1. says

    I find interesting that here in the States we despise boy bands, yet in the UK, where One Direction & Union J are from, boy bands are celebrated. Even the straight UK boys love their British boy bands.

    Open up your freaking minds people.

  2. johnny says

    I’m too aged to care about their music, but I’m really having a hard time figuring out which one is the gay one.

    And I think that’s a good thing for both the gay one and the het ones.

  3. SoLeftImRight says

    Audio only? Post when they have a video of them frolicking on the beach or something. And have to agree, was also thinking it was OneD missing a member.

  4. Bryan says

    I also thought it was OneD for a second…
    I personally don’t like boy bands, but they’re popular for young generations. I’m guessing that young British gay boys (and girls) having an out pop singer in a boy band can only be a good thing.

  5. Randy says

    If we’re done with the whining, their video is up at

    I like them. Hopefully Jaymi will get to sing a lyric he might actually say to someone in his real life.

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