Veteran UFC FIghter Nate Diaz and Manager Stand By Homophobic Remarks

Mike DiazAfter receiving a 90-day suspension and $20,000 fine for a gay slur he used on Twitter, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has yet to issue any sort of apology to the LGBT community, nor to the target of his remark, fellow fighter Pat Healy. Furthermore, on a Monday night episode of MMA Hour, Diaz's manager, Mike Kogan, stood by Diaz's remarks when given an opportunity to address them. SB Nation reports:

"Nate doesn't feel remorse for what he said," Kogan told host Ariel Helwani."I don't feel remorse for what he said. I don't feel remorse for defending what he said or elaborating on what he said. Because it was not a homophobic statement. It was not intended to offend homosexuals. We weren't even talking about homosexuals. One can debate the multiple uses of this term. We can sit here and debate in the English language, there's a lot of words that mean a lot of different things, but whatever. As it is, it wasn’t intended to be used the way people tried to twist the way it was being used. So therefore, what does he have to feel bad about?"


  1. yuninv says

    Great! I’m sure white supremacists will be thrilled to know they can redefine words to mean something entirely different than what they mean, and if you get offended by it, that’s your problem for twisting it to be something it’s not.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    Anybody who thinks “faggot” is not a slur on the gay community is either a f—‘in idiot or a liar. Period. A suspension for an indetermanent period until that lesson is learned is in order.

  3. Bill says

    Whose going to be first to say “He’s hot” (below the head and vocal cords – his facial expression in the picture looks nasty and I’d imagine his use of the English language could not compete with Oscar Wilde’a)?

  4. graphicjack says

    Oh, sure… I’m sure you meant either a) a bundle of sticks, typically used to assist in burning a person alive or b) (UK slang) a cigarette. Or maybe you meant c) lame, stupid, or pathetic, which is really only used that way because the word is most commonly associated or meant as d) a homosexual man, usually derogatory and offensive. Who do you think you’re fooling? Were you calling Pat Healy a cigarette? Or a bundle of sticks?

  5. northalabama says

    is suspect brain damage – too many hits to the head.

    he gets away with a slap on the hand, this time. if it happens again, how ’bout a 6 month suspension and a $50,000 fine?

    maybe that would be enough to convince him to open a dictionary.

  6. Billy Crytical says

    Mike Kogan, you are the one that is trying to twist what the word means. We all know what meaning that word has among heterosexuals and it’s only negative.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    I agree with @bobbyjoe – make the suspension permanent. Remove his ability to make money for himself and his manager through the UFC. No matter how good he thinks he is, he will never be legitimately recognized.

  8. Randy says

    I don’t think he should be suspended permanently, but he should certainly have to pay penalties for continuing to tarnish (if possible) the UFC name.

  9. DaveJ says

    I’m sure that in their world that’s the only thing that they’ve ever known the word meant. Too many in the straight world just throw it out without really knowing anything more than it just being a word. Educating them about this is going to work much better at making a change,rather than just yelling at them for being bad. Especially in sports where a display of perceived masculinity is so central; Yell at me, I’ll yell back at you.

  10. Devon says

    For as much as people like to say we blacks are so homophobic, guess what, the most prominent opposition to gay people have been LATINO MEN. Here in Chicago, all the anti marriage equality rallies were attended ad organized by thousands of Latinos. ALL of whom showed up to the immigration reform rally to fight for the rights of illegal aliens.
    And guess what? with the higher rates of latinos in the U.S both legally and illegally, expect evangelism to be on the rise because they are a devout catholic community. I know because I live in their surrounding and to say homophobia is real with Hispanic men is an understatement.

  11. Jem says

    The f word has always been associated with gay people and ALWAYS will be. THAT’S WHY HOMOPHOBES USE IT AGAINST GAYS. And regardless of who they use it against in future context, the fact that it’s still being used against gays in an overwhelming majority of cases gay people will cite, says it IS INDEED TIED WITH GAY PEOPLE.’SO you indeed are a bigot for freely throwing it around

  12. USC Trojans Fan says

    Tell the gay kids who kill themselves over constantly being bashed for being gay with that word used that it has nothing to do with them being gay. This sort of supremacy by heteros is beyond insulting and vile.

  13. Klien says

    If the word is attached to so many brutal hate crimes and attacks of LGBT, then those who use it in any context are indeed aligning themselves with the same militant homophobia. They just don’t want to be called out for their ignorance.

  14. MplsBruin says

    Well, isn’t it just cute how Twiggy up there thinks he can call another man’s strength or prowess into question by implying that the man is gay. Let’s have him wander into any randomly selected Eagle and test that whole line of thinking. 😀

  15. Steve-ATL says

    Self resecting gay people don’t stand for that word using it, or being around privileged heterosexuals who flippantly throw it around. Gays who desperately want to be accepted by their circle of moronic straight friends will say and do and be complacent toward all their friends behavior just to not seem like an ‘uppity’ gay and be accepted. It’s sad. But I don’t associate myself with that crowd.

