1. Michael says

    It’s amazing this fat-ass Nelly queen is trying to tell other people being gay is wrong. For once, though, I’d love someone to explain how allowing gay marriage affects those children of heterosexuals or stops heterosexuals from marrying.

  2. TomTallis says

    Obviously calling the potential decisions the “Roe v. Wade” of marriage is also a call to action for conservative Catholics to protest equal marriage using the same methods (up to and including murder) as they have used to try to overturn Roe v. Wade.

  3. says

    Personally, I’m rather fed up with some of my own “not bigoted against gay people but still Catholic” friends who continue to donate to the Catholic Church.

    their silence = death.

    if you, or anyone, sits in a service SILENTLY while this bigoted garbage gets spewed then you are COMPLICIT in this hate fest.

    at a time when NYC’s had a rash of anti-gay violence, this pig gets up and encourages more prejudice against us.

    ugh. i wish i believed in Hell so that this guy would end up there.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    It’s ironic, and a bit moronic, that any religious institution, which was once persecuted (doesn’t that include them all?) would so easily forget that they too could be on someone’s hit list. If we truly keep limiting freedoms, where would we finally stop? Won’t the religious zealots need to battle to the death to see which religion finally reigns supreme?

    I believe in a world which takes into account the current progress of mankind. We are all, worldwide, going to HAVE to live together, get over yourself and your religion. Your religion isn’t as important to others as you think it is, no matter which one you’re a member of.

  5. Chadd says

    Taking their lead from the GOP, apparently the new reaction to finding yourself on the wrong side of history is to double down on your rhetoric and bigotry. Dolan should look up George Wallace on Wikipedia.

  6. Hey Darlin' says

    In your attempts to pit and polarize people against each other, you are losing the members whose religious heart doesn’t lie in persecution.

  7. JONES says

    Catholics in silence = oppressors

    Put your donations in the collection plate and feel absolved of your silent participation in the deaths of thousands of young LGBT kids every year at the hands of lunatics inspired by the voice of hate coming from this man.

    Or don’t.
    Grow a backbone and tell this vile creature that you’ve had enough.
    Raise your voice against hate.

  8. HadenoughBS says

    Dolan is the living, breathing embodiment of Vatican-directed homophobic Papist hatred toward millions of Americans. He and his fellow Papist leaders hold no moral authority over the issue of SSM or, for that matter, the “rights…of children”. They’re in it for the $$$ and nothing more. So, to Dolan and his ilk, I offer this prayer: STFU!

  9. candideinnc says

    Kiwi is right. I am going to let my family know if they want to continue to sit and listen to the bigoted BS in Catholic sermons, they should know I consider it a personal insult. They need to walk out on the overt prejudice of this hateful religion.

  10. says

    Gays who hold on to their desperate need to believe in the Catholic Church are traitors.

    Here is what the Catholic Church teaches about us in their catholic Catechism :

    “(2357) Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarily. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

    So all we gays are just “untermenschen”…..lesser beings, we have defective humanity, ……I guess we are just the scum of the earth.
    Thanks Cardinal, you and your ilk are so wonderful and superior to us all.

  11. Michaelandfred says

    If they’re busy praying they won’t have their hands in the pants of the altar boys… least something positive will come from it.

  12. LAX/JFK says

    The Catholic church has a vile history of oppression and murder. Gay men and women who belong to this house of tyranny are fools. I spit on Dolan, the Pope and every other symbol of Catholicism. It is a disease that needs to be stamped out for good.

  13. Kieran says

    Let’s not pretend that Archbishop Dolan’s position on gay marriage is any less ignorant and bigoted then your average Jewish Orthodox Rabbi or Protestant Evangelical preacher. They’re all Birds of a Feather that hate gays together.

  14. anon says

    It’s not likely that he can tip the balance on the supreme court by himself, largely because the conservative Catholic block is already locked up and accounted for. He also doesn’t seem that effective in northern states that have changed their marriage laws recently (including NY!). And he would have little influence in the non-Catholic south and west. He’s really fighting an uphill battle now.

  15. bructer says

    Religion, seems to have become the bain of the world. All of them, they have gone from supposedly bring people together( as they would have always liked everyone to believe, but I have never seen it) to tearing them and the whole of civilize society apart. They are all in it for the money and power, similar to the gov’t officials. To hell with them all.

  16. Kieran says

    Dolan is wasting his time. Polls consistently show that most American Catholics are considerably less homophobic than American Fundamentalist Protestants, which explains why heavily Catholic states like New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maryland are gay-friendly, while heavily Protestant states like Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee are decidely not gay-friendly.

  17. Krajci says

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Baptist churches in the south would happily co-sign what Dolan’s talking about, and eagerly spread his message to their congregations! Imagine the Catholic and Baptist churches joining forces on the issue. Awesome!

  18. john patrick says

    Oh, but he loves us soooo much that he has said nothing about the uptick in violence against our people. The saying is “silence gives consent.” Sure looks like he is consenting to the murders and physical attacks.

  19. Bill says

    @Phil: His request for others to fast reminds me of J.W. Wells in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer.

    WELLS: “I do not know – and yet – there is one means by which this spell may be removed.”

    ALEXIS: “Name it – oh, name it!”

    WELLS: “Or you or I must yield up his life to Ahrimanes. I would rather it were you. I should have no hesitation in sacrificing my own life to spare yours, but we take stock next week, and it would not be fair on the Co.”

    Funny how we’ve reached the point were life imitates art!

  20. says

    What a sad little man;
    he probably once believed in something, now he is peddling the “wrongness” or moral turpitude of a group of people who have had bigotry and discrimination heaped on them through the ages…..and instead of standing up for them with love and encouragement and hope and grace, he just continues to kick at us.

