1. ratbastard says

    Ban Ricin. Never mind, it’s already banned.

    Then ban large size containers of Ricin. never mind, they’re already banned.

    Well, then people sending snail mail to public officials. We need to do this now, today. Think of the children. At the very least, we need to require government issued biometric identification before anyone is allowed to use snail mail, buy stamps, enter a P.O. And make it a felony for violators, no excuses, with minimum sentencing guidelines. Congress needs to act now for the sake of the children.

  2. Jeton Ademaj says

    i wonder if Louisiana is the real point of origin, from the way the article frames the comments of “Mr. Browne”…

    hopefully cooler heads prevail among those of us who fiercely believe in the 2nd Amendment as one of our Inalienable Rights…if it does turn out that that was the origin of this.

  3. graphicjack says

    if these a$$hats believe in guns so much… maybe we should put them on trial, convict them, and line them up in a firing squad… they’d probably get hard just thinking about death by firing squad.

  4. Tom says

    Graphicjack, I agree. We too, have had recent trouble with Ricin here in Wash. State, and the situation is nearly out of control. The times we live in, are scary!

  5. Larry says

    Mark Glaze is so hot. I’ve had a crush on him every since I first saw him on MSNBC.

  6. says

    genuine question – to those of you are can’t stop talking about the Second Amendment, whom did you vote for in the last two presidential elections?

    thanks in advance for your honesty.

  7. jamal49 says

    @Jeton Ademaj: why don’t you take your fierce belief in the 2nd Amendment as one of your “inalienable” rights and shove it where the sun don’t shine. In case you didn’t read the 2nd Amendment, it is about the right of the people to bear arms, in a well-regulated state militia, not about your sorry @$$ having a gun in your cold-hearted, clammy hands all by yourself.

  8. David Hearne says

    I voted for Obama in the last two elections because I was hoping for a SIngle Payer health care delivery system.

    I didn’t vote for Obama to waste a fortune on bogus energy technology, to drive up the cost of energy, to stand in the way of energy production, to violate immigration laws, to threaten the security, culture, and environment of the US through illegal immigration. I did not vote for Obama to increase the welfare rolls, issue free cell phones, or a host of other stupid stuff he has done.

  9. David Hearne says

    I did not vote for Obama to attack and undermine the Second Amendment, or the First.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I’d simply like to know whom Jeton voted for in the elections.”

    Obviously, he voted for David Hagatha Hearne, Kiwi. The elections were held in Texas this year. Hearne did not win Grand Wizard. Better luck next year.

  11. ratbastard says


    Until we can get rampant violent crime in certain places in the U.S. under control, I’m not for denying law abiding non-felons in these places the ability to protect themselves with firearms. Criminals and thugs have them [illegally 99% of the time], so banning non-criminals and thugs from owning firearms DOES NOTHING except punish law abiding people. This doesn’t make sense. And even if we did manage to get rampant violent crime in certain places in the U.S. under control, I still wouldn’t be in favor of banning firearm ownership. Why does the thought of law abiding people legally owning firearms scare the caca out of some gay people? If you’re gay, a non-felon and live in an area where you can own firearms, I’d strongly suggest you get one, learn how to properly use it, for your personal protection.

    2 teenage psychos from Vermont stabbed to death a married couple of Dartmouth College professors in their home [for $ and for thrills] in 2001. They then had a plan to escape to Australia and start a new life. They made it from Massachusetts to an Indiana truck stop before being recognized and arrested by a state trooper. It wasn’t the first attempt they made to murder someone[s] for the thrill and for practice. They previously attempted to murder a NYC man named Andrew Patti and his 11 year old son in a rural Vermont cottage. They knocked on the door one night while Mr. Patti and his son were home watching a movie. Mr. Patti went to the door, looked out the window, didn’t like what he saw. He saw a young man [later identified as Robert Tulloch, the alpha male and leader] and got bad vibes from him when he asked through the door if he could use a phone because his car broke down. Mr. Patti said no, he’d call police. The young man persisted. Mr. Patti had a glock pistol, which he then showed to Mr. Tulloch, telling him to leave immediately. They left. In the morning, police came, and after searching, found a shallow grave had been dug nearby. It was meant for Mr. Patti and his son. Mr. Patti remembered the face of Robert Tulloch [he has a unique sleepy eyed look to his face, I’d remember him,too] and was startled when they were arrested for the murders. Lucky for Mr. Patti, he and his son were in Vermont [Vermont and Maine are the two safest states in the country] and owning a gun was no problem. Jamal, I can’t imagine anyone reading this would want to be in the situation Mr. Patti was that night, in the middle of no where, police at least 1/2 hr away if not more, and not having a gun or firearm to defend yourself.

    Tulloch and his buddy Robert Parker are serving life sentences in Vermont.

    2001 Dartmouth College murders

  12. ratbastard says


    They’re serving time in N.H. where the murders took place and where they were prosecuted.

    Parker cooperated with prosecutors and is serving 25 to life. He’ll be eligible for parole at some point. Tulloch was sentenced to life without parole, but the N.H. supreme court ruled this year his sentencing may be reevaluated.

  13. Kev C says

    Knowing Bloomberg, he probably sent these letters to himself. Crazy drama queen.

  14. Tom Cardellino says

    OMG! Had I known that “David Hearne” was a complete trolling piece of ignorance as a defecated byproduct of America’s crappy (intellectually speaking) under-financed educational excuse for a school system that produces more morons than literate citizens, I never would have previously taken him anywhere near seriously enough to object to one of his former comments on another issue. Boy oh boy, have I learned my lesson about moronic trolls on Towleroad! Please, all other sincere commenters to this website, learn from my mistake that “ratbastard” as well as “David Hearne” and many others are complete ass gas, decidedly not worth taking seriously about anything, as they’ve amply proven.