More Signs Gays Will Not Be Included in Immigration Bill

More signals that gay couples will not be included in comprehensive immigration reform, the AP reports:

LeahyTwo people familiar with the Senate immigration deliberations say the White House has suggested to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy that it would be best to put off a controversy over gay marriage until a bill goes before the full Senate.

President Barack Obama backs the proposal to give equal treatment to gays and lesbians, but is unlikely to veto a broad immigration bill that does not include the provision.

Leahy has not made a decision on demanding a vote, the AP adds:

He could raise the issue again if the bill goes before the full Senate. The people familiar with the deliberations were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and insisted on anonymity. The White House had no comment.


  1. mike says

    So it cannot be called ‘comprehensive’. Another example of how the government is signaling to everyone that gay people are not the same and deserve to be treated differently. Disgusting and reprehensible.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Yep, once again the GOPers get the pitiful Dems to go along with GOPer homophobic bigotry and treat us as less than a full citizen. It’s shameful and disgusting on the part of the Democrats.

    But, you know what, the Dems have been acting quite shameful and pitiful ever since the GOPers got control of the House and run roughshod over the supposed “party in power”. Don’t believe it? Then consider this particular non-action regarding the upcoming immigration bill along with standard fare like GOPer Senate filibustering and their refusal to compromise with Obama on ANYTHING!

    Perhaps some day the Dems will grow a pair and put their GOPer counterparts in their proper place. In our democracy, it does take two to govern. And, for years now, one of those two have decided just to sit this out until further notice.

    Yep, shameful and pitiful indeed.

  3. disgusted american says

    And this sends is a signal that DOMA should stay in place to Kennedy.
    If the Democrats won’t take chances,why should he?

    Posted by: Kevin | May 21, 2013 3:31:09 PM

    well IF that turns out to be the CASE – ALL LGBT citizens and thier supporters NEED to Take to the Streets – If Im not gonna be treated Equally, nor my marriage – then I want to PAY SUBSTANTIALLY LESS TAXES – PERIOD!!!!!

  4. Randy says

    Democrats need to be as dependent on gay people as Republicans are on theocrats.

    Until they know they will lose re-election by voting against LGBT issues, they will not deliver.

  5. Douglas says

    I’m as pro-Obama as they come, but if he signs an immigration bill that doesn’t include same-sex bi-national couples, he’ll be attaching his name–for all of history–to a piece of legislation that in its effect is anti-gay. Just like Clinton did when he signed DOMA.

  6. Adam says

    You guys are so shocked, are you? Have you forgotten that a Democrat, Bill Clinton, signed two pieces of anti-gay legislation? Have you forgotten that the Democrats had a super-majority in Congress during the first Obama administration but refused to pass ENDA?

    No more money for Democrats.

  7. helen says

    It will either be immigration reform without gays or none at all. There is no way Democrats are going to stab hispanics in the back for gays. Sorry, it is not happening. The GOP has made it clear that they will kill this bill if gay binational couples are included. The hispanic voting juggernaut is the future of American politics. Gays are 4 percent of the population and there is no reason to believe they will increase astronomically any time soon.

  8. helen says

    Are gays going to do to hispanics what the trans community did to you? Lol! The hypocrisy of sodomites strikes again. I remember you people getting all upset that tr*annies were willing to kill ENDA when they were not included. How does it feel to be holding the sh*tty end of the stick now? But then again sodomites and sh*tty sticks go together like peanut butter and jelly…so it must feel very familiar.

  9. LetSodomRing says

    There are a whole bunch of white gay yuppies who don’t even know someone in danger of being deported whining about how this bill won’t give a purely symbolic tribute to the gays. You people are beyond narcissistic and despicable. Families are being torn apart as we speak. Children, including LGBT ones, are being sent to hostile countries they know nothing about. And all you care about is a gesture that will be made obsolete in a month.

  10. says

    Sometimes we need to pack up our gay agenda. This is about immigration reform. The more amendments we add to it the less likely it will passed. One step at a time!!!

  11. Alan Carrier says

    With Schumer and Feinstein throwing us under the bus maybe it is time for the US to no longer grant bi-nation status to those holding Israeli passports. Wonder how that would go down Schumer and Feinstein’s gullets?

  12. DB says

    Any illegal alien amnesty that treats different-sex couples from same-sex couples is a non-starter. Time to talk to your congressmen and tell them to kill this immigration bill.

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