1. says

    Every time I see the title for the movie, all I can think of is gay Asian porn. The thought process isn’t helped by the fact that Charlie Hunnam played “Nathan” on the original Queer as Folk and was well …

  2. Strepsi says

    Britain is really outpacing the U.S. recently!

    Henry Cavill and Charlie Hunnam are two of the most perfect specimens of beefcake: one dark and hairy, one blond and smooth and…. wait, I’m getting a movie idea! 😉

  3. says

    From a personal observation, the ’sexy’ shirtless men Andy posts are always those muscular and beefy guys. Can I conclude that Andy is a submissive bottom when it comes to bedside activities ?

  4. Joseph L says

    I still say that “Pacific Rim” sounds like something you get before a “Happy Ending.”

  5. johnny says

    @Teehee, don’t believe it for a minute. Almost every single beefed-up muscle boy I’ve ever been with was a big ‘ol bottom. Once those shorts come off, their legs go right up into the air. Ask around.

  6. AriesMatt says

    Looks like Jackson Teller on Sons of Anarchy on any day of the week or season. And his ASS will not quit. Amazing.

  7. Ryan says

    Suddenly, I’m a lot more excited about this movie.

    (I’ve loved Hunnan since the excellent, but underrated, Nicholas Nickleby.)

  8. Dback says

    Cool, thanks, now I really don’t have to waste money seeing the movie since I’ve already seen the best part. (And Ryan, I loved “Nocholas Nickleby” too–especially the bond between Hunnan and Jamie Bell.)

  9. S.L. says

    Speaking of rimming, remember when Charlie Hunnam got rimmed as Nathan in the original UK version of Queer As Folk? I was shocked they had that on TV. I had a huge crush on him watching his character lose his cherry on QAF. Nice to see he’s blossomed into a different kind of gay icon.

  10. jamal49 says

    @Teehee, who cares? It’s none of our business. Please keep posting those hot pics, Andy. They’re nice diversions from the sometime grim news feeds you give us every day.

  11. WriterK says


    One of the best Doms I know is a tiny, itty, bitty little princess.

    No, you can’t conclude that.

    As a matter of fact, my close and personal buddy, who is also a gay man, and not beefy in the least, was horrified by your suggestion that because his partner is bigger and stronger and him, that automatically made him a full-time bottom.

    Shove Your Stereotypes Where You Like To Take Cock

  12. Chaz says

    The fun thing is that the very first sex scene any of us saw Charlie in was the one where he’s getting rimmed by Aidan Gillen.