1. V-8 says

    I have to confess that I watched the video to see if the coach was hot (hot name, Bruce Arena)…. lovely team-mates, in so many ways…

    gosh, this guy is 25… so young to be retiring from a sport, specially soccer… I hope he does get signed by them, and that he has a great career there and thereafter… it really is an non-issue, and they perfectly assessed it in the video…

  2. Caliban says

    I hope he does decide to play again. It’s sad that he felt he NEEDED to “retire” at age 25(!) and couldn’t be both openly gay and an active player. Maybe that was due to some of the more… fanatical followers of the European teams?

  3. Merv says

    Caliban, I suspect you’re right. Soccer might be an example of one of the few institutions that is less homophobic in the US than Europe.

  4. pedro says

    The myth that europe is less homophobic than america continues….Now if you say that Scandinavia is less homophobic you would be right. However Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland (and the Netherlands) are a tiny population segment in overall Europe. Their tradition of gender equality made their acceptance of homosexuality more tenable. Even in Spain where gay marriage is legal strong homophobia ( as well as sexism and racism) persists.

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