Illinois House Speaker Invites Gay Families to His Private Box: REPORT


Read into it what you will, but veteran Chicago reporter Carol Marin just tweeted:

"The signs suggest same sex will pass. Speaker Madigan has invited same sex families to his private box."

Debate on other bills goes on while we wait for the House to call up SB10, the marriage equality bill.

Watch it LIVE HERE.


  1. LincolnLounger says

    I don’t mean to negative, but this simply isn’t true. Actually, Rep. Greg Harris asked for permission to use the Speaker’s gallery, and the request was granted. This is done fairly routinely. I’m not saying it won’t pass, but this is Illinois. Anything can happen at any moment, and it’s usually not good. It’s hard to understand unless you live here. Hope for the best, but prepare for (or expect) the worst.

  2. Eddie says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a juvenile sense of humor who giggled at the line “Madigan has invited same sex families to his private box.”

  3. LincolnLounger says

    From (the most respected source for Illinois politics):

    “12:04 pm – I just got off the phone with an African-American House member who wants to vote for gay marriage, but has experienced serious push-back from his local churches.

    I asked the member if he’d been contacted at all by House Speaker Michael Madigan about the issue. He hadn’t.

    I know this legislator pretty well, and I’ve figured for weeks that Madigan might be able to convince him to vote for the bill by promising protection in his primary, etc. But you can’t flip somebody if you don’t try.

    Now, that doesn’t mean Madigan won’t reach out to this person sometime today. There’s still lots of time. But if you’re looking at the tea leaves, then this lack of communication doesn’t bode well for gay marriage proponents. At least, so far.”

  4. Gerry says

    Oh whatever… Illinois already has civil unions, if marriage doesn’t pass in Illinois they will simply join the ranks of “most cowardly”. Sorry, but the spectacle of all the faux angst by some of these legislators is just over-the-top. What a bunch of drama queens (pun intended).

  5. Gerry says

    @MateoM – ROFL… apparently you can’t read… nothing in my comment suggests that – rather I find it unbelievable that the Illinois House finds this such a controversial vote – and they’re dragging it out to the last possible moment. I find it ridiculous that in a state which already has civil unions that these legislators are doing all this hand wringing over something which should be fairly easy to do. They’re attention whores…just pass the damn thing already.

  6. Chitown Kev says

    What a bunch of drama queens (pun intended).

    Posted by: Gerry | May 31, 2013 2:21:05 PM

    that, gerry, is Illinois politics.

    it was the same way with the CU bill…and many many many others…hell, they sqeezed all of that drama out of Blagojevich’s impeachment.

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