1. Guy from DC says

    I cannot be that upset about these folks ignorance about the US Supreme Court. The vast majority of Americans couldn’t name all 9 justices.

    Regardless, Judge Judy is totally gangsta and would be a great addition to the Court. “Hey, Scalia. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”

    But I doubt that she would ever give up her current job for the Court. She’s currently the highest paid television personality, raking in $45 million a year.

  2. jakeinlove says

    It is kinda amazing that these people, well most of them, answered this and there hasn’t been any indication that a justice is even up for the Supreme Court.

    People don’t listen, they just say they are, so that no one will call them out on their lie.

  3. james says

    I wonder if they interviewed anyone who said, “That’s ridiculous! I know he didn’t do that. There are no vacancies on the Supreme Court.”

    But would they show those intelligent and informed people? Of course not. Another example of the liberal media conspiring to promote conservative values!

  4. Bill says

    @james: of course they didn’t show anyone who said it was ridiculous – it’s just entertainment. Of all the people they interviewed, they showed the funniest ones.

  5. Juan says

    I just asked my mother-in-law the same question. She said “well we will see, it’s Odama, he makes all the rules”. Forgive her she is from Wisconsin.

  6. ratbastard says

    There are stupid people everywhere in the world, not just America. Ask people in the street questions about their government in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, where ever, you’ll get plenty of ignorant responses. You can of course edit interviews and/or lead interviewees, also. Polling in Canada consistently shows the clear majority of Canadians are un-aware the Queen of England is their head of state. Many people in the UK are un-aware the queen is their head of state! Many British kids aren’t sure who Winston Churchill is!

  7. jhr459 says

    I was watching (flipping through, I swear) that reality show where they place senior citizens with 20 somethings and they asked a 20 something boy to chronologize major American wars and he put WWI before the Civil War. It is the end of the American Empire and maybe we deserve it – bet he would know who Kim Kardashian’s ‘baby daddy’ is.

  8. Alan says

    @Bill – but you’d like to know, in some postscript or footnote (which I realize, aren’t funny), if they interviewed 50 people to get these few, or if they only tossed out 2 who knew this was crazy.

  9. Dennis says

    Considering the other day when she wasn’t afraid to tell a couple of idiots that they are a couple of idiots, think Judge Judy would be great for SCOTUS.

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