1. Caliban says

    Very sweet, but I find myself being torn between emotional and cynical reactions. At the same time I’m tearing up a bit, and truly hope this couple is happy together, part of me is thinking “Oh for god’s sake, can’t people just do a simple proposal anymore?!”

    But I’ll keep my crabby-@ss side at bay long enough to say congratulations. 😉

  2. RJP says

    Mr Caliban,
    I’m sure there are lots of folk doing the quiet corner of a bistro, very subdued and private proposals. But I like seeing these public displays. I think it helps “normalize” ss proposals (although I hate using that word normal). It’s almost like the old announcing the banns of marriage to the populace.
    Besides, it’s also very fabulous!!!

  3. bambinoitaliano says

    At the end of the day this is for the couple. We can be as cynical as we want. This should be normalize for society to change. Base on their age, just a few years ago, they would not thought that this is possible for their relationship to be legally recognize within their life time.

  4. Donald says

    Is the guy in the gray shirt crying while they are sitting on the fountain? Like he knows what is coming? It’s cute but I went into watching it thinking it was a surprise proposal with flash mob but doesn’t seem to be

  5. Martex says

    This was awesome, and so touching. If you don’t want a public proposal like this, then let your partner know. Many of us happen to like it and find the decleration of love to be romantic and let our partner know that. I would be thrilled with a proposal like this.

  6. Two Dads says

    Beautiful and sooo romantic to see a same sex couple with so much pride for their love. They refuse to let bigotry and hate intimidate them, and are going to celebrate their love for one another. Best wishes guys on your future together!

  7. Francis #1 says

    It’s adorable and beautiful, yes one can say it’s long winded but you can really feel the love. These proposals to me are so amazing to witness because……who would have thought? Especially considering most of these couples are gays 30+ years old, they must have grown up seeing very little representation of same-sex couples doing the same things opposite-sex couples do, including proposing to their boyfriends and marrying. Now LGBTQ youth know this is a possibility for them and they can live that married, family life and they can find someone who loves them. I know they’ve occurred in the past too but now they’re not just symbolic, it’s a reality in 12 states, where our marriages are affirmed. Seeing same-sex couples propose in public, in front of friends, family or even random strangers, and their love be applauded, is a sign of MAJOR progress.

    Congrats to Carl and Drew :)

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