18 Reasons Why Henry Cavill is the Sexiest Superman Yet


Because he totally has that "million miles away stare" down pat…



Because he cleans up REAL good…



Because he does the heavy lifting…



Because he knows how to rock the "casual Sunday" look…



Because he can work a Medieval hairstyle like no one else…



Because he's not concerned about the elements…



Because, that bone structure


Because he makes crucifixion, or whatever is happening here, look very appealing…



Because you can pretend he's not wearing any pants in this pic…



Because he can plunge his sword into me anytime…



Because ditto with his spear…



Because not even G-forces affect that beautiful mug…



Because his cleavage is furrier than everyone else's…



Because he even makes the grisled laundry hanger look work…



Because even chain mail can't hide what he's working with underneath…



Because he can wear the HELL out of a white shirt…



Because even when he looks worried he's still somehow commanding…



Some things don't require an explanation…


  1. Sam says

    Towleroad, you are one of the few gay blogs worth reading. Thanks for mixing pop culture and politics into the feed. My only complaint is the high number of trolls who think they are on your editorial board.

  2. Lee says

    I’m tearing myself away from wishing I could bury my face in that lush, glorious forest of manfur long enough to ask, “Are his ensorceling eyes blue or brown?”

  3. UFFDA says

    “What a piece of work is man…in form and movement how express and admirable, in action how like an angel…” “…that all of nature might stand up and say this was a man…” “…what a world with such people in it…” Shakespeare knew him well.

  4. says

    @Tintin, while I certainly consider Tom Welling the prettiest superman ever, I think Henry is going to be my favorite of all the ‘adult’ versions of this particular superhero. And Henry definitely has the best body of any who have played the role. (YAY for not making him shave everything for the Man of Steel!)

    Speaking of Tom, wonder when his new movie with Zac Efron is coming out. That’s gonna be a lot of handsomeness on the same screen.

  5. Bollux says

    He really doesn’t do much for me. Other than being a beefier Matt Bomer. But beefy don’t swing muh thing. Maybe the one pic of him suited in a glider. But otherwise just looks generically gymheaded.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    Beautiful man. Handsome and amazing body. I haven’t seen him act yet but hopefully he’s got talent too! But I got my IMAX 3D tickets for this weekend! Can’t wait!

  7. SpaceCadet says

    I’d love to see him on Game of Thrones too. He’s got the British medieval look down pat! Probably unlikely a bonafide movie star would do the show though.

  8. AriesMatt says

    After seeing him on the Tudors, for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t a mega star. After five misses on some major roles, FINALLY Henry is getting his due. And he is SO charming and humble on talk shows and in interviews. Especially love the story about when he met Russell Crowe when he was in high school in England and it started his trajectory into acting. Can’t wait to see him in Man of Steel!

  9. KC says

    Gotta admit, to die for! Gawd I love him in that suit. But one question – why is Superman not allowed to have body hair? Love me some Henry Cavill with a furry muscled chest!

  10. UFFDA says

    Enough with the talk about hair. It’s just a fashion phase.

    But “Ridiculous”…really, why is a gorgeous man on a gay news site? 1. Because anything a beautiful man does is news to us. 2. Because we like looking. 3.Because, unlike you, we are homosexual males.

  11. UFFDA says

    KC – you need some perspective. Men have been cutting off their hair, letting it grow, twirling it, grooming it forever. Every part of all of it is a fashion phase and every fashion phase is premised on the best new way to do things. Then it’s over and something else starts. Same thing with words, clothes, architecture. “Awesome hair dude!” Say that in ten years and you’ll be a laughing stock.

  12. Bill says

    @KC: “But one question – why is Superman not allowed to have body hair?”

    … first, how would you know? They never show him without his silly suit and cape. Second, if his hair can hold up after all the abuse that never seems to even scratch him, how would anyone cut it? But then, logical consistency was never one of the writers’ strong points.

  13. pdxprofessor says

    he’s stunning!! and while i love tom welling, i think cavill beats him out in the HOT department. he reminds me of a young jason patric, who i adored in The Lost Boys.

