1. says

    amen, D.E.

    Breitbart – the dead glutton beloved of GOProud.

    if his “legacy” hates it, it means it’s making a pointed statement.

    oh, DARN those lefists with their sense of irony and humour and their acknowledgement of diversity!

    this story will, of course, bring out the insecure hatred in many an Internet Troll. The Good News – they’re a bunch of anonymous wimpy ninnies anyway so let them have their elaborately-typed nonsensical rants.

    that’s all they’ve got.

    and this show look hilarious.

  2. Aron says

    Fantastic! Imagine how many transgendered kids will now feel better about themselves having a cartoon superhero on TV just like them?! Bravo/Brava!

  3. Josh says

    Just a tad off balance from some accurate critique? This show beginning is so fast, I like how they slip bending in. I thought you took the day off?

  4. Joey says

    This is somewhat reminiscent of “Ranma 1/2″, a Japanese anime series that was produced from 1989 – 1992 and has been hugely popular worldwide for decades. The protagonist would switch genders when exposed to water. Why are these things only issues here? Ridiculous.

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    Sounds/Looks great. There’s enough room for everybody on this planet and I applaud a network that would be so BOLD (haven’t we progressed that far yet?) as to introduce a non gender conformative person here in these often very closed-minded United States. The treatment could go either way though, hopefully they will respect people who are trapped in somewhat similar realistic situations and not alienate someone with a possibly already difficult childhood.

    Children today deserve not to have to grow up under the misguided narrow minded judgement of others. Those children who don’t like it, won’t watch it, enough said. But for the one child it really helps it will mean the world to them. It’s cartoons, can’t we get a bit less serious.

    To the detractors, I will quote a bit from the newest right wing diatribe “what about the children?”, yes the ones NOT currently represented in the media.

  6. gregorybrown says

    I like the idea of elasticity of characters-but those remarks about marketing the white boots and ring reveal the ugly fact that, like so much, it’s a matter of exploitive consumerism.

  7. bge says

    I can’t help but wonder if anyone would be so upset if it were a little girl
    playing at being Superman. I don’t totally agree with either side that this is necessarily a trans issue. Back in the 80s macho guys I looked up to played the female characters of the arcade game “Street Fighter” unabashedly. The fact that it’s so taboo for a male (child) to emulate a female, so polarizing, says a lot more to me about the state of women in this country than any other issue.

    To be writing or talking about Breirbart–in any context–is a waste of time.

  8. ripper says

    I do have to giggle at the idea of a bunch of 12-year-olds who watch this show running around playing and yelling to each other, “You go, girl!”

  9. Dana says

    Although this show has nothing to do with gay people or gay kids, I will note that it is a guaranteed failure.

    Who is this going to appeal to? Boys have no interest in watching a show about how a boy transforms into a girl to do interesting things. Even boys who could enjoy a show about a badass female hero will flee from a show like this. Girls won’t identify with the main character, because “in real life” that character is a boy.

    Even if this show was marketed to the tiny fraction of 1 percent of kids who might identify as “trans” this still wouldn’t be very appealing, since “trans” people don’t flip a switch and change their sex and then flip a switch again and switch back.


  10. Caliban says

    It looks like it has the potential to be interesting and funny, which makes me think it has a slim chance of succeeding, at least in the US. It looks almost *designed* to get criticism from ALL sides, the FRC types who will claim they’re trying to turn your son into a “sissy,” and humorless PC types who will claim it’s an affront to trans issues or something similar. At some point the makers will probably just throw up their hands and say “Oh, fvck it!”

  11. Rexford says

    As opposed to truly trans, it seems more like a kid’s version of such film comedies as “Switch” or “Goodbye Charlie” where this very male boy will now learn things in the guise of a girl.

  12. Walter says

    A mere 25 years after Japan managed to survive a similar premise in Ranma 1/2 (although the change was involuntary there).

    Posted by: Blake | May 29, 2013 2:59:39 PM

    Let us not forget Sailor Moon with the Sailor Stars they were men but when they became crimefighters they turned female.

  13. StudioTodd says

    “ Who is this going to appeal to? ”

    Perhaps the older and hipper market that has more $$ to spend on advertiser’s products? Perhaps a young adult market who watch animated shows like “Archer” or “Unsupervised”?

    Although you can’t seem to understand their marketing strategy, trust me–they have one. Decisions to air shows like this are never made on a whim.

