1. Jim says

    Marriage equality is the law in France. Noisy bigots marching down a street won’t change that fact. Marriage equality in France is forever now. Why does anybody care what these worthless losers think?

  2. Jason is back says

    The French have never truly been gay-friendly. They are a pretentious, arrogant people with a very strong element of straight male domination in their culture. When the French make porn, it has a strong element of the bisexual double standard to it. In other words, male homosexual acts are banned in almost all porn that contains both sexes, in stark contrast to the way they embrace the female homosexual act.

    French straight guys are pigs and their girlfriends and wives are man-pleasing prostitutes.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    These are the far right religious zealots of France and France’s biggest embarrassment. This is a fine example why France needs to shed itself of the Catholic Church.

  4. Luke says

    @Jason is back

    Yes, the religious out-of-time people tend to be very intolerant there, just like here. However, the overwhelming majority does not really care about gay marriage. And I don’t understand why bisexuality and port have to do with the matter.

  5. MateoM says

    Luke, Jason-Is-Back means that Jason the troll is back, meaning whatever he says should just be ignored. He is an alias of Rick, who things bisexuality is bad and hates women and the LGBT community.

  6. Luke says

    Oops MateoM. I didn’t know. Thanks!

    To respond to Daswon, the first demonstrations against marriage equality have been taken over by extremist ring-wing members. Nothing to do with marriage any more and that’s why so many French people want the demonstrations/riots to end.

  7. Keith says

    I strongly condemn anyone on this site who believes the French are a pretentious people and are a nation of bigots. There are many wonderful people in France, and the majority do believe and support equality for the LGBT community. To have 150,000 protestors from the far-right spectrum protest out of 56 million citizens is a small percentage, and you will find that over time marriage equality will, dare I say, become blaise to the majoity of the French citizenry.

  8. Brang says

    Even if the laws are cemented and there’s no turning back, I’m still glad that the people who aren’t happy with the changes got out and got their voices heard, and let the pro-gay marriage crowd know that not everyone is an ally or their friend. We’re living in this odd time where everyone wants to feel like they’re emotionally supported by everyone, and it’s simply not true. Unlike in the U.S. and Canada, the French don’t worry about being PC or pretend to like everyone and everything.

  9. Avi says

    I’m sure not everyone who disagrees with gay marriage showed up to the rally. 150k is still a very large # for a protest, and it gets the message across that a sizable number of citizens disagree.

  10. simon says

    As Brang said, there are probably more people like that in the US except they are afraid to be seen as bigots. They just send their money and hide behind that fat ass Brian Brown. It is no surprise that his donor list is a secret. It was quite unexpected that so many people supported Prop 8 in California.

  11. simon says

    As Brang said, there are probably more people like that in the US except they are afraid to be seen as bigots. They just send their money and hide behind that fat ass Brian Brown. It is no surprise that his donor list is a secret. It was quite unexpected that so many people supported Prop 8 in California.

  12. UFFDA says

    150,000 protesting anything is serious business. It may well mean that France is not nearly as gay-friendly as any of the other nations who have accepted marriage equality. I wouldn’t be too comfortable being gay in France…or the Ukraine.

  13. Pete N SFO says

    The anti-Marriage Equality folks have been overtaken by skinheads and extremists. I wish it weren’t happening but I’m happy that it means the Katholic Khurch will soon have to distance themselves from the violence.

  14. ***** says

    150,000 protesters equal about 0.2 percent of the population of France. Certainly does not seem to be a very large portion of the population.

  15. mike says

    One of the three (yes, there were 3!) marches started right outside my door near the Gare d’Austerlitz yesterday, and I have to say that as an American living a long time here in France, it was very unsettling to see such an organized and vocal group of Frenchman against gay marriage. 150K is a LOT of people marching in Paris. I will say that the vast majority of these people are NOT Parisians — they are from the countryside and have been riled up by the Catholic Right to react against anything Pres. Hollande passes into law. The extremism is the same as in the U.S., except these people are better organized and they do it in plain sight. I don’t think France is going to overturn the law and neither does anyone else. My French boyfriend and I walked through the crowd tearing down the stickers they had placed on walls and lamposts — and people said nothing to us. It was our own bit of physical defiance among all the hateful rhetoric.

  16. Mike B. says

    I don’t think it was 150K parisians. Pretty sure the far-right is bussing people in. It’s just the issue du jour they’re using for opposition, in the same way that Tea Baggers in the U.S. will oppose anything that Obama does, regardless of how they felt about an issue last week.

  17. Mike B. says

    I don’t think it was 150K parisians. Pretty sure the far-right is bussing people in. It’s just the issue du jour they’re using for opposition, in the same way that Tea Baggers in the U.S. will oppose anything that Obama does, regardless of how they felt about an issue last week.

  18. Timothy Hunt says

    I’m in France right now. On the news last night, it said that 71% of French people polled want the protests to stop. Yes, there are lots of “ultras” here in France, but thankfully, they truly are a minority group.

  19. says

    I’m surprised to see the comments on the French as pretentious; I have always found them really friendly and absolutely charming and light hearted.
    150K demonstrating is simply a manipulation by the Far Right Le Pen and followers.

    @ mike : I totally agree with your observations on the ground.

  20. Jason is back says

    These protestors are not just tea bagger types. They are from across the board. France is a very homophobic country in relation to male homosexuality especially.

  21. simon says

    Mike in Paris:
    It is funny what you guys did. It probably pissed off the Catholic thuds. They can’t beat you up like those nude feminists.

