Moscow Officials Refuse to Authorize Gay Pride Parade

In news that's disappointing but not so surprising, Moscow authorities are refusing again to allow a Gay Pride march in the city, The Moscow Times reports:

Alexeev"From our point of view, there is no need for such events in the city," said Alexei Mayorov, head of City Hall's security department and Moscow's pointman on approving rallies, Interfax reported.

He said gay activists would be officially notified about the rejection Wednesday.

On Monday, gay activists applied for official permission to hold a parade, picket and meeting on May 25, saying they would take to the streets irrespective of whether authorities grant permission. Every year since 2006, when the first request was filed, Moscow authorities have refused to grant permission for a gay pride parade.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    It seems Russian authorities and politicians (as well as Russian Orthodox Church leaders) are like the ostrich which stuck its head in the sand as a way of ignoring that, in this situation, yes, actual living-and-breathing homosexuals are a part of the Russian population. By legislating against gays, I guess the government foolishly believes this group of Russians magically will disappear. Good luck with that from Putin on down to the lowliest apparatchik. It’s not going to happen. Those of us in the West will laugh derisively at your ignorant attempts to make our Russian GLBT brothers and sisters invisible in your sad closeted society. All in good time….

  2. RexT says

    Now that Putin has handed off all of the ‘issues’ he can’t be bothered with to the Leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church, all is just peach again in Russia. Of course, the RO Church is capable of making Stalin look like a sweet fella!

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