1. PAUL B. says

    I wonder how he would feel if flaunting ignorance were poopooed. Let’s just say…he wouldn’t be allowed to open that big flapping dumb-ass mouth.

  2. Jumper says

    Really? Dude. I’ll start listening to you when you can put together a grammatically correct sentence. Until then, STFU!!!!

  3. Jay says

    straight people are always announcing their sexuality, look at the kiss cam at most professional sporting events. We are always shown images of professional athletes and their wives/girlfriends,we always are repeatedly shown images of their lavish weddings.

  4. sean says

    Hey Asante – why don’t you spend more time trying to better the african american community rather than bashing the gay community. With black males at the top of the unemployment and incarceration spectrum, they could use your help and your money.

  5. Bob says

    So, how does You know, how God live(s) his life? Amazing concrete brain density.

  6. Bernie says

    I have absolutely no patience left for such ignorant comments…….it is unfortunate that straight folks like him and others confuse “flaunting” sexuality with SEX…..and of course, this is not what gay people are doing when they come out

  7. woodroad34d says

    This whole “flaunting” thing has been the meme of straight doofi for decades. If these idiots could only learn to read or stop putting their fingers in their ears and going “nanananananana”, they’d realize they’ve been flaunting their *ahem* lifesyles all the time–as has been pointed out continuously. And you know, braiding your hair that way is just “flaunting” your identity/lifestyle/ethnicity at everyone else…think about that annoying little tidbit, you hypocrite. Such a poopie head.

  8. Ron says

    Why does Steve Hartman get a pass???? HE AGREED WITH HIM during the interview!!!!

  9. says

    God leads his life just fine apparently because God created lots of different kinds of nifty people…however, some human beings murder each other because they are bigots and/or thieves, some love each other as God Commanded then to do and some are even more talented than others (in lots of different ways). God likes/lives diversity…best to inform the kids that God is admires good character in Gods kids in case the subject ever comes up (at Asantes house especially).

  10. Chadd says

    As a gay man, I am proud that I, too, am made in the image of God. If God created everything as Christians believe, then yes, God created Adam and Steve.

  11. Derrick in Philly says

    And I’m wishin’ he wouldn’t flaunt his ignorant negrotude with those corndreads or whatever they are.

  12. ChristopherM says

    I’m sad that so many of you are answering ignorant bigotry with ignorant bigotry. Pathetic.

  13. btinc says

    I feel the same way about heterosexuals and their constant flaunting — my God says that’s wrong.

    But I have learned to live with it, and even respect them.

  14. Francis #1 says

    I sometimes question just how supportive all of these players speaking out for our rights are, given none of them bar a few have ever said anything about this issue in the past and, of course, zero players have come out. And given what reporters say, which is gay jokes/slurs/jokes regarding masculinity are very common in locker rooms. I mean, if the locker room were very accepting, then it would lead one to assume someone would have come out by now, and not at the end of their career like Jason Collins has. I’m not saying guys are unaccepting, but are any of them actually doing anything to make a proverbial closeted player feel comfortable?

    People have the wrong idea of how locker rooms work. 95% of guys will play with a gay teammate, no problem. That’s not really the issue, playing with someone gay. It’s more about the dynamics of the locker room in terms of language, jokes, off-the-field friendships, and the brotherhood in general. That and closeted players I’m sure feel totally alone right now, without anyone who really understands them in the locker room. It will be interesting to see if locker room dynamics change with Jason Collins out.

  15. Bucky says

    So, ummm, when you talk about your kids you aren’t talking about your sexuality?

  16. John D says

    Until Mr. Samuel comes out and tells us otherwise, we should all assume that he’s a gay man who is doing his best to not flaunt his sexuality. If he announces he is straight, he is indeed flaunting his sexuality and therefore a hypocrite.

  17. Keith says

    OK to talk about God in Sports, but not OK to talk about gays in Sports. Got it.

  18. steve says

    straight people don’t flaunt their sexuality? uh…go to any nightclub on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll see quite a bit of sexuality-flaunting – gay or straight.

