1. Red says

    Announcing to the world that you’re a vile, hateful bigot is SOOOO courageous!

  2. says

    she’s right. every day anti-gay bigots are committing suicide because they can’t take the pressure of people knowing that they’re anti-gay.

  3. Jaysonn says

    How much courage does it take to tell other people your are not as good as me because you don’t believe the same things I believe. NONE.

  4. Michael says

    It’s flipping amazing people who thump their Bibles can’t fathom how it’s NOT a sexual sin according to Leviticus, it’s actually part of the Holiness Code which has NOTHING to do with morality.

    The quote comes right after God telling us not to sacrifice our children to Molech.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Little Kiwi stated the anti-gay bigot’s “fear” perfectly.

    Actually, I’ve never known of a NOMbie or AFA or FRC-approved homophobe afraid to let their GLBT hate-mongering be known to anyone and everyone. They wouldn’t know courage if it slapped them on the ass.

  6. MammaBear says

    When you believe you live in a world governed by an extraterrestrial being who has given you his words in a book, you’re going to say and do some astonishingly ignorant things.

  7. Jenny says

    It is a fact that being an out Christian in today’s society takes a lot of courage. I am not talking about the fake Christians who thinks everything goes and Jesus was a sodomite, but the true Christians who stand up and proclaim the lord’s word. Broussard will face the wrath of society, while Collins will get marketing deals. Of course Broussard was more courageous and you all know it! I actually think this new Christian persecution is good for the church it will separate the wheat from the chaff. I prefer a smaller but purer church, as it was in the first century before the Pagan Constantine got his dirty hands on it and polluted the sacraments with pagan nonsense. If the whore of Rome falls better yet! I want my fellow Christians back in the basements praying quietly. The road is indeed narrow. This new age persecution will get the hypocrites out and cleanse the congregation.

  8. kpo5 says

    I’d really laugh at this tactic if the majority of people saw it for what it was, but conservatives in general have PERFECTED the “we’re the ultimate underdog/we’re oppressed/our voices are never heard” meme. Even people who are LGBT supporters buy into this stuff. Examples:


    Whenever conservative media (such as Fox, which has more viewers than any other cable news network) talks about things the “mainstream media won’t tell you” such as the Gosnell case. I seriously see that everywhere. When other news networks don’t hyperventilate over this stuff, they’re “burying” it or “ignoring” it according to right-wing outlets.

    The FRC exploiting the sh*! out of the Floyd Corkins incident

    The Chick-fil-A boycott; somehow we were taking away their First Amendment rights because we were boycotting a company that donates money to anti-gay groups

  9. Brian says


    Surprisingly I think you’ll find a lot of kindred spirits here. I’m sure almost all of us would prefer a smaller church, like you want, and would love for the whore of rome to fall. And you saved the best for last: please, please lead your fellow christians on the narrow path leading to praying quietly in the basement. Wishing you the best on all these goals.

  10. says

    many moons ago when my church was voting on whether or not we’d, as a congregation, be supporting gay marriages in our church, one member stood up and said that there may be people who oppose gay marriage who are afraid to speak out in the forum and say so.
    i, still a teen, stood up and said that if i was able to be a gay teenager and stand before the church community that’s known me since i was a child then they, as adults, should have to do the same if they want to stop me, and others like me, from marrying.

  11. Jenny says

    @ Brian: The church was never meant to become the whore that rose up in Rome. It was always suppose to be for the fewest of the few. Persecution is the only thing that can cleanse the church now. The Lord’s hand is in all things. Sin will envelope the whole earth and all but a few true Christians will be swept up in this ocean of filth. The Bible speaks of the coming tribulation. Revelations is a wonderful book, please read it. As Christians we are commanded to proclaim God’s words, but most people will always be lovers of sin and give themselves up to wicked desires.

  12. Mike Ryan says

    Again, pressure needs to be put on ESPN to release this a**hat from employment with them. What he is spouting is hate-speech and no ESPN public employee should be allowed to purposely set out to harm any other public figure. Let the guy go and do it with as much fanfare as he has done against Jason Collins.

