NYC’s Cardinal Dolan Issues Anti-Gay Call to Action: Read It


Fearing decisions from the Supreme Court that would rule broadly in favor of marriage equality and against DOMA and Prop 8, New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan, America's top Catholic, has issued a bulletin to Catholic parishioners across the country, calling upon members of the clergy to give sermons with anti-equality sentiment and counseling members of the laity to pray, fast, and sacrifice as a means to stop what he calls, "the Roe v. Wade of Marriage."

According to the bulletin, LGBT marriage equality, “serves no one’s rights, least of all those of children.” Parishioners are strongly encouraged to join the Church's “Fortnight for Freedom," a series of anti-marriage equality events leading up to the 4th of July.

Dolan, who claims to not be "anti-anybody", has equated same-sex marriage to incest, denied LGBT Catholics entry to mass, and insisted LGBT individuals are entitled to friendship, not marriage.  Last year he vehemently opposed same-sex marriage legislation in New York state, calling it a "communist threat" and has since complained that he felt burned by lawmakers.

Last year Dolan gave closing prayers at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions.  In February he was questioned about the alleged sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy in Milwaukee during his tenure as archbishop there. 

The Church's bulletin, rife with anti-LGBT sentiment, comes at a particularly tenuous time for the LGBT community in New York which has seen an alarming uptick in hate motivated crime in recent months.  

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Bulletin Insert Marriage and the Supreme Court Spring 2013