1. UFFDA says

    Start the Sunday with laugh! Brick Stone should never stop. This is going to make him rich and famous, and should.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    This video is a good example of how giddy the Phelps get at the attention. They enjoy this interaction.

  3. Matt26 says

    @Dastius K, yes, they enjoy the interaction, gets attention to their “thoughts”.
    But boy those people are something else. So much hate hate hate hate. They surely aren’t nice and happy.

  4. steve says

    not often, but sometimes I catch myself finding the Westboro Baptist Church absolutely hilarious – if I’m in school and they show slides with their posters or whatever I have to restrain myself from laughing – just because its so over the top and extreme and crazy…it’s almost like they’re doing a parody of anti-gay people, just surreal and bizarre. I’d be curious if a study could be done to find out whether or not they’ve actually helped gay rights causes in the United States by being such a heinous symbol for anti-gay people. I wonder how many people have changed their minds about gay people in a positive way after witnessing these people.

  5. Mike in the tundra says

    Is it true that they have targeted Carol Burnett with their hate? That seems unAmerican.

  6. andrew says

    A couple of those people didn’t seem to be as crazy and hateful as their signs. I wonder how much of that biblical sh$t some of them actually believe.

  7. Neil says

    Sorry, but Shirley owned Brick over and over. I would have enjoyed it if he had actually poked holes in her logic, but she is clearly his intellectual superior.

  8. Jeff says

    Yeah Neil, she looked like a real genius screaming about the Amish, saying hermaphrodites may not exist, singing off-time, and being caught in a lie about ending the world.

    You’re either a troll, a bigot, or just plain stupid.

  9. Sam says

    steve, just curious. Where do you go to school that they show “slides”? Someone needs to invest in technology at your school.

  10. Neil says

    Jeff, making fun of someone for their beliefs is not the same thing are actually deconstructing their beliefs and showing them to be fallacious. Her beliefs are fallacious, in my opinion, but they follow a flow of logic. He didn’t even try to understand her logic and then refute it. For that reason, his efforts rate a big “Fail.”