    Now he can see that the tide has turned, he is left high and dry……an emperor who has no clothes……and a bully vainly bellowing for his supporters who have seen through his vested interests in covering for his sexually abusive priests.

    Oh my, my, Cardinal, how you have become the Hollow Man, swinging in the wind.

  21. Caliban says

    We can “thank” Sandra Day O’Connor for this sudden right-wing push to associate marriage equality with Roe v Wade.

    Thanks, Sandi! I hope you’re pleased with yourself.

    PS. Drop dead.

  22. MateoM says

    I really have to assume that Dolan has said SOMETHING condemning the anti-gay violence that is going on in New York, but I can’t find a single quote from him.

    Is it possible that he’s speaking out against the attacks and just not getting publicity for doing so? Or has he really not said a thing?

    Are there any Catholics who can show any quotes from him?

    Absolute silence from him on the issue would be so damming. He’s corrupt and immoral but he didn’t get to be archbishop without learning to cover his fat a$$ politically.

  23. Maple says

    You have gay marriage in Canada. Are you married? Why not join a blog in Saskatchewan? Kiwi vs. Catholic Church…what are the odds? Go keyboard anarchist! Tell us how to think in The United States.

  24. Icebloo says

    There needs to be a Federal law that takes away the charitable status of any religion which becomes involved in politics. It is time these religions paid their share of taxes. These people are UNELECTED and choose to pay nothing in taxes. They should not be deciding our laws.

  25. lucifer says

    The government must and should rescind the authority of any priest, rabbis, imams etc to perform marriages unless they abide by the civil law on the issue. The only thing that they would be free to perform and deny to anyone they like would be “holy matrimony” and wholly worthless religious ceremony.

  26. jimstoic says

    This is the explanation for the recent anti-gay violence in New York. Of course Dolan abhors that violence, but his public pronouncements that gay relationships are of less value than heterosexual relationships informs the culture of violent homophobia.

  27. David Hearne says

    The only way to kill these religions is to openly mock them. The dumbest meme promoted by the Progressives is that we should not be hostile to Islam and by extension Judaism and Christianity. Openly and publicly mock these people, just like the Jews, Christians, and Mohammedans did when they took over western European nations and killed their native belief systems. No, I’m not saying that Druids and Celtic priests were better, simply that ridicule and humiliation are the reason they are no longer around.

  28. Onnyjay says

    Umm, let’s see, Dolon continues to foam at the mouth about gays, gay-bashing and murders increase… No connection there, of course, and no blood on Dolon’s hands. Why doesn’t the catholic church just use shotguns to keep gay people and those who support them out of the church? It would be simpler and save them a lot of pompous posturing. Oh wait, that’s what the church does best. Never mind.

  29. Hec says

    @David Hearne

    Yes, please openly mock religion…encourage the rest of the gays to do that as well…you’ll only be making yourself look bad/villainous in the process. The only reason gays have come as far as they have is because they’ve been playing the defensive victim. I promise you that NO ONE will tolerate gays playing the bully role. THAT will create a REAL backlash.

  30. simon says

    You may be right that those religious nuts are treated as if they were holy in the US.
    . In fact you can find clips on Youtube showing people like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry mocked the Catholic Church in open forums. It won’t create any backlash at least in Europe. It makes absolutely no sense that Donut can mock other groups of people with impunity.

  31. David Hearne says

    Hec – Your position makes the error of assuming that only gay people can be counted on to mock religion out of existence. The Fundies like to kid themselves about the American population and religion. Yes, some 80% claim to believe in some sort of god, that’s a far cry from being Pentecostal or even regular attendees, unless you count Christmas and Easter as regular attendance.

    In reality, only 20% of Americans attend church weekly, while 36% claim to attend weekly. So about half of the people who claim to attend church weekly.

  32. Burt says

    It would be wonderful if good Catholics all across the country followed their consciences (as Vatican II ordains) and stand up and leave when the priest begins the diatribe prescribed above.

    These people need graphic demonstration just how out of touch they are with their congregations.

  33. bill says

    There they go again…the church mixing in politics….if they want to take a political stand, which they have every right to do, then they must give up their tax exempt status and continue on like any other political lobby….BUT what’s the chance of that happening ?!?*!

  34. jamal49 says

    Why is this evil man allowed to get away with his vitriol against marriage equality which in turn vilifies and demonizes LGBTQ people?

    What does Cardinal Dolan expect his “parishioners” to do? Self-immolate at the altars of Catholic Churches nationwide the same as that poor, deluded soul did at the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France last week?

    Is this what civil equality engenders–pure, unadulterated, unrepentant hatred of gays and lesbians?

    Now is the time for all of us to put a stop to this man and all his cohorts. Their rhetoric against us is being ratcheted up. Is it no wonder that gay men, in particular, are being attacked without provocation here in NYC? What other violence against us must take place before the Cardinal Dolans of the world are finally called out for what they are: hateful, spiteful bigots who must be forced, if necessary, to shut the hell up!

  35. Jerry6 says

    The good Cardinal would love to have the Rack, Burning at the Stake, and “Drawing and Quartering” at hand as the Church did in Roman times. Does he really think we have forgotten what life was like when the “Church” was in political control of the Government?

  36. says

    I keep thinking that somewhere there is a group of underground gay warriors forming to begin blowing up catholic churches where such sermons are given .. ( wouldn’t that be a sad thing indeed.) The catholic church has declared war on our humanity … what do we do but sit back and complain about it and simply shake our heads … I am simply so bloody sick and tired of being demonized by this sect of religious , manipulating bunch of black hearted hypocrites .. I hope that the flocks will get up and walk out of such sermons in droves showing the cult leaders that they are NOT on board with this dividing tool for the American culture . TAX THE CHURCH !

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