  19. Adam says

    Samuel obviously doesn’t have a problem with that stupid female interviewer flaunting her legs.

  20. Polyboy says

    The moment he started talking about his kids he strayed into flaunting his orientation.


  21. Steve says

    Lots and lots of extremely stupid and homophobic comments on the YouTube video.

  22. Jay says

    I guess it is to late to ask you NOT to pass your genes on, no kid deserves them.

  23. ToThePoint says

    Straight people flaunt their sexuality (let it be known) when they walk hand-in-hand down the street, give a peck on the cheek, WHERE A WEDDING RING, sit on the same side of the booth, share a dessert, almost f*ck in public, etc. If we have to be in the closet, then straight people should refrain from ALL public displays of affection. And, TEACH his kids these “things”. At this point I am ready to say f*ck god and the bible, for religion is the ONLY reason why any straight person would say the things this narrow-minded fool has to say.

  24. ToThePoint says

    He (just like ALL self-righteous religious extremists) uses god to hate. God would not be proud and is surely judging him and his ilk and their thoughts.

  25. Matt N says

    How about “flaunting” your religious beliefs by talking about God multiple times?

    And I guess he can never be seen with a wife or girlfriend in public, because that would obviously be flaunting his straight lifestyle. My kids don’t want to see that.

    This is the textbook way for haters to express their disgust. At least be a man and admit you don’t like gay people instead of a coward. I would love to see Jason Collins whip his ass.

  26. Christopher in VA says

    Seriously?? You all respond to this man’s ignorance by making racial comments? Are we in middle school?

  27. Jim says

    Here’s a problem in sports math: by how much is Asante Samuel’s IQ lower than his jersey number?

  28. John says

    I’m so glad the first out gay pro player was black because we need more leaders like that to make up for the very vocal anti gay pro players who are seemingly almost always black lately. Straight player flaunt their sexuality any time they are photographed with their wives and children. Isn’t that displaying sexuality???

  29. Wilberforce says

    I don’t blame the endless parade of dumb celebrities. It’s the media that give them the mike, still using us to distract attention from the real horrors of society, the political and financial elites who are crushing the economy. And of course, the masses are easily duped by this, even after 40 years, and a huge recession.

  30. Don says

    I really don’t understand how such ignorant people get a national pulpit. Who really cares what he says?

  31. Krajci says

    I agree with him. Just play the game. I don’t need to know that you’re a fan of other mens genitalia.

  32. RMc says

    When athletes talk about the people they are dating, their kids, their spouses they are talking about their sexuality, When heterosexuals hold hands they are flaunting their sexuality. If they are allowed to do it then so can gays. Get over it. Don’t flaunt your bigotry or your ignorance you uneducated barbarian.

  33. Todd says

    We “flaunt” our sexuality because, unlike the heterosexual community, we are STILL FIGHTING to be recognized and to be given equal rights. We can’t..and won’t..achieve those things by staying silent and in the closet. And if you’re worried about “the kids”, then lock them up in Sunday school and shelter them from the world, so that they grow up brainwashed bigots, just like you.

  34. Michael says

    Hold on. He flaunts his sexuality by telling us about his kids and then says gay people should just stfu?

  35. Erick says

    I see people saying that straight people flaunt their sexuality too, but let’s be honest: homosexuality isn’t comparable to heterosexuality. Being straight is the healthy cycle of being. Being gay is just some accidental hormonal imbalance that some people were dealt by faulty genealogy; it isn’t normal to have lustful feelings to members of the same gender, nor is it an equal or acceptable alternative to heterosexuality. So stop pretending that gays should be able to do everything that straight people can.

  36. Mary says

    The reason gay people have to “flaunt” their sexuality is because the world will normally assume that they’re straight and operate on this assumption, causing frustration and sometimes heartache for a gay individual. Straight people don’t need to “flaunt” their sexuality because the society considers their sexuality normal and there is a congruence between what they are and what the society assumes them to be.

