1. Gigi says

    “Gay kissing is not what I expected from a Liberace movie.”

    What the heck did the reviewer expect?

  2. Henry Holland says

    That comment just shows that while we mock all those blue-haired old ladies who made up the majority of Liberace’s audience for being clueless about him being gay, people can pretty much ignore things at will.

    I saw this last week and it’s really well done. Michael Douglas is amazing, Matt Damon is terrific (though Scott was 16 when he met Liberace, he’s too old for the part really) and the supporting cast is fantastic. Cheyenne Jackson is fabulous as the discarded boy toy who is succeeded by Scott, who in turn is tossed aside.

    It’s ultimately a sad movie, I just marveled at how strong self-loathing and the closet was and is.

  3. ripper says

    I think many Game of Thrones fans are going to be in for a shock Sunday night when this airs instead of the long anticipated Red Wedding episode.

  4. brian says

    If this movie were about lesbians, the reviewers would be using words like “sensuous” and “hot”. But because it’s about two men, it doesn’t pass the hotness test of sleazy straight guys and their female enablers.

  5. Mike8787 says

    People, this is a Funny or Die video. It is a joke poking fun at the media’s concern with how Damon and Douglas are dealing with the gay kissing, etc. These are not real reviews. Get a grip.

  6. Zlick says

    Did people really fall for that? Um, get some coffee folks. Perhaps the big hint was Funny or Die plastered all over it, but if you’d had your morning cuppa, you might have realized just from the content that it was HUMOR.

  7. secure214 says

    Yes people, these are fake reviews…

    It reminds me of when Brokeback was released, and the hysteria over the kissing. I find it sad, and amazing so many people are totally cool watching actors murder people on screen, but can’t handle them playing a homosexual. They don’t give murder a second thought. This country is sick.

  8. pedro says

    I thought wit originated with the gays…apparently not the idiots on this site. Oscar Wilde is spinning in his grave. Gay men who just do not get it…who would of thunk!

  9. brian says

    What I would urge readers to do is to compare reviews of movies containing male homosexual activity to those containing female homosexual activity. Reviewers – especially liberal ones – always seem to eroticize the female but not the male versions of homosexuality.

  10. Houndentenor says

    Allison (Nellie Olson) Arngrim’s autobiography (her father was Liberace’s agent) talks about this. Even as a small child she knew he was gay and couldn’t believe everyone else could. Then once at one of his shows she overheard some women from his audience talking and it was clear through their very coded language that they all knew he was “like that”. Everyone knew. they just all pretended not to. Yes, that’s bizarre but that’s how things were back then. For anyone now though to pretend they didn’t know or to think that there would be no kiss or expressions of physical affection between Liberace and his boyfriend must be delusional. this is 2013, not 1963.

  11. Michael Bedwell says

    However entertaining onstage, sex and popper addicted Chicken Queen Liberace was NOT a good idea for a movie from the standpoint of doing us any good. What next—”Jeffrey Dahmer, The Musical”?

  12. LiamB says

    Wow, I can almost feel the rush of wind from the collective rush over people’s heads. . .

  13. says

    I don’t think anyone with an ounce of sense would mistake Liberace for a typical gay man. He wasn’t even a typical closet case. His story is fascinating Mr. Bedwell because of the cognitive dissonance of his fans. Houndentenor speaks the truth. They knew — but pretended not to.

  14. Gregoire says

    That video is brilliant commentary on some of the press this movie has received. And clearly it’s too sophisticated for people here.

  15. Drew says

    ^^^ I DID think this was a real review… didn’t notice the Funny or Die tagline right away, ha.

  16. Hoss says

    Saw it last week. It’s as if John Waters and Roman Polanski had a rhinestone incrusted baby and named it Behind the Candelabra. Tragic.

  17. Ryan says

    For those of you who enjoyed this video, the voiceover was Bryan Safi, who is one half of the brilliant/mean/unbelievable podcast Throwing Shade. It’s my favorite podcast in the world and you should check it out:

  18. David Hearne says

    I met those two when I was in college and working as a houseboy for a wealthy gay man who worked for Playboy. I had no idea LIberace was still a star at the time, and thought he was just one of the has beens who paraded through the house from time to time. June Lockhart was there at the same time, and I thought that was a really big deal.

  19. gregorybrown says

    @David Ehrenstein: I am glad to know here’s at least one man a bit older than I who is here, and one who feels comfortable using “cognitive dissonance” in a Towleroad thread.

  20. Caliban says

    @Michael Bedwell, it would be easier to respect your views if I’d EVER seen you do anything but complain. Serious question, do you ever have anything nice to say? You’d complain about the carpet in the middle of an orgy! (And probably complain that I said “orgy” because it’s a stereotype that ALL gay men like orgies!) Could you at least ONCE say something positive? Please?

  21. ill be damned says

    I cant believe game of thrones isn’t on tonight so hbo can pray people watch this. I refuse to watch it and not because its about gayness, but because my favorite show isn’t on. They should have put this junk on a couple weeks from now after game of thrones has its finale. Its like Monday night football being cancelled to put on ballroom dancing.