St. Paul, Minnesota Mayor Chris Coleman Renames Wabasha Bridge the ‘Freedom to Marry Bridge’


St. Paul, Minnesota mayor Chris Coleman is celebrating the state's expected passage of marriage equality today by renaming the bridge that spans the Mississippi in its honor.

Tweeted Coleman: "I renamedthe WabashaBridge 2 the Freedom to Marry Bridge for this week. Marriage equality here we come"

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  1. ratbastard says

    I’m always impressed by the way some cities celebrate pride. That’s really nice with the flags on the bridge and the renaming. We don’t do anything like this in, of all places, Boston. You barely see any pride flags at all, let alone have them adorn one of our bridges. I think one of all taller skyscrapers was lit up pink or rainbow color or something a few times. People here are just very jaded, myself included. I suppose familiarity really does breed contempt.

  2. says

    To my knowledge Rainbow Flags have been carried across the Golden Gate Bridge, but it has never decorated the lamp posts as they do now at the Wabasha Bridge in Minnesota – renamed the freedom to Marry bridge.
    Once in a while when the mist and fog are just right and the sun shines there are real rainbows in San Francisco.

  3. says

    Fantastic. Bravo, Mayor Coleman, and bravo, Minnesota. In less than one year, they’re gone from being close to having discrimination written into their constitution to marriage equality. Pretty impressive!

  4. Gigi says

    St. Paul has a mayor who is kind and considerate, which is amazingly wonderful!
    It makes me sad though to think that my city, Toronto, Ontario, where we’ve had marriage equality for 10 years, is run by an anti-gay buffoon who is so virulently homophobic that he’ll have nothing to do with our Pride celebrations. In spite of the fact that Pride brings in millions of dollars to the local economy he won’t even attend any Pride events. He uses the excuse that it always falls on the one week of the year that he spends with his family at their cottage. Lame and pathetic.

    Congratulations Minnesota!!

  5. says

    In Boston we fly the rainbow flag over city hall every pride week. I think that’s even better than having the flags on a bridge for a short period of time. It’s not like we’re doing nothing!

  6. ratbastard says


    It would be kinda nice if maybe flags were placed on the Longfellow or Mass Ave. Bridge, maybe lit up if possible. It would be nice if say the Pru was lit up in rainbow colors, or at least it’s mast, like they do for all kinds of occasions.

  7. ratbastard says


    I forgot. They could light up the Zakim Bridge in rainbow colors. That would be a simple thing to do, and it would be stunning.

  8. tim says

    During Pride weekend, our 35w bridge is lit up with rainbow lights. It’s a spectacular sight.

  9. says

    What a great symbol! Here in Chicago the “gay neighbhorhood” has rainbow-colored monuments…so it’s great to see some sort of recognition by politicians / local governments.

  10. Louis says

    The Golden Gate Bridge has never flown the pride flag….. Or any other flag…… But we in San Francisco are very proud of Minnesota! And are celebrating with you.

    Now we need some help on the Prop 8 front!