    I’m embarassed to admit that for years I thought exactly as this man did and didn’t stop to realize why gay people who feel the need to come out of the closet are not “flaunting” their sexuality or “making an issue of it.” But as I gave it thought, and started to hear gay people tell their stories, I finally saw it.

  37. Jim Brown says

    We have to watch Heterosexuals “flaunt” their sexuality and their lifestyle since the dawn of time… but now ONE gay player comes out and this guys says that he has to watch gay playerS… playerS… as in plural… “flaunt” it? Brain Dead!

  38. Niebuhr says

    Parents (and maybe other adults) who have only been explaining romantic relationships to kids in heterosexual terms, and thus presented a false image of reality to their children, can’t expect the rest of us to go along, just so their children wont get confused…

  39. Douglas says

    Collins, or others, are not “flaunting” their sexuality. They are announcing they are gay so that people won’t assume they are straight.”I teach my kids God. You know, how God lives his life.” I don’t think his God is either heterosexual or homosexual. How lucky is humanity that this moron is spreading his genetic material.

  40. Ryan says

    Love this website and reading the comments. Until I read the ignorant and racist comments folks spew out. Come on people. Get it together and if you want things to change don’t use such offensive language

  41. GZeus says

    So stupid. Reminds me of a woman at work who has pictures of her husband on her desk. And constantly mentions that her husband is picking her up from work. But one time a gay coworker requested to leave early to pick up his boyfriend since the BFs car was in shop. She made a big stink about him flaunting his gayhood. What a cun+ I thought.

  42. Talisman says

    I have a coworker who I knew was gay because I’d seen him hanging on some local gay social sites. He wasn’t open about it, although it was widely know around the office that he lived with another man. As far as I knew, the guy he lived with was just a roommate. He got a promotion and moved away, and I never really thought about it that much.

    Just last year, I found out that this “roommate” was, indeed, his partner of 20 some-odd years, and this partner had developed a heart condition that required surgery and a long recovery. I only discovered this because he dropped into the office one day to train a new employee who happened to sit near me. She knew about him, and asked about his partner.

    This was the one and only time he’d ever gotten to talk about his partner in the office. He has never gotten the privilege of wearing a wedding ring, or even putting a picture of his family on his desk. There was no indication that these two people were in a decades-long relationship.

    Contrast that with the new employee he was training. Within a day of her joining the company, I knew that she has been married for about a decade, although they didn’t have any children.

    And you want to talk about “flaunting” your sexuality, Asante? Let’s talk about all the pictures you get to display proudly, all the conversations where you get to talk about what you and your wife did last night or last weekend, all the children you have running around…If you don’t want us to “flaunt” our sexuality, then you don’t get to “flaunt” yours.

  43. LaMan4 says

    I think he’s an ignoramus, too, but what’s with all the racism in some of these comments? Express your rage without sinking to that level. Really appalling.

  44. Rich says


    It’s not really “flaunting” – it’s just noting the unexpected. Nobody makes an issue that Obama is a male President or that you are an African-American football player because those things are what we would generally expect.

    Similarly, if we were both married to Caucasian women, it might be mentioned that your wife is white; nobody would think to say that about mine.

    Jason Collins’ sexual orientation is a big deal; hopefully, gay professional athletes will not attract any particular attention 20 years from now.

  45. Sabian says

    So judging by the comments here, the answer to homophobia is to espouse racism as an act of revenge. Okay. You just inspired me to feel a little less bothered, or inclined to say something, when I see someone of color say something anti-gay. See how bigotry can go both ways?

  46. Tre says

    Everytime I have to hear about what a co-worker did with his/her husband/wife and children over the weekend – that is them flaunting their sexuality. Please, I do not need to know if they are straight. If they are, then that’s THEIR business. Why must they FLAUNT THEIR SEXUALITY in every damned conversation???? Keep it to yourself straights !!


  47. says

    He mentions his kids, flaunting his disgusting heterosexuality for everyone to see and hear!

    I guess not every professional sports personality can be as intelligent as Jason Collins.

  48. andrew says

    It might be helpful if Sir Charles, Shaq and Jason Collins could sit down and have a talk with him.

