French Anti-Gay Activist Poster Depicting Justice Minister Christiane Taubira as Gorilla Causes Viral Outrage


French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, the main sponsor of France's marriage equality bill, has been the main target of the anti-gay Manif Pour Tous activists over the past months. But they have inspired outrage and anger with a viral image posted to Twitter this week, which depicted the French-Guiana-born official as a gorilla, Euronews reports:

The picture, posted on Monday night, was retweeted and commented massively by anti-gay rights activists and by both outraged anti- and pro-same sex marriage activists.

Among the reactions, one user notes “[The anti-same sex marriage crowd] go from presumed homophobes to proven racists.” One same-sex marriage opponent tweeted: “You are completely discrediting the Manif Pour Tous with this horrible image!” Defenders of the poster said it was supposed to be humoristic and ironic and that the monster refers to a “monument of American cinema, the devastating [King Kong]” and the “destruction” the bill will bring to the families.

On Tuesday morning, the owner of the Twitter account where the picture was initially posted deleted it, before explaining: “I confirm that I acted on my own, without racist intention. Sorry if it has hurt. I withdraw the picture but it is a misunderstanding. I used an already existing monster picture.” To make further amends, he then retweeted a message from an official anti-same-sex marriage organisation stating “The only poster for the May 26 demo is this one.”


  1. Hey Darlin' says

    Does it come as a surprise that the bigots would choose a blatantly racist image? The same people who liken same sex marriage to sex with children or animals really have no bounds in their disdain for the “others” out there.

  2. LiamB says

    I’m still waiting for someone to actually detail just what “destruction” will happen to families if gays get married.

  3. danswon says

    i think i might actually hate the french after all those massive violent anti-gay protests

  4. Steve says

    Most of those people are just far-right loonies. Their complaint isn’t just about SSM, but the Hollande government in general. So it’s no surprise that many of them are racists and neo-Nazis.

  5. Diana says

    The French really have show their true colors. Not so impressed with them anymore.

  6. GCS says

    Yes, let’s make sweeping generalizations and say how disgusting and sick the people of the United States are simply because of Republicans and Westboro.

  7. Brian says

    I just don’t understand all the French hate here. As GCS said, why are we judging the country by their NOM equivalent? We have plenty of horrible homophobia examples in the US. And guess what, France elected a president who ran on a strongly pro gay marriage platform, and a legislature who just enacted it into law, all with the support of a majority of the population. So both countries have their NOM homophobes, but only one has gay marriage.

  8. Keith says

    France is no different than the United States. Keep in mind that there are over 65 Million French citizens, and only about 100,000 or so have actually protested the marriage equality movement. They are loud and vocal, but they are by no means the majority, which according to surveys remains over 50% of the entire population. Just as here in the US, you have minority anti-gay groups whose voice is disproportionate in size to the majority of citizens who are either supportive or could care less.

    I give Christiane Taubira and Hollande, and all those who have worked with them to make this happen, huge accolades for accomplishing so much in so little time. Stay positive, and realize that the vast majority of French people are very kind, helpful, and just as equality minded as those in the United States.

  9. disgusted american says

    Yes, let’s make sweeping generalizations and say how disgusting and sick the people of the United States are simply because of Republicans and Westboro.

    Posted by: GCS | May 8, 2013 2:00:20 PM

    ok as an American I agree that at least a 3rd of this country is FULL of Idiots, rightwing loons,and religious freaks….

  10. woodroad34d says

    I would’ve thought they (the 100k Nom-Nom-Nommers) might’ve gone with Godzilla…it more suits their lizard-brain, reactionary, psychotic behavior. I think the rational French would adapt a tear-gas grenade that spews tryptophan or prozac or an insouciant Bordeaux instead of tear-gas. Settle those paranoiac, unproductive sociopaths right down.

  11. Steve says

    A vast majority of the French are also fed up with the protestors and say they should give up.

  12. simon says

    Of course they won’t give up. It is more about the government than SSM. Wait till the government carries out the next item in their agenda, there will be another big protest, on a different topic.

  13. says

    I think this shows just how down and dirty people can get in the anti marriage equality fight. It’s a shame that people want to fight something that won’t directly affect them so badly…

  14. Kenthomes says

    I live in France. Please do not give the French a pass. Sure there are alot of people who helped make this happen – but there has never been the kind of hate and massive demonstrations, one right after the other, against gay people, in any other western country. The French should be ashamed!! I am still horrified by the size of these demonstrations, some of them having 300 or 400,00 hatemongerors marching through the streets of Paris. I am truly thinking of moving after this.

  15. millerbeach says

    I find this hilarious. The idiot haters are discrediting themselves, while we sit here and laugh. It is pretty funny watching them spin all this energy for nothing. I had much higher regard for the nation of France, until recently. I never knew all that hate brewed so closely to the surface. Perhaps now I better understand the plight of Arab minorities in France, and why they rioted a few years back.

  16. Dan Cobb says


    Can you fill us in on what this is all about. No where in the world has there been this kind of overtly hostile anti-gay protesting!! What gives? Do you experience a lot of homophobia in France?

  17. ratbastard says

    Clever guerrilla marketing. Pardon the pun. This poster has done it’s job. It’s brought attention, and created a buzz. And it’s now iconic. And it uses humor very effectively. You can bet the vast majority regardless of their ideology [most people aren’t fanatically ideological anyways] looked at this poster and laughed, found it amusing,subversive. It will particularly appeal to young people who are by nature prone to being subversive and questioning.

    It’s also in your face un-PC; and in a society that’s been beaten over the head with political correctness for a long time, stuff like this is highly appealing.

  18. Craig says

    Sounds like you enjoy the poster, ratbastard.

    A poster that advocates homophobia and racism. How subversive.

  19. GregV says

    They “go from presumed homophobes to proven racists.”

    “Presumed?” No one needs to make any “presumptions” to see the homophobia this group has made clear by making baseless hateful claims in an attempt to withhold basic human rights from gay people.