1. AJ says

    EVERY SINGLE one of these trailers is the SAME lately. Insert dramatic voiceover from minor character. Show main character being beaten in battle in some way, Show defeat, Have narration say something about “Sacrifice”, show main character say “NOOOOOOOOOO!” End of trailer. SOOO LAME

  2. D says

    Aw dang… I was hoping “Thor’s massive hammer” was a euphemism for something much more titillating.

  3. says

    I don’t understand why Marvel hasn’t introduced “The Enchantress” into the movies yet. She is a beautiful seductress who will stop at nothing to get Thor all to herself and she’s been in the comics for a LONG time. She should have been in the first Thor movie, The Avengers or at least in the sequel. It doesn’t make sense.

  4. jaragon says

    It looks as good as the first…and yes I’m sure Thor will have at least one shirtless scene.

  5. Bryan says

    The terrible thing about middle age is not flab, wrinkles, or being unfashionable (the last, in particular, is great), but realizing you’ve already seen every movie that Hollywood will ever make at least five times.

    Boom boom, flex flex, kill kill, kiss kiss…

    This is neither literature, nor theatre, nor art, nor porn, but some form that manages all the faults and none of the strengths of all those genres. Is it just a marketing campaign for popcorn?

    And if we remove the dams from the Colorado river, might LA not just dry up and blow away?

  6. Zlick says

    I’m not sure I will bother. The first film was meh. Hemsworth was fairly boring as Thor in that film and absolutely boring as Thor in The Avengers … and he had zero chemistry with Natalie Portman – who was doing the biggest slumming of her career in that pretty boring first Thor movie.

    Having just re-watched Cabin in the Woods last night, I look forward to seeing more of Chris Hemsworth in non-Thor roles … but I believe I’ll give this one a pass.