1. northalabama says

    who’s going to jail?

    i’ll tell you who – one irs employee for every conservative banker and wall street executive that stole trillions during the 2008 crash, that’s who!

  2. sean says

    For once, I totally agree with Boehner.

    It’s doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or liberal – agencies like the IRS MUST be 100% neutral and unbiased. The American public’s trust in government is already at an all-time low, and this just adds fuel to the fire. This is a HUGE problem, and whoever did this should be behind bars.

  3. NotA says

    Oh, people are definitely going to jail for this. And it appears that there’s a cover-up. You know how that goes. I suspect that this administration may be effectively over. The question now is who will take how much of the blame.

    (See also Benghazi, AP wiretapping, Sebelius shaking down regulated entities, EPA charging opponents but waiving fees for friends, &c., &c. Second-term rot has set in.)

  4. says

    The whole Benghazi “scandal” didn’t work, so the GOP is trying a new tactic.

    Somehow, when the IRS starts investigating groups with slogans like “Taxed Enough Already” and “Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s ovens” for tax fraud, it’s supposed to be a “scandal”.

    I guess the next GOP scandal will be when the FBI starts investigating NAMBLA members for kiddie p0rn or raiding Phish concerts for the distribution of weed and acid.

  5. One of the CA 36,000 says

    I just cannot get behind the “fire someone” hysteria.

    After the Citizens United decision– and especially after the 2010 midterm elections–, a slew of Tea Party Astroturf organizations sprang up and declared themselves as tax-exempt non-political 501(c)(4) social groups. Everyone KNEW they were fully political– after all, their stated goal was to lynch the n****r in the White House– er, to, er, defeat Obama in the 2012 election–, but they applied to the IRS so that the money that flooded into these groups would accrue tax-free.

    The IRS SHOULD have investigated them. People are pissing and moaning over the IRS doing its job.

    We’re not talking about when the President made the IRS go after a Pasadena Episcopal church’s exempt status after an anti-war sermon.

    Oh wait– that was George W. Bush that did that. I guess it’s OK then….

  6. says

    The same number of people who allowed the attacks on American soil to happen to coerce the American people to think the “Patriot” Act was in the public’s best interest! Both major parties commit treason on a regular basis, but neither is pushing for charges because that’s a zero-sum game for both sides!

  7. hugo says

    He won’t agree but I think that the way he and his cronies are holding this country hostage is the far bigger crime. So: Boehner for prison 2013!

  8. hugo says

    He won’t agree but I think that the way he and his cronies are holding this country hostage is the far bigger crime. So: Boehner for prison 2013!

  9. Mike in nyc says

    I think the sales clerk at the Fake Tan place that sold this bottom feeder on the “12 Pack Tanning Special” should be fired. It’s one thing for a 14 year old girl from the Valley to be sporting a cheesy orange faux glow, but on a grown man it looks ridiculous.

    step away from the tanning booth John, it’s rotting what small amount of brain matter you have left.

  10. PAUL B. says

    Personally, I think Boner should be locked up.
    I think it should be “life” in a tanning bed…let the punishment suit the crime. I smell me a crispy bigot!

  11. Fenrox says

    They did their job! It’s not the IRS’s fault that there was a massive tea party scheme to undermine the president. If an entire group is trying to scam you, then you have no choice but to scrutinize the group. For instance, the post office scrutinizes all mail from Nigeria, it’s wrong but it has to happen while a hot bed of fraud operates out of there.

  12. Dearcomrade says

    Once the adults look into this no one will be going to jail I can assure you.

    Liberal groups were targeted as well, and in fact the only group to have its application denied was a liberal group.

    Missing from much coverage is the relevant recent history—the role of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision and how it prompted a deluge of requests from new organizations seeking tax-exempt status under tax code Section 501(c)(4) as “social welfare” organizations—despite the fact that many of these are blatantly political operations.

    Congress requires the IRS to review every application for tax-exempt status to weed out organizations that are partisan, political, or that generate private gain. Congress has imposed this requirement on the IRS, and its predecessor agencies, since 1913.

  13. says

    You idiot blowhards agreeing with Boehner will realize how foolish you are once this is more fully investigated and it’s shown there was no cover-up and no law broken. Liberal groups were targeted, too, a a fact you might have waited 10 seconds to realize before demanding someone’s head.

    Nice try, though.

    Next fake scandal!

  14. jakeinlove says

    who is going to jail. NO ONE!

    Geez people, we’re getting caught up in this non-scandal because some applications may have been overly scrutinized, but lets see who many were actually denied? So what if it took a couple more tries to get your non-profit status. It’s not like liberal agencies haven’t’ had the same issue.

    This is not scandalous. It’s procedure. And if someone, the head, goes to jail guess who it will be. The head that George Bush selected because Republican congress still hasn’t confirmed the Obama appointee!!!

    So it will be full circle back to the Republicans on this one. Watch what you ask for Bohner!