  16. Ben says

    Considering every victim beat and even killed in the recent homophobic crimes against gays were called that slur, it most certainly does carry homophobia with it regardless of subtext. Why? because it is a homophobic word stemmed from homophobia. Find another word to express your disdain for someone and you won’t face any backlash.

  17. Trees4Cheers says

    No. You as a heterosexual don’t get to redefine a word that you all love to throw around when beating, attacking, bashing, or harassing our community. You are not qualified to redefine words you use against us.

  18. J says

    Soooo you breeders want to hurl gay insults at us when you want, then use the same derogatory words elsewhere and tell us since it’s not directed at a LGBT, we need to get over it and erase all the many incidents it was directed at an LGBT. Gimme a break with that. Straight privilege at it’s worst.

  19. Gilbert says

    Orrr how about you use another word, insult or immature word to attack someone. One that isn’t drenched in awful history like the F word is.

  20. Arash M. says

    Funny how everyone person I knew who used terms like “that’s so gay” and “f-ggot” always had some form of discomfort with either fully embracing gay marriage or same sex relationships to some degree.

    If you’re truly gay friendly, you know those phrases carry weight for some in the community and you respect them enough to be mindful of that.

  21. torrentprime says

    The difficult thing about this issue is… he’s right. For many, many younger people, the word has come to be completely disconnected from gay people.
    I completely agree with all of you that the reasons it came to be mean a pussy or a wimp or whatever are because that was how society saw gay people, but history is not the same as the present. Millennials and even the next gen as they grow into and define their culture don’t see any connection between the two.
    You are free, of course, to demand or try to enforce whatever rules you want, but pretending the facts on the ground aren’t what they are doesn’t help anyone.
    Several of my straight friends got so comfortable with the term being separate from gay people that any use of the term included a disclaimer. While watching TV or talking, “That GD faggot!” became “That GD faggot-sorry-[torrentprime]!” It was one word. They weren’t going to change their vocabulary , but it never meant me. Again, your reactions are your own, and I’m not telling you you’re wrong, or that the UFC was wrong to punish him, but the use of the word is changing.

  22. says

    I don’t understand why certain people need to make this a racial thing. A homophobe is a homophobe is a homophobe. It doesn’t matter what color they come in, they all hate gays and are all pricks. For every homophobic black or latino person you point out, I can point out two white homophobes. All you do is just alienate people of color within the gay community.

  23. Cory says


    You’ve got a lot to learn buddy. This is coming from a 23-year old who gave his friends the choice to either continue using the word or get the hell out of my life.

    …We’re still friends. Think about it.

  24. Nigel says

    And in the south the N-word no longer referenced African Americans, instead it referenced illiterate people. You know the word evolved, the user was no longer racist. Blacks were just stuck in the past and over sensitive. This is just how the f-word has evolved. Right. Does it hurt your brain when you say up is down, good is bad, right is wrong, hate is love, civility is bigotry? Good, double plus good!

  25. says

    Isn’t TP *trying* to be the centrist one in this whole debacle, and now people like Cory acting pretentious? Have your own set of rules for what you do and don’t tolerate, but if you as a person are cool with certain terms and descriptions, then placing *your* morality on another person comes across as a *tiny* bit evangelical, hmm? :)

    (Waiting on Kiwi to come in and rip at me for even *thinking* out of line ^_^)

  26. Cory says

    Cody, no one is forcing morality, that sounds like your own insecurity talking. Never did I say TP needed to behave the way I do, if he wants friends who thinks it’s cool to call random things faggots that’s his business.

    My problem is the passive nature of gay men that allows this to happen. I feel if more of us would have basic integrity in who we are and demand some iota of respect from those we choose to hang around we’d be a lot further along than we are.

    Obviously you disagree, and most likely have friends/relatives like TP’s, which explains the defensive butthurt and gay-apologist response. If you like it, I love it, but there’s nothing pretentious about dignity.

  27. David Hearne says

    My grandmother used to say “Consider the source and make allowances.” Seriously, if you open a dictionary to poor white trash, isn’t that his picture in there? He looks like a mugshot from the 1930’s.

  28. Jeff says

    Wait… so if I call Diaz a dumbass sp!c, that’s ok too? Great! (No offense to all the intelligent sp!cs out there – this is soooo not about anyone being Latino)

  29. says


    REALLY?!? That’s the LAST thing people would say about me! Don’t EVER, EVER accuse me of butt-hurt on ANYTHING! And, damn skippy that I let people say what they want: I’m not out to change the world here.

    I just have a *really* short fuse for pretense: as Kiwi would say, “Put a face to your claims, then!”

  30. Chance says

    LOL just like the GayKK to use stories of bigotry perpetrated by other minority groups as an excuse to unleash their own. Numerous stories of white homophobes get posted about her on a regular basis, and I never hear anyone calling them a cracker or a wigger…or making some condescending remark about race at all…but let the story be about a homophobe of color, and suddenly those remarks get posted with this sense of vindictive entitlement.

