1. MIke says

    How about the DOJ tapping of the Associated Press’ business and personal phone lines?

    There is crap uncovered this week that the Bushes and Nixon only dreamed about. But why not? The majority of the press still covers his ass.

  2. Geoff says

    The only time that creature told the truth is when it said “I have a machine instead of a heart”. Remove the batteries and it will die.

  3. disgusted american says

    ..I bet there isnt a day that goes by that Pres. Obama doesnt wish he would have Prosecuted the Bush administration for thier crimes..but Noooooo, he had to be the adult and say – lets move on…move forward.

  4. says

    Oh, the irony of war-criminal Cheney blasting another administration for being less than forthcoming or truthful.

  5. jakeinlove says

    and of course it was on Hannity which now constitutes the two indulging in a verbal 69. No actual real politics to the conversation just their trumped up scandal.

  6. Sean in Dallas says

    This from the man who disagreed with the bipartisan committee that found the Reagan Administration culpable for Iran/Contra on the basis that the President can do whatever he wants.

    I guess that’s only if the President in question is a Republican.

  7. andrew says

    Cheney is one of those most responsible for getting the U.S. into the NEEDLESS war in Iraq and causing the deaths of tens of thousands. He and his mostly chicken hawk friends have the blood of thousands on their hands. Even now they are beating the drum for us to get involved in Syria. The Neocons love war, not the ones we were involved in when they were of draft age. Those they avoided like the plague.

  8. Tom Cardellino says

    You know, after eight long years of forcing myself to listen to this miscreant Cheney when he was running the US Presidency for the Idiot Prince from Texas, I frankly admit that today I could no longer stomach listening to more than 3 minutes of these spiritually bankrupt and sensually neuter bipeds? Anything other than them would have more integrity than these two cohorts in America’s worldwide demise could ever achieve exchanging billions of words between them. The point at which I threw up (almost, just that) my arms and turned off the video was when Cheney had the audacity to denigrate the elimination of Osama bin Laden by inventing out of thin air what Obama claimed about that righteous execution, that Obama and his successful operation was declared by Obama to be the end of terrorism. WHAT a feckless hateful lying sack of crap has been the life achievement of this Cheney creature! He could not pull Bush’s strings well enough to get bin Laden at Tora-Bora even though we had over 5,000 combat ready troops on bin Laden’s tail when Cheney’s order to stand down allowed the murderer of almost 3,000 American and international citizens on 9/11/2001 to slip over the border, never again to be seen until the Navy Seal Team 6 took him out even more mercifully than Osama murdered those jet passengers and office workers! COWARD, WARMONGERING CHICKEN HAWK, LIAR, COMPOST HEAP OF FAILED GOVERNANCE, what more can be said about this constantly resurrecting vampire who sucks the honor out of every fine thing this nation and its people have ever achieved in over 200 years. His funeral should commence 5 minutes before his death, and 5 minutes later the wood-chipper should be aimed at his coffin and final resting place!