  14. rroberts says

    “ensorcel” – What a strange word. Actually sounds rather sinister. The raw sausage enexorably ensorcelled the …whatever.

    Oh. Yes, Henry Cavill is quite handsome, but I think Hugh Jackman is sexier.

  15. Lymis says

    I know that they got rid of the red trunks in an effort to make it look less like he had his underwear on over his clothes, but I find it make me MORE likely to stare at his crotch, not less.

    Not that I find that to be a bad thing, but I doubt that’s what they were going for.

    It looks like he forgot to put his pants on this morning. Bad move.

  16. nick says

    What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals!

    I wish I’d written that.

  17. Ripped Mittens says

    @Tintin Malfoy @Sparks : Tom Welling was a great Superboy, but having Annette O’Toole and John Schneider as Ma and Pa Kent was inspired casting.

  18. KURT QUINTON says

    Since the first time I saw this beautiful man the only thing I’ve been thinking is that he HAS to be the younger brother of Matt Bomer. Just gorgeous!!!!!

  19. KURT QUINTON says

    Since the first time I saw this beautiful man the only thing I’ve been thinking is that he HAS to be the younger brother of Matt Bomer. Just gorgeous!!!!!

  20. Steve says

    Dear Armchair content editors:

    Go start your own blog. This is a “site with homosexual tendencies”. As a homosexual, I tend to like to look at hot men. So if you want to debate editorial content, go watch PBS or something.

  21. john B says

    I really appreciated this Cavill’s touch on Superman and wildly odd his very charming adult Clark Kent. Though, Kent barely surfaces in this story. He even got me to like Amy Adams who I usually find just side of annoying though, yes, she is talented. Well, if he likes her, she must be OK.

    Sure you went for eye candy and pop star trends, etc. Though, watching this 33 year old Superman as a fully realized 57 year old and all I see is my SON. Someone to give a loaner for his first house or apartment. Someone to check up on and find out if he is eating right. And Diane Lane came off as the perfect gay man’s support broad. Kevin Cosner and the military men were solid and sexy. Cavill is a good actor and was extremely likable but he came off a sexy as a fourth member of blue man group. Though, yes, when he was by that clothesline? He had my total attention. He could cause me to consider more but he did look at least forty-five. And the military guy who died a noble death who I have seen a lot should be a star. I think he is but he is not a household name. Will Cavill be? Somehow, not so sure. Guess it depends on who he dates. Fame isn’t necessarily based on talent or biceps these days. I would proud to send him his graduation check.

  22. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    First time I saw him was in “The Count of Monte Cristo”, where he played the son. Lovely then; inhumanly beautiful now.

    He can act. He’s not exactly Daniel Day-Lewis, but he’s not as far down the pike as a number of other pretty faces who get jobs but got no talent other than their looks.

  23. Matt says

    Unfortunately, in Man of Steele – a really lousy LONG movie – Cavill can’t act to save his life, and his chest is buried under such a matt of hair that’s all you can see. Yes, he has a nice, very padded jockstrap, but that alone do not sexy make. The man has the inner life of a dead fish, and – admittedly stuck with a painfully bad screenplay – he does nothing but squint and furrow his brow. Sorry folks. There is no there there.

  24. pscheck2 says

    In pic one, it does justice to his sexy persona. However, most of the others are just so-so with two exceptions. Now that his Superman is a blockbuster movie, the PR people for the franchise are working overtime getting him hooked up with some hot sexy female (he just lost his latest ‘beard’oh, I mean, fiance –sorry) doing the PDA thing wherever, the red carpet is laid down.

  25. tinhouston says

    god, i think I must be the last guy that has seen this superman movie. I know it’s been said many times before, but mygod this man is just stunning. seems to be a sweet guy too, and with that body and overall drop-dead gorgeous, he’s a pure catch. whew.

  26. Robert says

    Back in the 80s, I made out with a trick that looked like Superman out of the comics, truely. Like Lois Lane said, “once a girls made out with Superman . . “.

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