‘Trans 100′ List Unveiled

The Trans 100:


Abigail Jensen

Aidan Key

Alexis Martinez

Allyson Robinson

Andre Perez

Andy Karol

Andy Marra

Anna Anthropy

Asher Kolieboi

Avory Faucette

Bamby Salcedo

Baylie Roth

Ben Hudson

Blake Alford

Bree Sutherland

Carter Brown

Cecilia Chung

Channyn Lynne Parker

Charlie Solidum

Che Gossett

Christina Kahrl

Cristina Herrera

Claire Swinford

Diego Sanchez

Drago Renteria

Dru Levasseur

Earline Budd

Eli Erlick

ellie june navidson

Elliot Fukui

Erin Armstrong

Harmony Santana

Harper Jean Tobin

Ida Hammer

Ignacio Rivera

Ja-briel Walthour

Jaan Williams

Janet Mock

Jenn Burleton

Jenny Boylan

Justus Eisfeld

Kate Bornstein

Kate Sosin

Katherine Cross

Katie Burgess

Katy Stewart

Kay Barrett

Kelley Winters


Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Kylar Broadus

Laverne Cox

Lincoln Rose

Loan Tran

Mara Keisling

Marisa Richmond

Marsha Botzer

Masen Davis

Matt Kailey

Mel Goodwin

Mia Tu Mutch

Michelle Enfield

Miss Major Griffin-Gacy

Monica Roberts

Monika Mhz

Namoli Brennet

Nicholas Love

Nick Teich

Niko Kowell

Nino Dorenzo

Ola Osaze

Owen Daniel-McCarter

Paisley Currah

Pauline Park

Phyllis Frye

Qwo-Li Driskill

Rebecca Allison

Rebecca Kling

Reina Gossett

Ruby Corado

Ryan Blackhawke

Ryka Aoki

S. Bear Bergman

Sadie Baker

Sasha Alexander Goldberg

Sassafras Lowrey

Sean-Michael Gettys

Shane Morgan

Shawn Demmons

Spencer Bergstedt

Stephen Ira

Susan Stryker

Tei Okamato

Tracie O'Brien

Trisha Lee Holloway

Trudie Jackson

Van Binfa

Van Ngyuen

Yoseñio V. Lewis

Zander Keig


  1. says


    thank you for your fine work and for your strength and resilience in the face of bigotry and adversity. crushingly proud of my brothers and sisters who make up the T in our communities.

  2. bstewart23 says

    Hey look everyone! Apparently, it is acceptable to separate the “T”. But only when it serves the interests of T to do so. You may never EVER have a Gay 100 or an LGB 100, since that would “exclude” heterosexual transsexuals. But the T100? No problem. A separate trans legal org? Separate national trans orgs? No problem.

    What a complete scam. LGBT is a lie designed to give heterosexual transsexuals and crossdressers control over LGB money and organizations, even while they give nothing in return. But as the T100 shows, it is a fake concoction. T is fundamentally different from LGB.

  3. Wilberforce says

    Trans people destroyed enda. And the gay community are too bleeding-heart to re-start the issue. So we get marriage equality, which affects a small percentage of us.
    And now trans folk are taking over gay orgs.
    The incompetence of the identity politics crowd never ceases to amaze.

  4. Adam says

    Towleroad is purportedly a site with homosexual tendencies. Trans people do not wish to be thought of as homosexual..

  5. Wilberforce says

    Listen. That’s the sound of the community hiring an unqualified identity politics poser, or someone with a hot face and body, to be our now spokesperson.
    Listen again. That’s the sound of our new spokesperson wasting everyone’s time with non-issues and weak arguments.