  49. Bryan says

    Why do negroes have to be so uppity?

    More to the point, why do we expect jocks to have anything to say about public policy that _isn’t_ asinine? If you give a pig a stage on which to sing, who’s really responsible for the resultant musical atrocity?

    The saddest thing here is that he can’t even come up with an original bigotry, and is apparently unaware that straight people scream their sexuality at all times, in every walk of life, just as Mr. Samuels is doing by making this ridiculous comment.

  50. millerbeach says

    Is the sports media purposely putting a mic in front of the dumbest who play sports? Granted, their idiotic comments make nifty soundbites, but what really is the purpose? I don’t care if this idiot agrees or disagrees, I do not give a rat’s behind what he thinks about social policy. He is not an expert on anything except throwing a ball. Why do I have to listen to his ignorance? You know, children may hear his ignorant views and take them as truth! I wouldn’t want young little minds warped by such ignorant thinking…consider the CHILDREN!

  51. says

    Phuck yourself…I’ll flaunt what I want to flaunt.

    The combination of ignorance and Fox News is toxic.
    And as for straights flaunting their orientation……it’s shoved down our throats every minute, every day, overt in-your-face “I’m Straight” displays.
    IT is endemic.

  52. GCS says

    And here in this thread we can witness the always-ignored and sometimes-thinly-veiled (not in this case mind you) racism that routinely comes from the supposedly “all-inclusive” “gay community”, which in its current iteration is nothing but the White Gays Club. It routinely employs tactics to find scapegoats in the form of anything that is “not white”, all the while simultaneously erasing the millions of LGBT ethnic and racial minorities and the difficulties that come from living intersectional lives. A white cis gay man never has to deal with multiple levels of oppression; he simply clings onto the one marginalized characteristic he possesses (homosexuality), vehemently pushing for its normalization in the public sphere, and, after this goal is accomplished, will leave every other LGBT person behind.

    Reality check: the evil negro monster is not the one who has systematically reduced LGBT people to second-class citizenship at all levels of society. If you want to blame anyone, blame white people. This toxic opposition against anything that deviates from heterosexuality was imported directly from European whites into this continent and continues to be upheld by their descendants. You have only them to thank.

  53. says

    @ Talisman:
    Yeah, and all the photos of family on desks….flaunting “straightness”.

    Teachers would be fired from private schools if found out/discovered…….you think they are “flaunting” their sexuality, Assante ?
    You fool !

  54. Fahd says

    There’s already 70 comments, but I wanted to say I think he’s just plain stupid – ain’t nothing to be done.

    He doesn’t know what all these big words mean.

  55. Mark says

    I don’t mind that Samuel is black, I just he wouldn’t “flaunt it” with that hair-don’t and by not bleaching his skin.

  56. Bill says

    Leave it to Towleroad queens to answer bigotry with bigotry. Ever a shining example for the truth that morons come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual orientations. We really are all one messed up human family.

  57. Qazzo says

    The GayKK is out in full force, I see. None of you who’ve made derogatory race references have any leverage to complain about “black” homophobia, because you’re just a bunch of hypocrites who obviously sit and wait for someone who isn’t white to say **anything** non gay friendly so that you can feel for 10 seconds justified to expose your own bigotry. This blog is filled with articles about homophobia starring people people that never turns into race debates, or features ethnic slurs hurled, but let a black person even imply that he might not be comfortable with something gay-related, and the comments section turns into a Klan meeting.

    Samuel would most likely repeat what he said on TV to your face, without hesitation or so much as a blink. On the other hand, I have a feeling most of you gacists wouldn’t have the nerve to repeat what you’ve said on here to his face. Internet cowards, gotta love ’em! Cyber space is the only place you feel safe to be yourselves — under an anonymous pseudonym, of course. IRL, you’re probably as timid as a leaf and wouldn’t dare try it. Heh.

  58. StudioTodd says

    Oh come on…can’t you see that the racist comments have all been left by the same one or two trolls using different screen names?

