1. UFFDA says

    This might be fun if it’s not too much like Quentin Taratino or doesn’t have more of Gibson than of that Vergaras woman, or whatever.

  2. Matt says

    I had high hopes for the first one. Love Rodriguez, and love the grindhouse look, but it was actually really bad. I’ll wait to rent this one.

  3. MateoM says

    I’m still surprised the first one got made, considering Machete was originally just a fake, and funny, trailer for Grindhouse. The actual movie always felt like it was an SNL skit-turned movie, like Superstar.

  4. Bryan says

    It’s not really supposed to be “good” It’s like those over the top, campy exploitation movies. You just go along for the ride, not for the brilliant acting or plot lol.

    But I agree, Mel Gibson is just a no-no

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