Two Adorable 2013 Gay Prom Photos


The first, via Imgur, captioned: "We just got back from the prom." "Did you have dates?" "Um, yeah."

Another, below, via Reddit: "Me (right) and my boyfriend (left) for prom!"

The times are a-changin'. What was your prom experience like and what year was it?



  1. Dback says

    I chaperoned a high school prom last weekend, and two or three different male couples slow-danced with each other–one was gently affectionate goofing around between friends, but the other two sure looked like they were a couple, or incredibly cool straight guys who just don’t give a darn what people think. I have to say, it was very moving and cool to watch. This was the world when I was coming of age in the 80’s that I hoped I’d be around to see. :)

  2. gallant says

    prom is another one of those stupid cultural traditions. way too much significance is given to this ridiculously expensive, socially exclusive so called “right of passage”. blech.

  3. says

    I went to a high school in west Texas (i.e. very conservative) and graduated in 2005. I was closeted then, but I remember a few gay couples going to prom together. At the time, it really wasn’t a big deal at all. No one cared. But I think had parents found out, they probably would have made it a big deal.

    Congrats to these couples! I’m sure they had fun.

  4. says

    mad adorable!
    it was 2001, and i went with the three other queer kids. two girls, two guys, all gay, rented our limo, danced the night away. lord i need to scan photos from that night, we were so younnnng.

  5. Ronny says

    1982. Went with a female friend. We played Scrabble before the after-prom party, where I fell in crush with the host. My date is Republican now.

  6. Rick says

    Why, in the second photo, is he kissing a girl rather than his supposed “date”? And why is she standing between them, as if she “owns” both of them?

    Why are so many gay men so emotionally attached to women, at the same time that they have such difficulty forming lasting emotional bonds to each other?

  7. JerzeeMike says

    This is adorable to see & I’m happy times are changing. The top pic looks like the one boy is taking a teenage Dr Who to prom, just saying’.

  8. Francis #1 says

    Adorable, but gay kids have been out at prom for years so I think this is a signal of not really social change (which undoubtedly is occurring though) and more awesome LGBT teens who are loved, supported and confident, and in love.

  9. says

    haha. oh yes. i was a wee blonde twink in 2001. anyone else ever have that ill-advised blonde stage? thank goodness it coincided with prom and high school graduation so it can be forever cemented in time. UGH. 😉

  10. Mike says

    Like to think that the only objection of modern parents to the picture of the first adorable couple is that one of the young men apparently decided not to wear socks. That being said, his tie is a bit lopsided and part of his shirt is out so maybe he did originally wear socks to begin with . . .

  11. Paul R says

    I’ve had every color hair stage, including a product called Sun-In that you’re too young to recall. It gave me orange hair. Lovely. The actual blond was way better, and it wasn’t even so great.

    I went to at least 3 proms because I had so many female friends. My parents got sick of that charade since it was their credit card being abused. I only knew one sort-of gay guy in high school, and he was the date of this bi girl for one prom. He and I probably drank cheap vodka and messed around afterward and our female “dates” cried themselves to sleep.

  12. Peter says

    Ancient history for me. 1971 and I didn’t go. Had I gone with a guy (I didn’t know if anyone else was gay in my school) I would have probably been lynched.

  13. parkrunner says

    It was way back in 1975 in a small South Texas oil/farm/cow town with my little sister’s best friend. After the prom, our real dates picked us up, her secret college boyfriend and my apparently not so secret boyfriend. Every other question I got asked at the prom by students and teachers pertained to the whereabouts of “Eddie”. I was clueless about our notoriety. It was an opportunity missed for a gay statement.
    It was sweet to be regaled with “crazy Jose and Eddie” stories at his wake ten years later. I wish we knew how much we were accepted as a couple in high school. But then, we couldn’t have possibly been any happier since we’d always had each other. In an indirect way, my prom brought us closer together.

  14. bandanajack says

    oh hai! sun in has been around forever. i used it in the 60’s during the winter months to hold on to my summer bleached hair, which was a much lighter shade of blond and slowly getting darker as i grew older. now that hair is mostly white.

  15. Joseph says

    Since I have social anxiety, the very idea of going to something like prom is terrifying to me. I never went to a single dance in high school. Besides, there was Dallas and Falcon Crest to watch on Friday nights, which was so much more fun, anyway.

  16. Paul R says

    Learn something every day! I thought that Sun-In was just a brief 80s thing. Other absurd things I’ve put in my hair include Manic Panic (a dye), lemon juice, and pretty much everything else. It’s amazing I have any left.

    My father used to love lying to me about various things and would try to appeal to my vanity by saying that studies had shown that people who colored their hair went bald at a very young age.