    They’re just leaving little bits of red meat here and there for right-wing sites to quote in order to show the “intolerance” of the gayz….

    I’m surprised anyone fell for it.

  59. DannyEastVillage says

    wouldn’t it be a laugh of he were asked to define the word, “flaunt”?

  60. Nirgal says

    – Hi, meet my wife.
    – Hi, nice to meet you. This is my husband.
    – Why do you always have to flaunt your sexuality?
    Yah, right.

  61. DannyEastVillage says

    sad. you can take the kid outta the ghetto, but it’s a lot harder to ohferchrissake.

  62. bambinoitaliano says

    I agree with him with the condition that people like him should not flaunt their stupidity on any kind of media.

  63. 1♥ says

    Of course I’m not surprised by the comments on here that are racist and then followed by the same commenter under a different name calling everyone a racist.

  64. DC Arnold says

    Yet another setback for black folks. Shows no knowledge of history as well as complete lack of understanding regarding God. Andy, we know asses are out there please give us more people we can root for.

  65. John says

    Straight players flaunt their sexuality every day by escorting their trophy-girls of the moment to all the places where they can be seen and their “prowess” admired. GET OVER IT.

  66. Jack M says

    Have you ever noticed how people who start by complaining that gays flaunt their sexuality end up by throwing God’s name into the mix? Pathetic.

  67. Jack M says

    That’s the first time I have ever heard anyone talk about how God lives His life. God isn’t human, so he doesn’t have a life, technically speaking. This is beyond ignorance.

  68. says

    Why does it matter?

    Straight people have never had to worry about being fired from their jobs, kicked out of their rental properties, or turned away from businesses, because of their sexual orientation. Gay people shouldn’t have to worry about it, either. THAT’S why it matters.

    As long as the relationship is not incestuous or violates age of consent laws, Straight people have never been denied the right to marry the person they love. Gay people should have to worry about it, either. THAT’S why it matters.

    A Straight couple goes walking along a downtown sidewalk holding hands, and no one gives it a second thought. A Gay couple does the same thing, and it’s perceived as a militant, subversive act. THAT’S why it matters.

    A Straight employee puts a framed photo of his wife on his desk, and no one cares. A Gay employee does the same, and he’s accused of being “in your face.” THAT’S why it matters.

    Asante Samuel needs to get a clue.

  69. Derrick from Philly says

    David Hagatha Hearne,

    you’re no where near as good as Little Kiwi at doing parodies of other Towleroad regulars. There is only one me.

    I’m very disappointed in Asante. I thought he was more sophisticated because of his style. But like many folks from his background (my background) he knows nothing about Gay people except what he’s seen on the streets at 2am in the morning and what he’s heard from Black comedians.

    But there’s one thing he couldn’t know, and that is the amount of anti-Black racism among White Gays.

  70. Bill says

    And I wish Asante would shut his piehole and get a haircut. But does he care what I think? No! Which is precisely why we both should probably keep our useless opinions to ourselves.

  71. Bill says

    And I wish Asante would shut his piehole and get a haircut. But does he care what I think? No! Which is precisely why we both should probably keep our useless opinions to ourselves.

  72. Jack M says

    I hope his childrens’ teachers have a better command of the English language then he does.

  73. dc20008 says

    I don’t know why n*****s have to be so demanding. Why can’t they just sit in the back of the bus? Why can’t n*****s drink from their own water fountain? Why do they have to be all about doing what white people do? God made us different. I’m just saying why can’t they do what God said in the Bible?

  74. dc20008 says

    “You know, how God lives his life.”

    So clearly, Ass, you need some education about how God created, loves, accepts all She created–AHEM–including GAYS!!!!

  75. Derrick from Philly says

    “I hope his childrens’ teachers have a better command of the English language then he does.”

    Yes, that’s true, Jack M. But Asante doesn’t need to speak standard English. His career doesn’t require it. But he should think about it when he does television or radio interviews. Yes, his children will most probably need to learn and speak standard English. They may not become successful pro-athletes or Hip Hop stars–careers where one doesn’t need it.


