Russian Official Seeks Moratorium On Adoptions By French Citizens Over Gay Marriage

PavelWhile gay couples in France are busy celebrating their recent nuptials, a Russian official unhappy with the new reality is seeking a moratorium on child adoptions by French citizens. Pavel Astakhov, Russia's ombudsman for children's rights, said the Russian-French agreement on adoptions should be reconsidered in light of France's endorsement of gay marriage which directly contradicts Russian legislations.

"It is evident that a moratorium should be imposed until [both countries'] legislation is brought into accord. This is logical," Astakhov said.

Astakhov is only the latest Russian official to publicly threaten changing adoption agreements with countries legalizing gay marriage. Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia could change agreements for countries that refuse to "respect the cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral norms of Russia."

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  1. Caliban says

    As I said when threatened threatened the US with the same thing, “But if Russia forbids adoptions because of gay marriage, WHEREVER will we go to get our psychopathic Fetal-Alcohol-Syndrome babies with affectional disorders from never having been picked up?!”

    Russian “orphanages” are nightmarish hellholes which churn out children the Addams family wouldn’t take. You know a family with a lovely child adopted from Russia? Good for them. They dodged a bullet.

  2. H says

    Funny how this…angel…decides what is “evident” and what is “logical”. Typical right-wing, conservative script. They ALWAYS know what is “evident” and “logical”…except when it isn’t. Usually most of the time. Feel sorry for the kids.

  3. BobN says

    Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that Russia could change agreements for countries that refuse to “respect the cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral norms of Russia.”

    Yes, when you adopt from Russia, you have to agree to keep the child in squalor and never hug it, you know, just so it can experience the “moral norms of Russia”.

  4. Josh says

    I’m glad Russia is taking their babies off the gay adoption market.
    It’s amazing the anger released when gays can’t have your way. This “loving homes” crap is beginning to sound like a real estate scam.
    If you are gay, I’m sure you a well-aware of the vicious and devious nature of a lot of gays. It can rival all — straights and women. Know any?? Everyone’s had that vindictive boyfriend. We may be riding the moral “high hog” now, but it’s a well-crafted illusion. Has anyone given any thought about the children of this social tantrum?

  5. says

    Russia’s choice: loving homes vs. squalid orphanages. Under the current homophobic thug regime, they’ll choose squalid. A sad state of affairs in Russia, one that the Russians I know–all of whom are nothing like the brainless Putin–are as disgusted by as we are. Those Russians deserve much better.

    Josh, you aren’t parent material, no problem.

  6. StevyD says

    Wow Josh, take a chill pill, oh and call your psychotherapist in the morning. He hasn’t done squat for your self loathing issues. Time to try a new one.

  7. Brian1 says

    There seems to be some confusion over this, at least on the part of Josh and probably others. Russia is saying they will halt all adoptions to French citizens, not just gay ones. There are plenty (most) countries that don’t allow adoptions by gay couples, but I think this is a first for a country to just ban all people, straight and gay, from adopting their abandoned babies just because the country of the adoptive parents allows gay marriage. Contrary to Astakhov’s assertion, there is nothing logical about this move.

  8. Steve says

    I’m not really a fan of foreign adoptions as the high demand has led to some really questionable practices (especially in Africa). But this is clearly an overreaction.

  9. ratbastard says

    Russia has three things going for it, ‘superpower’ wise:

    Lots of nukes and delivery systems


    The most billionaires on the planet

    Outside of these things, it’s not a ‘superpower’, not even on the same level as the mid-sized Euro countries. Real, genuine poverty is still a vast problem in Russia [many apartments in just Moscow alone don’t have adequate indoor plumbing, hot water and toilets!], the average Russian is considerably poorer than the average Mexican.

    The rulers of Russia are flexing their muscle and inflated sense of importance the only ways they can. One of them is pulling stunts like this, that get them worldwide attention, especially western attention, which they crave. But you’ll notice when NATO engages in genuinely provocative behavior towards Russia [yes, NATO is encircling Russia, duh!], Russia doesn’t really do anything except complain and maybe send some bombers to fly too close to the North America, UK and Europe. That’s because they can’t in reality do anything. They’re all hot air.

  10. northoftheborderguy says

    plenty of other children in need of adoption around the world.. including within our own borders. No need to go to Russia to get one.
    and I find this really strange.. because as far as I know.. Canadians can adopt Russian children, and we’ve had gay marriage for over a decade.

  11. DenisM says

    All of you people are soooo brainwashed. Look at the statistics: “children” from gay families are 5 times more probable to commit suicide than from normal families. High percentage also experiences difficulties in identifying their sexual orientation. It’s hard enough being from a single-parent family. Even harder to learn you’re adopted. They begin to wonder why they parents left them, etc. And on top of that, being from a gay family is too much. Why does everyone have a mum, but. I have 2 dads, etc. Bullying in school. In addition, its not at all natural. I support gay marriare myself. I’m strongly against gay adoption.

  12. Josh says

    What is this “love?” They need bodies to play house. Read some of these caring family, love preacher’s other comments. Those emotions are nonexistent.

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