Russian Official Seeks Moratorium On Adoptions By French Citizens Over Gay Marriage

PavelWhile gay couples in France are busy celebrating their recent nuptials, a Russian official unhappy with the new reality is seeking a moratorium on child adoptions by French citizens. Pavel Astakhov, Russia's ombudsman for children's rights, said the Russian-French agreement on adoptions should be reconsidered in light of France's endorsement of gay marriage which directly contradicts Russian legislations.

"It is evident that a moratorium should be imposed until [both countries'] legislation is brought into accord. This is logical," Astakhov said.

Astakhov is only the latest Russian official to publicly threaten changing adoption agreements with countries legalizing gay marriage. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia could change agreements for countries that refuse to "respect the cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral norms of Russia."

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