    Asante didn’t use the term “f.ggots” so why are you using the term n.ggers? Because you enjoy it.

  76. Fenrox says

    What to do with ignorant people this far into our rights push?

    Enlightenment comes at different speeds to people, this guy has a super fragile belief structure, it would take one conversation with a friend to undo.

    Here is where we come in, we get the option to admonish him for his ignorance or we can try and help him out of it. And I am not making a judgement call here, both are totally valid options.

    A lot of people have been hurt by such speech and have a “right” to lash out. I just realize that we are in for decades of this, it’s best to come up with a personal plan of attack now. I think these people should be given a pamphlet and a pass, exactly one time, then public shaming and humiliation.

  77. dcinsider says

    It bothers me that black people flaunt their blackness by being black in public. Can’t they toss on some white makeup? It’s just not right that they be black when I’m teaching my kids that only white people are real in god’s eyes. No disrespect, man, I have a ton of respect if black want to be black in their own house, I just don’t want you flaunting that blackness all around. I got kids watching!

  78. Sean says

    “I teach my kids God. You know, how God lives his life.”

    I am sick of douchebags like Assante ANNOUNCING their religion. Keep it private and stick to SPORTS. I really don’t give two shits about your kids either. Why was it necessary for you tot tell us you have children? Is that part of the sport? Appearing on ESPN is part of playing the sport? Why not shut up and do your talking on the field you little loser of a man. You are too stupid to know how stupid you are.

  79. jamal49 says

    Asante, honey, shut yourself up or I’m gonna come to your locker room before the next game and glitter-bomb yer ass.

  80. says

    Rush Limbaugh is once again parroting the same nonsense.

    And here’s the deal, yo: were it not for bigots who work to hinder progress and continue to promote prejudice and discrimination there’d be no “need” for the “in your face” militant-ism NEEDED to combat prejudice and discrimination.

    sicking of “gay” being “shoved down your throat”? stop being anti-gay.

  81. mike128 says

    Unbelievable how the racists on this site wait for any opportunity to come out. I think this guy is an idiot too, but why make this a race thing?

  82. says

    ignorant bigots like Samuel say this, and insecure resentful homosexuals (ie the GOProuders of the world) repeat it.

    but what does it mean? nothing, really.

    it’s a buzz-term that idiots use to express their anger that the people they want to be afraid of them simply are NOT afraid of them.

  83. THurts says

    This guy is ignorant, but must we also be ignorant by being racist. When white men say ignorant things about gay people, I do not see any comments saying, ” I wish he would just shut up and go to Arkansas and help those poor white trash who are living in trailers instead of saying ignorant things about the gay community.” Let’s keep the focus of our rage on the man and not an entire community of people.

  84. Delonjo says

    “I teach my kids God. You know, how God lives his life.” ROFL

    Seriously!? These christians are so apoplectic that they don’t care how stupid they sound.

  85. Book says

    And why do NFL players have to flaunt their religion?

    Obviously, it’s not about flaunting anything, it’s about being able to live as openly as their straight counterparts.
    If no one made an issue of gays in sports, then no one would care, and no announcements would be made.

  86. says

    Straight people don’t have to announce who they are because they’re not discriminated against by the government. NEXT!!

  87. Chitown Kev says

    some of the comments here are ignorant and racist.

    What else would I expect, this IS towleroad.


    the comments about flaunting his blackness (especially with the cornrows) are very very pertinent to this conversation as well as other cultural behaviors that one could interpret as “flaunting” blackness.

  88. Acem says

    The comments here are the reason that I, as a black man, tend to side with BLACK over GAY when these kinds of conversations come up. When racism is used to play tit-for-tat, then my default loyalty is with the black community.

  89. GCS says

    StudioTodd: I have to honestly say that your whiteness is showing if you think that this is just one or two trolls being racist and if you truthfully believe that the mainstream gay community is 100% accepting of anything that is not white. The answer is no. The amount of racism and objectification I have experienced from white gay people is absolutely horrendous, and no amount of pretending is going to change the reality.