1. Macguffin54 says

    Not to sound jaded but seeing as they didn’t have to move the camera at all to see the dog it seems pretty obvious the cameraman knew the dog was there and decided to film there. He was probably hoping it was going to make a sound or move during the interview. When the woman’s interview stated going nowhere and the dog was too scared to make a sound someone went ahead and pointed the dog out. Still very touching, but more than likely manipulated to some degree.

  2. Steve says

    Macguffin54: You may be jaded, as am I. However, having been in broadcasting for 30 years, that’s just not the mindset of professionals at a time like that. While it seems news, especially local news, is full of bubblehead reporters (and it is), the people who do the REAL work behind the scenes: the camera people, producers, etc., often do the life-threatening work, paving the way for the reporter to get the glamor. In the midst of such devastation, creating a human interest story isn’t on anyone’s mind.

  3. Jim Brown says

    A beautiful story. A story of hope for a country and a people who have become cynical by negativity and manufactured ‘scandals’ shoved down our throats. Choose to see the GOOD in people!

  4. rdiac says

    @Fritz – You’re right. There’ve been a number of report(ages’) with [bubbleheads, thanks Steve] loaded questions with suggestions to be more discombobulated or traumatised.

    Nice to see one caught out, again. Oddly relevant to civil rights disputes against majority whims.

  5. Jeff says

    Ahh, so God kills a bunch of people, including children, but answered her prayers by saving her and her dog. I guess the others didn’t pray?
    The selfishness of some religious people…

  6. enough already says

    Interesting how she’s not complaining or whining for herself, but the moment the dog is found, she asks for help to get him out.
    If this was a fake, it deserves an award.
    Personally, I think it was real.

  7. jamal49 says

    I find these news reports moving, except for the news reporter. The OK woman’s answer to the “reporter” was a welcome slap in the face for a moron who asks leading questions trying to evoke some sense of pathos to “spice up” her news story. No news here except a very courageous woman and her poochie survived. That should have been story enough.

  8. gr8guyca says

    I am surprised the reporter didn’t stick the microphone in front of the dog and ask it, “What are you feeling right now? Can you comprehend what has happened to you?”

  9. Chadd says

    This is CBS footage but they have released it to other networks. When CNN played it and returned to the anchor in the newsroom, he couldn’t even speak and had to regain his composure. That’s how I felt. Nice to see a strong woman have a bit of happiness to reward her strength.

  10. Paul R says

    Yes, Seriously. An old woman living alone with her dog, likely widowed but with something she truly loves. Apparently you’ve never had a dog.

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