1. Geoff says

    What is a Howard Kurtz? I am profoundly thankful I never knew, do not now and will never. CNN is FOX-lite, anyway (from all reports). Do not even own a television-machine. Haven’t since 2005. Yay!!!

  2. Houndentenor says

    This highlights a problem with the current state of our news media overall. The matter of Collins’ former fiance is a valid question (which he is under no obligation to answer) but to make assumptions about that relationship with no facts is irresponsible. If you don’t know, it’s not professional to make assumptions or form conclusions. Unfortunately this kind of speculation is what passes for news now. Rather than attempting to find out what is going on and bringing on people who can talk knowledgeably about what is happening and how it fits into a historical or cultural context requires WORK. Speculating about “what this means” or “what will happen next” is easier and more fun. Nevermind that these predictions are almost always dead wrong, they just keep doing it and are paid quite well to talk out of their asses. Kurtz deserves to be fired. Reporters should do the job of finding out what really happened. Kurtz didn’t do that. There’s no reason to listen to anything such a moron has to say about anything.

  3. gayheart says

    How wrong can you be? Between David and that other so-called commentater mr sessums you two make a lot of allegations without facts to support any of it. Where is there evidence of “rank” homophobia? And what is the innuendo about his wife? If you have something to say and god knows you always do—say it, don’t imply, hint, suggest, cajole or tease. Aren’t you a journalist?

  4. Randy says

    Video won’t play.

    Here’s a video that works. It has the same text on the screen, but may be a different video:

  5. Caliban says

    What’s sad about this whole affair is that it’s being talked about as if a *possibly* homophobic take on the Jason Collins story got Kurtz fired when he says this was coming for a long time.

    The initial problem was that he wrote an article based on an (at best) incomplete reading of the source. Then he made it worse by not just saying he made a mistake but by doubling down on the criticism.

    You’d think that a journalist would realize that Collins’ article in Sports Illustrated was written to do one thing, for him to come out as a gay man. It wasn’t to discuss his entire sexual history or detail what he’s done in bed. He mentioned his engagement to a woman then quickly moved on because that wasn’t the purpose of the piece. Some day Jason Collins might talk (or write) more about his attempts to be heterosexual and how that lead to him nearly marrying a woman but this isn’t that time and it’s rather beside the point.

    Frankly I think it’s far more honorable that he “jilted” his fiancee rather than marry her and make her life miserable, make her constantly wonder why her husband isn’t attracted to her. She may have been hurt by his backing out of the wedding but that pain is much less than it would have been discovering that she was the consolation prize at her own wedding, the thing you get when you can’t have what you really want. No one wants to find out they’re Rice-A-Roni, the booby prize.

  6. Paul R says

    Kurtz was long-running columnist on media for the Washington Post. If he can’t read, that’s kind of sad.

  7. says

    I have written extensively at my bog about Howard Kurtiz’s wife, “gayheart.” Sheri Annis is a MAJOR Republican operative. She made Arnold Governator of California for one thing. Go Google the company she runs.
    Howwie is doing HER bidding — and no one in the “Mainstream” wants to talk about this. Eric Alterman came close and then backed away. Howie is every inch a tool. But he works for CNN so we’re not supposed to treat him as if he worked for FOX.

    Maybe now he’ll end up at FOX.

    As for his homophobia —

  8. Rob says

    People who have made prior homophobic statements in the public eye have less of a cushion of goodwill to rest on when they next attack gay people, then try to pass it off as an accident.

    What a loser. There are hardworking journalists by the thousands just itching for a chance to contribute to the national dialogue. He should politely fade away. And I think Collins has cause for legal action.

    Wise move, Tina Brown! No sloppy, bigoted reporters in your newsroom!

  9. andrew says

    What kind of journalist reads an article “too fast and carelessly” and then goes on to opine about it? One whose mind is clouded by prejudice and doesn’t need to check out details. It already thinks it knows what it needs to knows.

  10. Billy Crytical says

    Hetero guys club discuss gay issues. Expect a stern grilling. Not.

  11. Gigi says

    “I consider myself to be a very careful person…” — Howard Kurtz

    But you’re not Howie. You’re not.

  12. GEB says

    The power of a Jason Collins symbol for gays, must not be tampered with. Gay PR Gold has not been involved with any woman. Got it?? He’s passed the O’s tests — Oprah and Michele O. Soon young gays will be fantasizing about the 7 foot star. Talk about a total package.. kind of puts most gay examples to shame.

  13. Caliban says

    @GEB, you left out the Illuminati, the Jews, and the Masons. No conspiracy theory is complete without them!

    FYI it was Paul Lynde on the grassy knoll. He would have gotten caught but Rip Taylor distracted the authorities by throwing confetti. If Jackie had just handed over that pill-box hat all of this could have been avoided!

  14. fahd says

    He should no longer be hosting a show called “Reliable Sources” on CNN.

    End of story.

    And if he didn’t get canned from the Daily Beast for this “cock-up” what did he get canned for.

  15. Michael says

    Any employer would fire someone if they were assigned to write a report on an article and didn’t bother actually reading the friggin article.

  16. EB says

    Caliban: It’s not a conspiracy. It’s been played out. The Collins worship is heavy in the air. Why did Caroline have to release those 50 year old tapes of Jackie where she called Martin Luther King a “phony” That got me thinking…

  17. Caliban says

    Worship? Hardly. However, he’s still the first player in one of the big three US sports to come out as gay while still active.

    No matter how you cut it that IS a big deal. We’ve always assumed there were gay players at the elite level of professional sports but we only knew for sure after the fact, when they retired. And before anyone starts criticizing Collins’ abilities, only a tiny fraction of players of any sport end up playing for pro teams so he is, de facto, an elite player. (And unless you can do better please pause for a moment and have a nice hot cup of STFU. Armchair quarterbacking is far too easy.)

  18. anon says

    As a reporter, Kurtz could have dug up the facts on the fiancé and gotten a scoop, but he decided it was too much work.