  14. Robert says

    Thank you Walter! I was about to say the same thing!

    This looks like it can be fun. But really? Won’t appeal to boys? So in order for children to enjoy a show, they have to identify with the main character? I’ll write Hannah Barbera and Warner Bros. and tell them that Bugs Bunny and the Smurfs aren’t appealing to young boys, as well as Nickelodeon with Spongebob. If the show and the content is entertaining, than it doesn’t matter if the boy turns into a girl, or vice versa. Hell, Mulan was considered a blockbuster, and the entirety of the movie played on themes of cross dressing and gender identity.

  15. Mary says

    Sorry, but with the recent changes in the Boys Scouts policy, this cartoon is too much too soon. Many in the creative professions don’t understand how effective social change comes about. Anything pertaining to children should be left alone for a while in order to give mainstream people a chance to “catch up” to the more progressive segment of society. People are just getting used to seeing shows about gay life and accepting the reality of marriage equality. But even people inclined to be tolerant tend to get “red state” when it comes to what children are allowed to do or be exposed to. Now we’ll have social conservatives carrying on about children being exposed to “the gay lifestyle” on scouting trips and of TV shows designed to make them sympathetic to the transgendered.

    Yeah, I know. I’m spoiling the party. But what’s more important? Shouldn’t the focus be on marriage, and job rights, and inheritance issues? Take care of the big stuff first. This is where you’re likely to get support most easily. Even when I opposed most gay rights issues I didn’t want to see people getting fired or thrown out of their homes for being gay.

    Mainstream people don’t need to be pushed so far as to accept transgendered cartoon characters for their children. It’s taking an unnecessary risk and inviting backlash.

  16. Dana says

    Robert – Boys can accept a film or show with badass girl as the hero. It is riskier, but under certain conditions, it can work. For it to work, the girl must be attractive to the boy audience. The boys are not identifying with her; they are viewing her as the kind of girl – simultaneously badass and attractive – that they would like to have in their own lives. That is why Mulan and Buffy worked.

    If the heroine is really a boy who transforms into a girl and then transforms back, there can be no unconflicted attraction and at the same time the boys can’t identify with the character. Since they don’t want to be him/her and they can’t feel attracted to him/her, there is no appeal. If this generates any response from young males, it will likely be a confused discomfort followed by disinterest. Boys will flee from this.

  17. lookyloo says

    He just gets a ‘girly’ superhero look with ‘girly’ superhero gadgets.
    His magic power-ring is meant for a female (his deceased Aunt was the original wearer). It’s a transvestite thing – Not a sex change thing.
    Quite clever, really.

  18. Alliefoo says

    First off, to anyone who says this show couldn’t succeed because boys can’t relate to the characters, please try explaining the brony thing with My Little Ponies. If guys can fall for a show like MLP, why couldn’t they fall for this?

    Also, it isn’t like this is a new concept. DC comics published a comic in the 40’s (that’s right, 1940) called Madame Fatal about a man who crossdressed as an elderly woman in order to combat crime. It’s a plot gimmick, it has nothing to do with homosexuality or transsexuality so people should really stop pretending like this has anything to do with either. Just because a boy wears a skirt and fights crime doesn’t make it somehow GLBT.

  19. Richard Harney says

    This is already on YouTube by the way. My criticism is that they don’t set up the story very well. I want to know how Guy got the SheZow powers and also how the bad guy got his powers. This should be the first episode. Instead we get a plot line that should happen in episode 2 at the earliest. SheZow already has a fan club. We’re just thrown into series seemingly already in progress.

  20. Francis #1 says

    Mary…..sorry hun, but we really don’t care too much what bigots think of us. I know you’re a reformed homophobe or whatever but yeah.

    As for this cartoon, seems interesting. I’ll reserve judgment on my thoughts….what’s most important is if trans youth find any solace/appreciation in the show. If they do, great!

  21. Anony6 says

    The show looks funny. I say give it try, it could catch on. When it comes to television, so much is recycled. Sometimes novelty is just what a show or series needs to gain an audience.

  22. Acronym Jim says

    This has examples even farther back than those characters previously cited by other commentators. L. Frank Baum’s “The Marvelous Land of Oz” was published in 1904 and featured young Tip as the protagonist…


    Tip was actually the Princess Ozma. She had been transformed into a boy by the witch Mombi in order to hide her.

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