Listen LIVE: Delaware Senate’s Final Vote on Marriage Equality

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Delaware's Senate is set to convene at 2 pm and will be voting on HB75, the marriage equality bill. If it passes, Delaware will become the 11th state to give all its citizens the freedom to marry.

You can listen LIVE HERE (opens webcast in new window).

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UPDATE: The bill is passed and will be signed into law today.


  1. Francis #1 says

    It was already at 11 with Marshall present. Marshall was seen as a shaky yes vote and he’s not present. Now we’re going to need one of the lean NO votes, Bethany Hall-Long, to vote yes or it’s not going to pass in Delaware.

  2. Francis #1 says

    It was already at 11 with Marshall present. Marshall was seen as a shaky yes vote and he’s not present. Now we’re going to need one of the lean NO votes, Bethany Hall-Long, to vote yes or it’s not going to pass in Delaware.

  3. Francis #1 says

    I read that they needed 11 votes. 10 votes isn’t going to get the job done. That’s what Equality Delaware tweeted just before the Senate debates began.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    It’s interesting that the “religious protection” clause needs to be added, as if religion has EVER been at risk. Religion is not an excuse for discrimination. In fact one law maker is talking about a “flower shop” now. The response is excellent.

  5. Jacob says

    The way I read it was there are 21 possible votes, so yes, 11 would be needed to win, but the LT Governor has promised to cast his tie breaking vote in favor of marriage equality. Wouldn’t a missing person with 10 “yes” votes mean a 10-10 tie?

  6. Francis #1 says

    I honestly have no idea, Jacob. I’m simply relaying what Equality Delaware said and everything I’ve read, which is that 11 votes are necessary.

    Marshall has been found and Hall-Long has left now and apparently won’t vote. So they *should* have 11 votes.

  7. Opinionated says

    Man good luck Delaware. They are thus far doing a crappy job defending why this is important and why separate but equal was proven wrong. I hope they (the supporters) bring up some bigger guns soon because they are doing a horrible job defending this.

  8. jeff says

    Who is speaking now?! He is awesome!! A transcript of his speech should be plastered over the Supreme Court as they debate marriage equality!!

  9. Mike8787 says

    “Love should not be the only criteria to justify this relationship.” — Delaware senate marriage opponent.

    These are the people who fight against us.

  10. Michaelandfred says

    If we can keep the momentum. This win could push Minnesota over the edge and both of them would “almost” assure Illinois later this month.

  11. James in Hollywood says

    Yowza, this Senator sounds ancient. And, predictably, the next speaker is turning the Senate into a church with his bible talk. Jeepers, I hope we beat these fuckers.

  12. Michael says

    Do you all hear this nutcase? Now, if marriage equality is passed, then grandchildren can no longer inherit from their grandparents. I guess it’s okay to bear false witness as long you are doing it for Jesus.

  13. Terry says

    I’m so tired of the ignorance the comes out of these committee hearings. Especially when it comes to people who think the civil rights movement was only for people of color… don’t forget gay people (and even gay black people) participated in the movement too.

  14. says

    the frustrating thing about these “debates” is that one side has truth, facts, logic, reason and empirical evidence, and the Other Side has nonsensical meaningless buzz-terms that can only exist if one chooses to willfully ignore truth, facts, logic, reason and empirical evidence.

  15. JONES says

    “People of good will with different opinions” don’t pass laws to disenfranchise a minority group.

    Doing that makes them bigots. Get it. It’s your actions that mark you as a bigot. And this isn’t allowed under our constitution. I could care less about your ‘religious’ objections. Your religious objections are your shortcomings and you can klan together with others like yourself to your hearts content.

    This is about civil law.

    Every single objector to equality here does so from a religious platform.

    It’s sickening.

  16. Michael says

    Now the ADF guy says that forcing public businesses to service same-sex couples is the equivalent of forcing segregated lunch counters. Their delusions are the product of hatred and mental illness. Jesus must be SO proud.

  17. Kevin says

    Right now the current speakers are talking about how the bill sets up people that don’t agree with marriage equality to be called “bigots” and discriminated against. Good grief.

  18. JONES says

    Called out for his ‘offensive’ attitude. Bravo.

    His arguments ARE offensive. A black man at a KKK rally. An ex-Lesbian marrying now straight. Polygamy. My bigotry won’t be tolerated in the public spectrum.

    These are our leaders?

  19. JONES says

    Brought before a civil legislature as a witness for anti equality … a married catholic priest with a polygamy argument … you can’t make this sh*t up.

    Blinded by faith.

    This is why those of the Catholic faith that are in disagreement with the church’s stance need to raise their voices.

  20. Chris says

    Have they voted yet? What is taking so long? Everyone against it came into the room against it for crazy fundie stupid reasons and they won’t be swayed. Just vote already!

  21. JONES says

    “to make them feel better about themselves”


    How about standing up for equality under law for myself, my family, my loved ones, and my community.

    You don’t get to legislate me as ‘other than’.

  22. Mo says

    Both pro and anti need to stop being so long-winded! They are going off on personal rants that have nothing to do with marriage. Just vote!

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