  15. Tarc says

    Matthew is correct – the IRS was doing it’s job. They targeted liberal groups last adminstration, and this time, the guy in charge was a Bush aappointee. The IRS doens’t have the resources to audit everyone simultaneously, so they have to do things in sections. Just like Benghazi, it’s another fake scandal created by the GOP that means nothing at all.

  16. Polyboy says

    How about the Bush official who was still running the IRS when this happened?

    How about CONGRESS who has oversight over the IRS through the GAO.

    Bonehead has no shame and counts on the kneejerk emotionalism of the public to keep them distracted over one distraction after another.

  17. THurts says

    I will support them going to jail if and only if Boehner supports the following: 1) Send Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the Bush Administration to jail for the lies told to get us into the Iraq War; 2) Send the Wall Street Bankers, Insurance Companies, Congressman, etc. who willingly lied and profited from the financial collapse to jail; 3) Start investigating and disciplining the military leadership who insists on proselytizing in the uniform representing the United States of America. I could go on, but you get the point.

  18. gomez says

    if they violated irs protocol, they should be fired and they will

    but jail is laughable and the regressives are going to overplay their hand

    still we’re going to see impeachment hearings about benghazi and this irs minor scandal. they won’t care about the justice dept/ap scandal, which is a real scandal.

    the impeachment hearings will fail but it will be all we hear about for the next couple years and they’ll try to hang all this on hillary too.

  19. Jonathan says

    The crime that was committed was quite a few right wing political groups claimed they weren’t political for tax exempt status they were clearly NOT entitled to. And now that it’s coming to light, the best defense is to attack the IRS. It’s time for the left wing to wake up and start talking about the REAL SCANDAL. The IRS was doing it’s job and Boehner, a professional liar, is doing damage control.

  20. walter says

    or lets send the commissioner boner and his pack of clowns wouldn’t appoint. we are still waiting for somebody to held responsible for getting into a war where 4400 american lives were lost looking for something that never existed.

  21. says

    Translation :
    “Now what band wagon can we jump on next ?
    We impeached Clinton for trivia, now let’s make a bruha about more trivia.”

    Boehner, you have no substance, you are the big bad wolf, you huff and puff trying to blow the house down. When you have exterminated the Tea Party you might get around to some legislative priorities, you hypocrite.
    Reject all tax exemptions for extremists.

  22. Bill says

    Let’s tell Boehner that as many IRS employees will go to jail for scrutinizing conservative groups as went to jail for scrutinizing liberal groups under the Bush administration.

    If we are going to jail them, jail all of them no matter who they hassled improperly.

  23. MIke says

    Anybody who says “liberal groups were targeted too” and “it’s a bunch of nothing” apparently don’t even pay attention anymore to what Obama says these days. Jeez, I thought it was just the Conservatives who did that. And imagine, over 500 Conservative groups were targeted by two little low level IRS nobodies.


  24. Burt says

    Hopefully when they send folks to jail the IRS will also be instructed to bill the contributors to these C4’s for the gift taxes they owe on these contributions. Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers will be squealing like stuck pigs..

    And while we’re at it, Mr. Boehner: How about jailing a few bankers for the frauds they perpetrated on the American people? When are they going to jail??

  25. Jersey says

    This is Shirley Sherrod and ACORN all over again,The GOP and media are so full of crappola I can smell it all the way to Philly from DC.

  26. Jim Brown says

    Right after we find out who is going to jail when the IRS targeted the NAACP in the same manner in 2004 in the Bush Administration… no one went to jail. This is more GOP hypocrisy!

  27. DC Arnold says

    Boner should go to jail for impersonating a human being. This piece of fecal matter should resign because he is useless as an elected official. Ohio should recall this nutbag.

  28. HA! says


    So all of you that thought this scandal was fake…
    Your beloved leader has come out and spoke about!!!!!


    On next to the Benghazi scandal and the AP.

  29. HA! says

    So as I read the previous posts, Would you have the same feelings if it were some one else? Another group of people?

    It is an abuse of power. it is important to remember that freedom is free for everyone, even for those we don’t agree with.

    Never forget that the next person or group they come after could be you or yours. It may not go up the government food chain as high as people would like, but it is important to remember, an abuse of power is an abuse of power.

    and really…. Please stop bringing up the previous administration. Seriously.

  30. John says

    Everyone in the U.S. is SUPPOSED to get equal treatment under the law. Well, we know that doesn’t happen. The IRS ‘scandal’ should not have happened, but this stuff ALWAYS happens. The IRS should continue to investigate bogus Tea Party ‘charities’ — BUT ALONG WITH all the ‘charities’ on the other side of the fence.

  31. mmike1969 says

    Forgive me for using a RWNJ saying: If you were not doing anything illegal, then why are you afraid? What are you trying to hide?

    The IRS should investigate each and every single one of these RWNJ groups who are trying to hide cash. You have no business being a tax-free group if you are spending it on political BS.

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