1. Steve says

    I messed around with a 2W laser diode once. It was pretty awesome. Though whatever you targeted needed to be dark to absorb enough energy to burn.

  2. Lymis says

    I know my “get off the lawn” side is showing, but in all seriousness, what happens when someone points this at someone else’s face? How long would it take to sear a retina?

  3. Kenn says

    It’s not a light saber, it’s a hand held laser. Please get back to us when some one actually invents a hand held laser (light saber) that only extends out 4 ft beyond the handle, that’s a light saber.

  4. ILL in ILLINOIS says

    Why this when there’s a crucial marriage equality vote pending in Illinois?

  5. SayTheTruth says

    Not much of a thing indeed. Unless you want to become accidentally blind in the blink of an eye.