Votes for Marriage Equality in Illinois are There, Say LGBT Advocates

Advocates for marriage equality in Illinois believe they have the votes to pass the bill and are ready to do so, the Windy City Times reports:

Illinois"I have absolutely no doubt we're going to be done with this by May 31," said Jim Bennett, Midwest regional director for Lambda Legal. "I believe that this bill is going to pass."

Bennett declined to give a specific vote count, but said that he expected the bill could be called and passed any day.
Rick Garcia, policy advisor for The Civil Rights Agenda, said he thinks the bill has the 60 votes needed for passage in the House.
"I believe we're there," said Garcia. "The cake is baked. We're waiting for the icing."

The bill passed the Senate on Valentine's Day. House sponsors have since struggled to pull together enough votes to pass it in the House.
Illinois Unites for Marriage, a coalition of groups working for the bill, has scheduled a community meeting to update supporters on the bill's progress and share plans surrounding the vote Wednesday evening.

Last month, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said he thought the bill's passage was "within striking distance." Quinn is eager to sign the bill.


  1. Ziemba says

    I thank God that I live in one of the 11 states that in 2004 had it put into its constitution that marriage is the union of 1-man/1-woman.

  2. Lars says

    NOM periodically closes down the comments on their blog, which apparently sends their sheep looking for other pastures on which to defecate.

  3. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Ziemba,

    If the Supreme Court adopts the standard of heightened scrutiny rather than rational basis in gay rights cases for the first time, your anti-equality state constitutional amendments are doomed, and they will probably fall sooner rather than later. However, sweetie, something tells me that you’re too ignorant to even understand what I’m talking about. Go bake a cake or something.

  4. Belthazar says

    I would like to have more than the needed 60-votes. We are so close with only a few days left in ‘this’ session. So, if you are in Illinois or know someone in Illinois, contact or have them contact their legislator or any non-committed legislator.

    We can get this done!!!

  5. Mary says

    Over at Free Republic there’s a post saying that one of the right-wing groups in Illinois has succeeded in persuading a few yes votes to change to no votes. They seem to think marriage equality won’t get passed in this current session. But I don’t know if we should take this claim seriously. The anti-equality forces may just be trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, or prevent Democrats from introducing a bill so it doesn’t get voted on. In politics, as in other areas of life, people often try to psyche out their opponents.

    But even if SSM failed in Illinois this year, this won’t stop victory long-term.

  6. Scott says

    I’m a divorce attorney in Texas. Trust me, Texas doesn’t need any help from LGBT community to debase marriage–the straights are doing a good job of debasing marriage on their own.

  7. Francis #1 says

    Well, Mary, it’s basically now or never. So we’ll need to see where we stand with a vote. If what you say is true….let’s see it proven in voting. The House needs to take the vote.

    I’ve read they’re focused on pensions first and foremost in Illinois and marriage equality won’t be debated on until that’s fixed. Anyone know the status of pension reform in Illinois?

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