EXPOSED: Oregon Bakers Who Won’t Serve Gays Because of Religious Beliefs Will Serve Other ‘Sinners’


Recently, Towleroad has written about two Oregon bakers, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, and Fleur Cakes, who have refused to serve gay couples because of their religious beliefs.

Portland's Williamette Week has now exposed their hypocrisy and blatant anti-gay bias by making undercover inquiries to the two bakeries while plainly stating other qualities that would be characterized as 'sinful' behavior in the eyes of the Bible.

Writes the paper:

"We wondered what other requests these cakemakers would decline to
honor. So last week five WW reporters called these two bakeries
anonymously to get price quotes for other occasions frowned upon by some
Christians. Surprisingly, the people who answered the phone at each
bakery were quite willing to provide baked goods for celebrations of
divorces, unmarried parents, stem-cell research, non-kosher barbecues
and pagan solstice parties."

WWeek adds: "We later contacted both bakeries to ask about these inconsistencies. Regentin declined to comment beyond asking whether she had been taped (she had not). Sweet Cakes owners Melissa and Aaron Klein were upset that we 'would even try to entrap a business' and contacted conservative talk-show host Lars Larson."

(via jmg)