1. Ed says

    We’re jumping the gun on acceptance — here and abroad. This is serious, but never acknowledged. This could be our future for a few decades at least.

  2. Wisconsinese says

    From a country where Josef Stalin is still revered. I’ve visited. It’s a beautiful country (I’ve visited twice), but when I see this i really question the health of its society.

  3. Joseph says

    This is a hate crime, supported and organized by members of the Orthodox clergy. The Eastern Orthodox church, through its various national bodies (Georgian, Russian, Greek, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc.) has become a de facto terrorist organization, and should be investigated by the EU.

  4. Francis #1 says

    I agree, Ed. And as per usual it’s religious bigots who feel completely justified to destroy the lives and spread hatred against LGBT citizens solely for who we are. Disgusting creatures.

  5. John says

    Catholics are offically anti gay but in the US most ignore them and in Europe no one believes anymore. Since the fall of Communism the Orthodox Church has risen triumphant in the old Soviet countries and is rabidly anti gay and the people by and large support the church on this. The old east rivals Africa for the most homophobic areas left in the world. So Sad. I would love more hot porn from sexy Russian men.

  6. steve says

    I really don’t understand…on a socio-cultural level…why hatred of gays appears to be so…universal almost. I think that the fear of death has been attached to gay people – they associate gays with not having children, as well as HIV. I think a lot of people see their children as a form of an “afterlife” or a way to live forever…and because gays can’t breed themselves they associate gay people as the “death” of their afterlife. It reminds me of Voldemort and his evil desire to “live forever” People like Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum either come from or have very large families, it’s this preoccupation with breeding… same with abortion rights. I really don’t think these people hate gays, they just hate the idea of dying and are projecting that on gay people perhaps (??).

  7. JMC says

    This is so scary to watch.. there’s no doubt people would have been murdered by this mob if not for the heavy police presence. Can you imagine sitting in that bus looking at all of that, terrified those lunatics would succeed in breaking the windows?

  8. candideinnc says

    The only option in the west is to ridicule these people as religious bigots–which they are. They want to be part of the western tradition, but have superstitions that are absolutely medieval. Having overthrown the communists, they think reclaiming traditional beliefs is a way to revive their heritage, when it is simply a step backward into a more barbaric culture. Call the simpletons what they are: primitives.

  9. UFFDA says

    For the time being I hope the gay people of Russia have the sense to stay in the closet. It’s the only safe place and no one needs their martyrdom. Russia is hopeless. Face that fact and leave as soon as you can.

  10. SayTheTruth says

    And the disguise of “we want to be part of the western world” fell apart like like a house of cards. They need one century at least. They are at better conditions than Muslim countries though. Barely.

  11. helen says

    This is so funny. The gays are trying to psychoanalyse these people’s homophobia by claiming their past Soviet experience or even their fear of death is to blame. Of course if these animals were black or hispanic…their race would be called out. Racism by white sodomites is truly amusing. If only men of color would have some self-respect and reject this sick lifetime.

    I will say that I do not approve of any sort of violence. God is the final judge.

  12. Acronym Jim says


    This post is about the vicious attack against peaceful protesters who are trying to secure equal rights, not “racism by white sodomites.”

    Do try to keep up.

  13. says

    The EU needs to condemn these barbaric acts with loud denunciations followed by sanctions……

    Georgia was hailed as an anti-Russian ally a few years ago…..but we see the true partisan bigotry of these sectarian oafs now.
    As for the Orthodox Church……well, it’s not so far from the Catholic denunciation of us as “intrinsically defective.”

  14. says

    Both leading parties (Ivanishvili’s and Saakashvili’s) condemned the violence and blamed each other for it.

    And in case misogynists are still around: theres a photo of a young woman who was injured. She’s a journalist who was helping a gay protestor and was attacked for helping him.

    And an elderly woman in tears, according to reports, decried the violence, “Go ahead, kill everyone you are told to hate in the name of God and national values.”

    These are the facts. But some people with mommy issues are immune to them.

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