1. bambinoitaliano says

    You do know that it’s your finger that click onto this site right? And it’s your brain that direct your finger to do that right?

  2. TampaZeke says

    That was awesome!

    @KEN, if you scroll up to the top of the page you will see that Towleroad is a “A Site With Homosexual TENDENCIES” not a site with homosexual exclusivity.

  3. Rick Robertson says

    It’s on Towleroad because some of us older queens can remember when bars would have Wheel on the TV, and the first one to guess the puzzle would win a free drink. I could get shitfaced even before Happy Hour even started back in the day.

  4. Kyle says

    Loved that this was post here! I was just visiting my grandmother, a big WoF fan, and we watched an episode. I don’t need to read exclusively “gay” content here all the time, like some, apparently.

  5. UFFDA says

    That lady was meant to get her million dollars because there is no way she could have come up with “tough workout” from that assortment of letters, especially when every dunderhead on here under 35 would have spelled it “tuff wurkout.”

  6. Nat says

    Wow, the stars just totally aligned for her that night–happy for her! When she spun the wheel, that thing BARELY stayed on that slice that had the million. Then she had to deal with a TERRIBLE board that I would not have been able to get myself and she got it on the first try. Very impressive!

  7. David Hearne says

    I think he meant, “Why is something which has nothing to do with Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, or shirtless manwhores half your age on Towleroad?”

  8. MIke says

    Believe it or not doubters, there is I know a YouTube of a person guessing a complicated phrase correctly with not one letter turned up there.

  9. darryl says


    Wrong. I turned on WOF for the first time in ages last night, right as she was picking her card off the bonus prize wheel.

    When the letters of the bonus puzzle flipped, the first word showed T**G*

    There are very few words with g as second to last position, and regular Wheel-Watchers know that ‘E’ and ‘S’, two letters that fill the last space 90% of the time, are already out of play…because RSTEL are given to the player for free.

    So, without hesitation, ‘Tough’ becomes the first word for great players. I got that part in about 3 seconds.

    ” Tough Workout” is a totally common enough epression used by us all.

    This woman got it faster than I did…but I would have got it in about seven seconds. Of course, standing in front of a crowd and cameras might change MY reaction time, but she played great all show long and had banked 30,000 bybthe bonus round (a large sum for WOF).

    Fixed? I think not!

    Quick witted and calm under pressure…definately!

  10. Sam says

    I would have guessed “O” as my vowel as having played many word games, there isn’t that many 5-letter words with “T” and “A” [no pun intended] in them when you include the given letters.

  11. Ken says

    Mike: No, I did not watch the video. I truly don’t care about this show.
    Alex: Why do you feel so threatened by feedback others give? It’s just our opinion, you know.
    Andy: Now you know that the comments get read. I posted my opinion because I can!

  12. Tom Cardellino says

    From one of the world’s most hilariously unlucky persons, (thankfully, I’m still standing, but the stories I could tell!) this video clip made me smile and rejoice in another person’s uncanny turn of great luck. She seemed to be a sweet young woman with a nice family, too. Thanks, Andy, for posting it! It’s nice to see good things happen to seemingly good people.

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