Neil Patrick Harris to Host Tony Awards

Neil Patrick Harris has been officially announced as the host of this year's Tony Awards on June 9:

Nph"I'm very excited to be back hosting the Tony Awards at the legendary Radio City Music Hall. It'll be more impressive than ever – if my math is correct, it will be 267 times bigger than last year," said Neil Patrick Harris. "Oh, wait. No, that can't… hold on… carry the one… I'm awful at math. But rest assured, the show will rock!"

Check out the full list of Tony nominees here.

And read our theatre critic Naveen Kumar's analysis of who got snubbed here.

Activist Larry Kramer is also set to receive a special Tony this year.


  1. Jerry says

    He’s a kind of gay Bob Hope, who can sing and dance (but then, the better comparison may be that Bob Hope was a straight Neil Patrick Harris).

  2. Gr8guyca says

    The news would be if he WASN’T hosting again.
    He has that gig for as long as he wants it. He is
    perfect as the host of the Tonys.

  3. Jack says

    He was good last year. He will be good this year. But I doubt that he will ever be able to top 2011.

  4. joel says

    He always does a great job. Wish the Oscars would scoop him up, he has just as much relation to films if not more as Seth Macfarlane.

  5. Bob R says

    I agree with SC David, is there any other choice? The guy does it all, sing, dance, act, tell jokes, does magic and he’s very easy on the eyes. I’ll watch this award show because NPH is hosting.

  6. bravo says

    2011 “It’s Not Just For Gays Anymore” was priceless.

    But I also loved the 2011 Closing Number

  7. Josh says

    The more exposure he gets the better. Then if his marriage fails, everyone will know who he is. :)