    Broussard can find a new job at Luthern Public Radio, Chick-fi-A, Pat Robertson.

    We need to put as much pressure on ESPN as possible. Please, someone start an online petition.

  13. Jenny says

    You all need to read the story of Sodom. The story of Lot is important. It’s what my dad would read to my sister and I every night, right before he had sex with us. Because homosexual gang-rape is a sin but impregnating your daughters is G-d’s plan.

  14. SFshawn says

    Do all bigoted religious zealots have those ‘crazy’ eyes?

  15. Jenny says

    Did you notice that I called it the book of revelations and not the book of revelation, which is what it’s actually called? That’s because I don’t actually know what I’m talking about. It’s not my fault because I’m the product of inbreeding.

  16. Jack M says

    It’s easy to hate; it’s much harder to look into your heart and try to love.

    And the world “courage” doesn’t mean what this hateful hag thinks it does.

  17. Jenny says

    To the person who posted in my name at 11:24:45 — Please understand that Lot was drunk! His daughters essentially drugged him and he did not know that he was having sex with his own children! Please read Genesis 19:32. What they did was sinful. Just as the homosexual mob was sinful.

  18. Brian says

    And I did notice that you called it revelations, and I did assume you did that due to inbreeding. I also noticed you think sin is going to envelope the world, when envelopes are only used for mailing letters. thanks for clearing that up though.

  19. RONTEX says

    Unless you’ve been hated, persecuted, told you were
    not worthy to be treated as equal then you have no understanding of this man’s (or any gay persons) journey or the pressures of the society he grew up in. CONFORM OR DIE has been the mantra of this country for years and it’s time to end it. We are not a country of only white, straight, christian people but a quilt of many colors, sexual orientations and religions, it’s time we were all represented equally. I know, I know, it’s hard to share the toys for many conservatives but America is a playground owned by everyone.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL@ “Just as the homosexual mob was sinful.”

    LOL…They weren’t homosexuals. Men would anything back then. Some still do.

    Miss Jenny, you picked the wrong place to evangelize. It aint gonna’ work here. I’m telling you.

  21. Jenny says

    Now, if you know men and alcohol the way that I know men and alcohol, you know that there’s no way a man can be SO drunk that he has no memory of impregnating his daughters would be able to get it up, and ejaculate. So if that’s story is to be believed, the daughters would have had to literally work their father to an unconscious climax, then manually insert the resultant semen into themselves. It’s not very easy to do that. I’d know. I try every sunday night.

  22. carl says

    Dear Jenny: The sin of Sodom and Gommorah was that of a people who were INHOSPITABLE to Lot’s guests.

    If the people of Sodom were all ‘homosexual’, then how come LOT offered up his Daughters to the men to ‘rape’, instead of his sons? Sodom was filled with Lebsbians?

    One would presume that , as a man of the ‘one true god who hates fags’, Lot would know the difference between Gays and Straights?

    Huh, Jenny? RIGHT?

    But no. Instead YOU buy into the American Talban’s revision of Sodom as a parable against gays, instead as a Parable against inhospitality, as the story CLEARLY STATES.

    You christians are so busy revising your book to keep up with your changing tides and profits of hate that you can’t even keep your stories straight anymore.

    Do you even begin to understand what Bearing False Witness means to your ‘God’

    HUH, Jenny?

    Do you?

    Bugger off you intellectual twit.

  23. Jenny says

    It’s not bearing false witness. It’s called Lying for the Lord.

    And the story of sodom is about how being gay is WRONG. And how when my sister and I have sex with our dad it’s ok as long as he’s drunk.

  24. Caliban says

    I’m going to rise above this and think positive thoughts. World peace and Jennifer Roback-Morse getting run over by a bus.

    Ah. I feel better already.

