Catholic School Rejects Newly-Appointed President Over Speculation He’s Gay

Regis Catholic Schools in Wisconsin announced on April 4 that its new president would be Tim Nelson, a decision they reportedly revoked last week because of speculation that he's gay.

RegisThe Leader Telegram reports:

Regis officials indicated someone had given them information showing that a man's name was listed in parentheses behind Nelson's in the survivor list of his father's obituary 2½ years ago, and they told him that is typically the way a gay partner is listed in an obituary, Nelson said. Nelson said he explained to Konopa that he considered the man his best friend and that the man was close to Nelson's family.

They add:

Nelson…said Friday he was "flabbergasted" when system officials informed him nearly three weeks later they intended to revoke his contract because of concerns about his sexual orientation.

"The whole thing is based on assumptions, innuendo and speculation," an obviously upset Nelson said by telephone from New Mexico, where he has worked as supervising principal of a group of American Indian community schools for the past eight years.

Regis denied the allegations Friday in a statement.

"Regis Catholic Schools denies that any assumptions, insinuations or speculation played a part in its decision to not hire Mr. Nelson," the statement said. "Furthermore, Regis Catholic Schools categorically denies that sexual orientation was a part in its decision. Mr. Nelson's speculation is unfounded and untrue."

The school system has announced his replacement.


  1. jtramon says

    Nelson’s “best friend” was listed in parentheses because he IS his partner.

    Had he been just a friend of Nelson’s or the family, he would have been listed as a “close friend of the family or the deceased”

    Geez, we need to stop making excuses for ourselves and get over the self-loathing “no-no I’m NOT gay” excuses. In this day and age, be proud to be who you are. And obviously, accept that applying to a Catholic school will present a problem.

    Personally, I’d rather not work for a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. KT says

    Frankly, its getting a little annoying when gay Catholics act completely gobsmacked when the church rejects them or Catholic schools fire them. What do they expect? That all that anti-gay bluster is just for the media? They need to realize their church is tainted by homophobia. Maybe its time to move to a church that might actually respect them. As for Nelson, its kind of obvious he is gay. The friend in question is still his roommate and according to the article they share expenses. He said he included the roommates name in his father’s obituary at his mother’s request. I think she knows something he doesn’t ( or refuses to acknowledge)

  3. helen says

    I consider the Catholic church the whore of Babylon, however as a private religious school they have every right not to hire sodomites. It is clearly against Catholic doctrine to engage in sodomy. This man needs to look to the delapidated and godless public schools. Of course he does not want to deal with the little thugs godless/ false Christian parents are producing.

  4. jomicur says

    Every time a story like this breaks, I find myself wondering when these dumbass gay Catholics will come to their senses and abandon their damn silly hate-mongering, pedophile-protecting church. Then I pause, catch my breath and realize there’s as much chance of that happening as there is of me being made king of Moravia. What can you say? Lemmings are lemmings.

  5. jomicur says

    @Helen: If Catholic schools are so damn good, why don’t you know how to spell “dilapidated”? Or to use a spell checker? If you can’t master skills that simple, it’s no surprise that you can’t grasp that there’s a lot more involved here than the Catholic church’s “rights.”

  6. Jacques says

    Oh no! I gay person has been fired by an organization that is set out to persecute the gender non-conforming. I guess he won’t be able to help the church bash the gays and put down the women anymore.

    Wait! There’s always another hateful organization. Maybe he can join the Boy Scouts! I’m sure they have a position for those who hate themselves and want to destroy their own kind.

  7. Richard says

    The new Catholic Inquisition — twisted men in robes dragging a train of molested children behind them and condemning others for being “unnatural.”

  8. Caliban says

    When you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas. It’s a mystery to me why gay Catholics remain in a church that has not only told them they’re unwanted but has in recent years gotten even more vocal about it. Gay Catholics, the church is just not that into you. By remaining in the church and especially giving money you’re just empowering them to further oppose your own equality. Why not cut out the middle man and just donate directly to NOM?

  9. billy wingartenson says

    RE comemnt above by Caliban – yes

    Just another way the catholic church treats everyone with dignity and respect – Like a cow would treat you if you were by its back end when…………………

    But even more so…………

    I fyou read the link note how the church tries to wiggle out of what Obien did.

    He”s btw the same cardinal who claimed that gay marriage was grotesque

    He needs to look in a mirror.

    And resigned – nothing but full EXcommmunication and loss of his pension would suffice and we know that wont happen.

    But it would be wonderful to see him gettingg his food the way poor stray dogs do, hunting through the dumpster at mcDonalds

  10. EdA says

    I hope that this termination without cause proves to be expensive for the school system.

    And it will be “interesting” to see what rationalization these people come up with.

  11. Billy Crytical says

    Heterosexuals think they can say whatever about gay people and it’s fact regardless of what actually happens. In this case, Regis Catholic School can fire Tim Nelson because it’s assumed that he’s gay and then say no we didn’t fire him because he’s gay. Words are not enough. Gay people need to understand that otherwise stuff like this will continue to happen.

  12. ToThePoint says

    Just know, Mr. Perry. Each jab you make at us pushes your gay and closeted family member (we ALL have one) closer to suicide. Because if a family member hates them (especially one with the power and influence you have), then they will likely think they have NO hope whatsoever. I feel hate for bigots and I feel compassion for the victims of bigotry.

  13. andrew says

    Is Nelson Gay? If he is, it is sad that he is hiding behind the “friend” label. If he is gay he should have known that working in the belly of the beast would some day bite him in the A$$. How some people can work for the catholic church and then be shocked when the homophobic institution turns on them is incomprehensibile.

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