  22. candideinnc says

    This demonstration and the others is as much an anti-Hollande and anti-socialist demonstration as it is anti-marriage equality. The political opposition in France has ginned this up to undermine the existing government

  23. Alexander says

    Had I been there onlooking a little ways away i would have thought i was witnessing a giant baby shower with all that pink and blue. The day I have My first Gaby I feel I will utilize lavender as the colour for our baby shower or perhaps a nice turquoise. ^_^

  24. mike/ says

    from what i’m reading in the French press, it would seem that the vast majority of the people are getting really tired of these anti-marriage protests and the Parisians especially want their city back.

    for a country that self-identifies itself atheist at around 40%, this fanatic minority certainly is making a lot of noise in its fade toward oblivion…

  25. jjose712 says

    I’m very negatively surprised by this reactions.
    In Spain there was protest (not violent), but they stopped after the law was aproved.

    Of course we don’t have far right parties, and even the right ones know that in the long run would be negative for them oppose the law.
    So much for the fraternity, equality and freedom but actions speak louder than words

  26. Ninong says

    150,000 or 250,000, whatever. The French routinely put a million protesters on the streets of Paris at the drop of a hat for just about anything.

    These Manif-pour-tous protests are not all anti-gay zealots. They have been joined by the opposition parties, including the far-right nationalists, who are turning out their troops in an attempt to weaken the Hollande government, which is weak enough already.

    The first gay marriage will be this Wednesday. That should really drive them nuts.

  27. QJ201 says

    People stirred up by intolerant religious leaders…and France…the french protest EVERYTHING. They could get 150K to march if they suggested cutting ONE vacation day for civil servants.

  28. FunMe says

    Nice to see the bigots, homophobes, FASCISTS and closeted gays out in the streets showing how much of losers they are.

    What’s even better is seeing them rounded up for attacking the police.

    No matter how many protests they have. Too late! They lost. EQUALITY won.

  29. ratbastard says

    Paris has protests big and small all the time. Parisians are used to it. When I lived there bombs were going off every other day and night. Nobody made a fuss. It’s the capital and most important city in France, one of the world’s most important cities. Life goes on.

    These protests are aimed at Hollande, who has become quite unpopular very fast, mostly for stuff that have nothing to do with gay marriage, but gay marriage was handed to his opponents on a silver platter.

  30. Keith says

    There are lots of nice people in France, but the French right are nasty dimwits just like the American version. All wasting their time parading their backwards ignorance.

  31. Jonathan says

    Some can try and play it down all they want but (even with 65 million citizens in France) the truth is that 150,000 people showing up to a protest rally is still a *huge* turn out and makes a significant statement…especially considering how we can rationally assume that not everyone in France who disagrees with gay marriage was there.

    Yeah, yeah…”equality won,” but having such a large number of your fellow countrymen showing up to angrily oppose your right to marry still must feel like a slap in the face on a personal level, and have you wondering who of your so-called friends would stab you in the back when you weren’t looking.

  32. Pigs says

    These assholes will just have to get over it. The law has already been passed and it goes into effect Wednesday. They can cry and whine all they want, but it’s a done deal.

  33. Tom says

    I am just besides myself at how much Paris, France, well parts of Europe have gone completely backwards in the last several decades. It used to be the other way around, America was years behind everybody else,and Europe was out in front as it relates to gay rights, now we seem to be in the lead, and Europe trails.

  34. says

    An I the only one who noticed they were playing Mackelmore. Catchy as the song is, they are far from supportive of the Manif pour tous cause. I suppose if the clip ran longer we’d hear some scissor sisters as well.

  35. Pat says

    true about Europe showing more vocal extremism. However, it’s hard to say that Europe trails in gay rights when as many as 9 countries have marriage equality and the US doesn’t…

  36. Mark says

    I’m trying to think back to all of the countries that have passed gay marriage and I do not remember one having 150,000 march to protest it.

    France is making itself look really, really bad. Now instead of pastries and wine, I’ll be thinking of bigots when I think of France.

  37. Jim says

    Are there any pro-gay marches or celebrations happening to counteract these negative demonstrations? It seems the media is only covering these anti-gay demonstrations. Can’t we start seeing some joy?

  38. Junior says

    I agree. Towle road has literally turned in to a cess pool. What the heck? there’s more homophobia on the comments section of this site than NOM.

  39. Hughes TX says

    @ Alejandro

    Andy loves the trolling. Otherwise, he’d require signing in to comment where the trolls could be identified and the comments moderated to avoid the string of trolls. But he gets hits for his site when trolls troll. That’s why I support other gay news oriented sites far more so than this one and encourage my friends to as well.

  40. Martex says

    We canceled our trip to France. No need to go after these ridiculous protests with militant people. Friends visited in the past and said it wasn’t all that special and the people are horribly rude. Planning on going to Sweden instead.

  41. ratbastard says

    France is the most visited country in the world. I believe Paris is the most visited city in the world. That’s pretty impressive. I’m sure businesses and the governments of France and Paris are scrambling to protect their image.

  42. David Hearne says

    We’re dropping the ball on this. We need to present gay marriage and equal rights for gay people as a defense against Islamic aggression migration .

  43. duh says

    I only know two things for certain. For one, people in the French showbiz are FAR less vocal or supportive of equal rights for LGBT people. Secondly, gay rights movements also seem less well-organized.

  44. Ziemba says

    According to France police, the crowd at this protest reached nearly 400k. I’d say it was a success. Are there any more protests slated any time soon?

  45. says

    Actually it was a complete failure, Zoobaa–the marriages are underway, and the protesters can’t do a thing about it. They’ll be forced to return empty-handed to their sad little lives outside of Paris.

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