1. CAM says

    I think they’re doing something a little different than drag race… they’ve got their own vocals and an act, which I appreciate. That they aren’t working cookie cutter drag reminds me more of SF than LA or NYC – which I love. Though, Heklina is likely somewhere rolling in her grave that I’ve said that.

  2. CAM says

    May we all get so big as to have idiots on the internet talking shade about us… Loves some Heklina, and I think it’s great that they buried her right on top of Lady Bunny. I mean, she spent most of her life like that, why not eternity?

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    I love surprises and this was certainly one. I generally don’t appreciate skag drag, but it became completely irrelevant to their singing. (I also like to see Simon reveling in his “bad guy” image.)

  4. Tom Cardellino says

    These men are potential countertenors of the highest degree. With the proper voice coaching, it is easily imaginable that their sense of humor and strong vocal performances could make this their “day job!” They were a joy to behold.

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