1. Jack says

    The U.N. is too busy trying to make it illegal to “insult” religion and putting known human rights violators in charge of human rights committees. They don’t have time to worry about homophobia.

    Why we still have an ambassador to that joke of an organization is beyond me. We need to reclaim the land used for headquarters and kick their asses to the curb.

  2. Myackie says

    The UN began with noble ideals…but now it’s merely a way to give legitimacy to dictators and tyrants. There should be two UN’s…one for free countries and one for everyone else…but a country that does not permit their own citizens to vote, shouldn’t be permitted to vote in the UNGA.

  3. Rik says

    She blamed Benghazi on a YouTube video. What credibility does she have? Can we get someone else from the Administration to speak about homophobia?

  4. Paul R says

    UN critics are largely uninformed, fed by right wing critics. Getting nearly 200 countries with wildly varying cultures and economies to agree on human rights, education, health care, the environment, and myriad other topics is a nearly impossible task. That doesn’t mean that countries shouldn’t be engaged in discussion. I wouldn’t fault the UN for speaking out against homophobia.

    It’s like criticism of the World Bank and its decidedly more evil sister, the IMF. Yes they’ve made horrible mistakes. But the world can’t descend into entirely independent states, or you’d see a lot more abuses of human rights and everything else. International aid and collaboration are crucial.

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