  31. Jeff says

    Mike Kogan, just wanted to clarify something:

    If it’s ok to call someone a fagg0t, it must be ok if I call you a dumb, cheap, ho0k-nosed k!ke – right, Mike?

    See, I don’t view “k!ke” as a derogatory word for Jews, just a general putdown. It’s really gone way beyond applying to just Jews – it’s almost though of like “scumb4g” is these days

    And I happen to like unusually shaped, large noses, and respect thriftiness, and think it’s cool that people have varying levels of intelligence. So really, no malice was intended against you or any other Jew you know. Just the real k!kes.

    And as a k!ke, did you know that they sent fagg0ts (who they made wear pink triangles on their outfits) to the Nazi gas chambers right alongside the k!kes (who they made wear the Star of David on their outfits)? It’s true, I swear–Google “jew star of david gay pink triangle nazi”

    You see, even the Nazi’s agree with you – it’s no putdown if a k!ke calls a h0mo a fagg0t, because the Nazis considered us to be on exactly the same level, both worthy of death

    I know all this because I’m actually a fagg0t k!ke…
    …and I suspect, deep down–or maybe not so deep down–you’re a fagg0t k!ke too, Mike. And that your sp!c fighter Nate Diaz has fagg0t tendencies, too

    Thanks for listening, Mike, you dumb k!ke!

  32. Francis #1 says

    The only reason f*ggot has been normalized to the point many heterosexuals think they can use the word without any responsibility or respect of it’s history is because of homophobia and how pervasive homophobia is in society. That is literally the only reason. So anyone excusing the usage of the word f*ggot in this context is giving the green light to homophobia. It is inexcusable.

    But that’s not what makes me angry. Ignorant people are ignorant and I can ignore them. What makes me angry is when straight people tell gay people what we’re supposed to think and how we’re supposed to feel about issues that directly affect US and NOT them. That really pisses me off, big time. It’s things like that which separate, for me, the true straight allies, true supporters of our community, and the ones who may be for equal rights but aren’t truly accepting and understanding.

    And I also have a major problem with gays who are either numb to the fact or simply uncaring about your identity being used as a means to insult.

  33. Craig says

    Jeff – I have never thought “scumb4g” was so bad that it needed to be misspelled to prevent censorship. Let me test this… scumbag.

  34. millerbeach says

    That’s o.k….he can say any ugly word he wants. In the real world, I will be the one the taxi stops for on that rainy afternoon, not him. He looks like a thug wanna be. Maybe a little self-loathing over his own attraction to men. Real, straight men don’t use that word, because they know it is offensive. He is just trying to show how UN-gay he is by using that vile word, only to cloak his own homosexual feelings. Me thinks he protesteth too much… Oh, and remember that looks and youth fade, young man, but stupid is forever.

  35. ratbastard says

    Great! I’m sure white supremacists will be thrilled to know they can redefine words to mean something entirely different than what they mean, and if you get offended by it, that’s your problem for twisting it to be something it’s not.

    Posted by: yuninv | May 21, 2013 6:12:14 PM


    Am I missing something? Where is ‘white supremacists’ mentioned in regards to Diaz and Kogan?

    ‘…redefine words to mean something entirely different than what they mean, and if you get offended by it, that’s your problem for twisting it to be something it’s not.’

    *****That’s called Political Correctness*****

  36. ratbastard says

    And guess what? with the higher rates of latinos in the U.S both legally and illegally, expect evangelism to be on the rise because they are a devout catholic community. I know because I live in their surrounding and to say homophobia is real with Hispanic men is an understatement.

    Posted by: Devon | May 21, 2013 8:43:40 PM


    Good and quite accurate observation. You are not being a good ‘progressive’,Devon. You aren’t supposed to question ANY of the party line and talking points. Just ask the guy from Toronto on here.

  37. lewlew says

    Everyone knows what faggot means. There’s no real confusion here.

    This is just shoddy excuse-making. Shoddy, crappy — or another word we all understand.

  38. says

    Nuance is lost on the stupid.

    it’s not “the word” – it’s the intent and motivation when using the word.

    if a guy is violently attacking a gay man and uses the words “gay” or “homosexual” instead of “f@ggot” it doesn’t mean that the words gay and homosexual are therefore hate-words.

    (although one could, and likely should, argue that the continued use of “homosexual” by the conservative right is pointed and exists solely to make their base think of GAY MEN HAVE SEXXXXX)

    it’s the use of a word, hurled as invective.

    a word used by the user because they feel it will cause the most harm. we live in an anti-gay culture – “f@ggot” , and it how it was used, show that.

    Diaz and his manager are both pathetic.

    as for the “some gays use the word” – yes, some do. in very different ways.

    por example….
    two close self-aware gay friends using it, with a sense of irony, between each other.
    an insecure gay man using it against another gay man in order to “differentiate” himself from “that kind of gay”

    but i would utterly argue that when it comes to straight people using that word….well, it’s not “their” word to use.

    same way i feel about the N-word.

    and i’d say that doesn’t mean that there are “different sets of rules” so much as there are clearly different, and discernible, sets of circumstances.

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