dancefloor. Much like Disclosure (albeit on a much harder scale), the duo blends elements Chicago house and classic garage into a contagious frenzied affair that's perfect for sun drenched afternoons.


A*M*E – 'Heartless (MNEK Remix)'

You may remember A*M*E as the young U.K. pop starlet that co-wrote and provides the vocals for Duke Dumont's chart topping single 'Need U (100%).' British producer MNEK also co-wrote the Dumont banger, so the expectations for their next musical effort is quite high. MNEK's remix of her latest single, 'Heartless,' lives up to the hype as yet another irresistible pop anthem that showcases everything we've come to love about A*M*E: her cheery attitude, unique voice, and ear for drama. Born and raised in war-torn Sierra Leone, A*M*E relied on pop music from the likes of *N*Sync and Backstreet Boys in order to escape the harshness of her reality. These influences bring a very strong 90's pop influence to her dance records, creating an effective combination that's "nothing too heavy, tragic, sad or anything like that." MNEK's production gives the song more of a U.K. garage sound, which, as evidenced by the tracks above, is starting to become the signature sound of 2013.


Kleerup feat.Loreen – 'Requiem Solutions (Prins Thomas Remix)'

Swedish record producer and drummer, Andreas Kleerup is no stranger to your iPod. He's the man behind Robyn's #1 UK single, 'With Every Heartbeat,' a song that many gay men fell in love with upon it's re-release in 2008. After collaborating with Lykke Li on 'Until We Bleed' and Cyndi Lauper on 'Lay Me Down' it seemed as though Kleerup had cornered the market on sweet sadness on the dancefloor. It's been a while since we've heard from him but with his latest release, 'Requiem Solutions,' he stays true to form, this time featuring vocals by the fellow Swedish vocalist Loreen. Norwegian producer and balearic maestro Prins Thomas streches the song to an epic bliss-inducing eight minutes that's perhaps best enjoyed alone on the dancefloor.


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This week's post was written and curated by Ru Bhatt. Check out more of his music picks on his podcast, The Ru-Mix and on Made In Brazil.

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  1. CJ says

    So, just going to say this because, well, you should welcome feedback from your readers. I’ve followed Towleroad for a few years now. And recently, I’ve wondered why the music posts now all seem to revolve around club/dance/electronica as opposed to before. Granted, it was mainly pop, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, but at least it didn’t seem to be almost myopic. There is so much good music out there from, Pop, to Argentinian rock, Euro indie, blues, etc. This constant focus on anything with at least 80+ bpm as the only music of interest to the gay community seems to cater to this idea that all gay people live in this bubble where every day can be Friday night at the current popular club. Please, a little music diversity. If you will.

  2. says

    I’m liking the new remixes of Never Enough, but still don’t think they could ever top the first go-around. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try, but it’s hard to top a classic! So happy to hear the Morales mix of It’s You. Love it! Just bummed that I have to wait a week before it’s released. Grrrr!

    Also, why does there every week seem to be someone complaining to Towleroad and the writers of this column about including it here on this website??? What’s wrong with you people? Just because Towleroad and OXD might not have a post or a column about the music you like most, doesn’t mean that other types of music (particularly dance music) shouldn’t be here. To me, dance music IS gay music and if any website is to include it, why wouldn’t a gay website feature it? Doesn’t mean gay people don’t like other music, even more than the music listed on this column. But why the constant complaints? Plus, dance music isn’t just for clubs on Friday nights. It’s great for road trips in the car/train/plane, cleaning the house to, cardio inspiration at the gym, the soundtrack for your own private house parties, passing the time with at work until you can clock out etc… Open up your own mind and don’t judge others or try to stop a writer’s passion or creative inspiration, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still try to advocate for the music that speaks to you. Just don’t rain on someone else’s parade. Towleroad, don’t ever stop this column, in fact I personally would love for it to expand! 😉

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