  17. Devon says

    Unfortunately, Kiwi hasn’t aged well. His hairline is receding and he has gained weight. A long period of gaining and losing weight has stretched out his skin and left him looking puffy and much older than he should. I seems that obesity runs in his family. Check out their pics on his blog. A vision of Kiwi’s future.

    Fortunately, Kiwi has such a kind, open-minded and easy-going personality to fall back on, not to mention an enormously successful acting career.

  18. tony says

    don’t know about Kiwi being fat and all, but Devon has a point about the aging face. kiwi looks about 10-15 years older than his real age. party drugs will kill ya looks. i should know.

  19. Caliban says

    I took the “Little Catholic Girl” to the Prom. I already knew I was gay, in fact I was dating an older man, but Catholic girls are supposed to be repressed and non-sexual, right? WRONG!

    She had a rough tongue like a cat.

    I still feel a little bit bad about it. She was a nice girl but nobody was beating down her door to take her to the Prom, so that’s how I excused it. She should have had someone who actually wanted her to take her to Prom and I should have been able to take my boyfriend.

    The only reason I even went was because slightly older gay men of my acquaintance seemed to make a big deal of having not gone to their own proms, like it was an important rite of passage they’d missed. I went, but it was calculated.

    However, I was cute as heck in my tux and I’m glad I have those pics!

    I’m so glad that for much of the country young gay people can take the person of their choosing without it becoming an issue.

  20. Paul R says

    @tony, No it’s genetics that kill your looks. My adopted brothers look like crap and my biological ones somehow still look OK. I’ve done more drugs than any human possibly should have survived and everyone thinks that I’m 26. I am not even close.

    Decent skin products and plastic surgery also help, not that I’ve ever done either.

  21. Ryan says

    Took my guy to prom. Hawaii 2001. Got a couple looks but nothing serious during the slow dance. wasn’t that huge of a deal, or at least didn’t feel that way then.

  22. J. Leo says

    I graduated in 1957 and had no idea this would ever happen. We didn’t even conceive of such a thing. After all, we had no idea we were even normal. What a wonderful sight to see. And now I am going to get married in NYC to the love of my life after 36 years together. Ain’t life grand and full of wonderful surprises.

  23. Ed says

    Why, in the second photo, is he kissing a girl rather than his supposed “date”? And why is she standing between them, as if she “owns” both of them?

    Why are so many gay men so emotionally attached to women, at the same time that they have such difficulty forming lasting emotional bonds to each other?

    Posted by: Rick | May 14, 2013 11:53:33 AM

    Are you unaware that the women is the boy’s mom, or is your weird brand of misogyny so extreme that you think a teenager showing affection for the woman who gave birth to him is a sign of gay male dysfunction?

  24. Profe Sancho Panza says

    If she’s his mom, why is she wearing a prom corsage? I agree with nothing Rick said, just to be clear. But judging from the corsage and dress (and hand gestures), she’s also going to that prom.

  25. Leonardo says

    Kiwi, you are adorable..don’t listen to UFFDA/Andrew who is the same old as hell poster who is on disability and has to volunteer at a gay community center where no one wants him around.

    Kiwi, you look great.

  26. Mentos says

    Devon, as if we don’t know you are really Rick-Jason-ratbastard-UFFDA? lol you’re way too obvious.

    Little Kiw you look perfectly handsome to me.

  27. Genuine 505 says

    These two pics are soo adorable and the couples in them are equally cute. Congrats for having the courage to be yourselves boys. THAT is what helps make a positive society full of love. Honesty, authenticity, and openness about who you are.

  28. says

    I went to my Junior and Senior Prom with my boyfriend at the time. This was back in 1998 and 1999 in the East Bay of NoCal. Aside from the horrible decision to arrive with frosted tips and white tuxedos… everything was fine and we all had a great time!

    Unfortunately, that high school has gone downhill since I left it – a transgender teen was murdered a few years after I graduated and there have been multiple shooting attempts in the corridors. *sigh*

  29. Esteban says

    My senior prom in 1984 in suburban Cleveland went with my main ‘hag’ . After the rather boring prom we changed out of our prom attire and headed downtown and went dancing until 3am at Chapter Two, the biggest gay disco in town! Best after-prom ever!

  30. Mary says

    I’m with Gallant on this one. Proms have too muchs significance in this culture. I mean for God’s sake, it’s a party – nothing more. On a sitcom in the 1970’s I heard one character (a woman in her 40’s, no less) tell a young person that prom night was “the most important night of your life” (a direct quote.) This really didn’t surprise me. I’ve always felt that adults were more obsessed with proms than teenagers themselves.

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