  6. Jacob Caria says

    Wilberforce, I know it’s hard to understand this, but gender nonconformity is not the sole province of transsexuals. Many gay people face discrimination for just that, and including gender identity in ENDA was seen as a way to make sure that it did a complete job, as well as include trans people. So, it’s possible to claim that ENDA could have passed without gender identity included. However, that would not only have left trans people out, it would also have discarded the rights of plenty of gay people too, and generally those who are most likely to face discrimination. If you’re a proponent of a heteronormative-only ENDA, you only have to say so, but don’t muddle the debate with half-truths and assumptions.

  7. Rick says

    “I know it’s hard to understand this, but gender nonconformity is not the sole province of transsexuals. Many gay people face discrimination for just that, and including gender identity in ENDA was seen as a way to make sure that it did a complete job, as well as include trans people”

    And there it is, folks. The price of the culture of effeminacy. In the minds of Jacob Caria and others like him, the enemy is not homophobia; the enemy is masculinity.

    And these people are willing to sacrifice the rights of non-effeminate gay people to their futile crusade against standards of masculinity.

    For those of you who are effeminate–or are not, but feel a bond with those who are–it is really hard to understand why you would be indignant about not wanting to be lumped in with trans people. After all, effeminate gay “men” have no real male identity–they idolize women, mimic the behavior of women, and use the female vernacular to refer to themselves and each other (“girl”, “she” “honey”, etc.) Just because they don’t go to the extreme of actually altering their genitalia does not mean that they are not, in a fundamental sense, every bit as gender-confused as trans people are.

    I say this will all sincerity.

    If someone can explain to me what I am missing in all this, I am willing to listen, but I don’t think I am.

    The time has come to distinguish between truly gay MEN–who have a truly male identity–and the other group, consisting of trans people and effeminate gay men……who have a female/feminine identity and who could be labeled in any number of ways: Gender-Confused, Pseudo-Women, Woman-Identifying, whatever……to distinguish them from the rest of us.

    The two groups have no more in common with each other really than men and women do….and continuing to lump them together is destroying our movement and confusing the public–you cannot decry stereotypes and condone them at the same time, after all.

    And all this is only going to get worse rather than better as long as the division is not made.

  8. Mike says

    lol, it’s bstewart of Fametracker “infamy.” Hahaha, didn’t think I’d see him on a non TWoP-related board!

  9. SayTheTruth says

    Good, at least these transgender heterosexual are out in the open making their example clear for all those with the same social struggles to overcome. I know many trans heterosexuals whose ultimate (and logical) objective is go under the radar as far as possible. And a few of them go as far as to even adopting homophobic stances to be the farthest of the “misconception” once they bore of being mingled with LGB.
    Their main fight is to be considered as heterosexual equals. Ours it to be considered equals in our difference.

  10. Acronym Jim says

    Rick continues to hate on the feminine, regardless of sexual identity. And in his mind, dividing our community is the answer.

    Considering the source, color me nonplussed.

  11. Acronym Jim says

    @Rick:”In the minds of Jacob Caria and others like him, the enemy is not homophobia; the enemy is masculinity.”

    Wrong again. The enemy is bigotry combined with ignorance. As you’ve just effectively demonstrated.

  12. says

    I’m really sort of saddened by a lot of these comments. How did ya’ll get so damn hateful? Can we just leave to that right-wangerz please? Thanks. If you don’t know, like or appreciate any of the people on this list, then why even comment? I mean really… Saying these things will not make trans people disappear or anything. And in case you haven’t noticed, the entire LGBTQMNOPXYZ community still only amounts to a minority… So why divide us all even further?

  13. says

    It was the repeated erasure by GL people of trans people, and especially trans people of color on LGBT community lists like the Out 100 (which they failed spectacularly on again) that drove the trans community to create the Trans 100 in the first place.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    All the above posts using my name to attack transfolk or oppose their equality are fakes from some Democrat party source. Their use of disinformation is retaliation for my opposition to Obama from a socialist point of view.

    I’ve asked Towleroad to block the IP of origin.

  15. Isabella says

    I think it’s missing important names as Cristan Williams, Michelle Lianna, Savannah Leftytgirl, and Julia Serano.