1. MaryM says

    Screw ESPN – this imerely damage control over its premeditated decision to allow homophobic religious extremist Chris Broussard to spout his vicious bigotry at the news that Jason Collins is gay.

    If Broussard had made racist comments he would have been fired.

    He has faced absolutely zero punishmnet for his homophobic religious extremism.

    ESPN should fire Broussard before it can be taken seriously as being opposed to discrimination.

  2. says

    the guy is wonderful. we saw him play against the Raptors recently. he’s pretty talented on the court and is clearly a pretty darn exceptional man off the court.

    well met!

  3. Chitown kev says

    A positive story featuring a black athleteand his 2 moms for Mother’s Day and racist troll wants to fan racial flames at trollroad (or at least that’s what this blog seems to be nowadays.

    Film at 11.

  4. Scar2 says

    That was my cry of the day. Inspirational. I will not read the comments because there are always some negative people who ruin it for me :)