1. disgusted american says

    …and thier God help them – IF they dare show up at our door for a donation or to sell something….they’ll get a earfull of GET THE PHUK OFF MY PROPERTY and SHOVE YOUR CROSS!

  2. QJ201 says

    How many boy scouts grow up to beat their wives, abuse drugs and alcohol or commit other “moral” crimes? Unless the answer is “less than non boy scouts” your moral argument is CRAP.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    If this Perkins fellow thinks that Rick Perry is an expert to trot out to support one of his hare brained theories, he isn’t very smart either.

    Outside of Texas Rick Perry is a laughinstock and outside of his office, so is Tony Perkins.

  4. Parkrunner says

    C’mon Rickie, let it out you ‘ol cowgirl. Rip off that bra and let that big udder free. Raise that sphincter to the heavens and give those bulls that familiar “come hither” look. Nip/tuck that prune face of yours and while you’re at it that overused one at the other end could use a little tightening up too. Hopefully this time you can find a trick that won’t burn down that whorehouse you call a mansion.

  5. Bryan says

    How brain dead is Rick Perry? He isn’t even making a parallel comparison here. Sam Houston was AGAINST oppression levied on a particular people. Rick Perry is suggesting that the Boy Scouts do the opposite.

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