    (Uh, and according to the Bible isn’t she supposed to keep her trap shut and NEVER preach to men? And that’s in the New Testament so she doesn’t get an “out” by claiming the old rules don’t apply. That goes for you too Jenny.)

  25. jjose712 says

    She is sooo stupid, evey time she opens her mouth she makes Maggie Gallager look articulate in comparision

  26. says

    Didn’t lot offer his daughters to the mob so they would leave the angels alone?

    The Bible: Where gay sex is bad, but offering your daughters to a group of rapists is totally OK. (Lot’s daughters returned the favor on daddy dearest later on)

  27. jamal49 says

    Jenny, honey, perhaps you didn’t get God’s memo? You know, the one about the Jesus myth? That’s OK. I’ll forward it to you.

  28. chris says

    Maybe when he realizes who’s with him on this, he’ll wake up? Call me a cockeyed optimist.

  29. Bob says

    Folks I have stopped replying to these kind of idiots
    They earn their living doing this… you’ll never talk them out of it

  30. says

    Still wondering if anyone has photos of the 1980 Pride parade in Chicago, some of them might show Roeback marching. She only became insane after becoming a very fanatical Catholic, prior to that she was odd, but not intolerant.

  31. woodroad34d says

    Bigots like these two slimy lowlifes always feel brave to be bigots because they live in a hate-filled bubble that doesn’t allow them to hear anything other than how wonderful they are–remember that documentary by Arthur Dong about gay bashers and their mentality (hint: they thought society would think of them as heroes, so what’s the courage in that if everyone loves you?). However, to look into the face of the lions of hate (like Daniel in the Den of Lions) and declare yourself, for better or worse, with uncertainty about the reception you’ll receive with family…friends….fans….society is a very scary thing: something these unsophisicates have no concept of or for that matter the intelligence to fully comprehend the English Language and it’s connotations. Simply pathetic and pitiable. The best they could do is to stop talking and preserve whatever dignity they have left. *spit*

  32. Joseph Singer says

    The truth is that Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher and the rest realize that they have no momentum and that the writing’s on the wall that SSM is happening and will continue to happen.

  33. Tom Cardellino says

    Again and again with this “Jenny” moniker; is she a Latter Day Saint sent out on an internet mission to cast mud upon every gay friendly website she deigns ungodly? Where in the world is editorial discretion with Andy and his staff? One great bulwark against mere opportunists putting their steel-toed shoes into the doorways of all great news publications has been editorial discretion! Are Andy and his team more enthused by catfights than by presenting a news-worthy and editorially responsible publication? What a grand waste of the readers’ time than to be called upon by soft-sell “christians” who hate your readership base almost as much as they hate your staff at a website with homosexual tendencies! Please, Mr. Towleroad, et al, get a journalistic backbone and edit out the wing nuts, please! This laxity on your part is why I go weeks at times not logging into your website because I get so saddened by your Jerry Springer attitude about what should be civil, non-condemnatory discourse in promulgation of LGBT rights, and not just a sideshow of freaks, either Jesus-freaks or other Haters of all things homosexual. See you in two or three more weeks in boycott of your sense of Barnum-esqe showmanship!

  34. Dave says

    I’m confused. I thought that NOM believed that all polls showing support for gay people and gay marriage were lies (their minions have told me this themselves). If this is the case, why would stating anti-gay views bring about the wrath of “the whole of society”? Wouldn’t the whole of society be on your side? I think this is known as being “caught out”.

  35. Armando says

    Can you get any crazier than to talk about the lack of religious tolerance and then call the Catholic Church “the whore of rome?”

  36. Sharon A. Stone says

    Chris Broussard: A Christian exemplified!

    You demonstrate a soundness and correctness of Biblical teaching not often openly expressed. Your Christ-like principles and persona amplify a grounded courage and conviction of faith in God that needs to be portrayed much more frequently by those who claim Christianity.

    God will NOT forget your act of Christian devotion and selfless courage in a world where self-satisfaction often takes precedence.