Chipotle Promotes Sodomy!

(Flickr images via Adam Fagen)

Chipotle is receiving some religious right-wing outrage thanks to their show of support at Pride festivals this past weekend in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. "Chipotle Tex-Mex Chain, Founded by Open Homosexual, Promoting Sodomy in Pride Parades Nationwide," Christian News screams:

Chipotle2"During both events, the chain utilized a float upon which sat a man
riding a giant burrito wrapped in tin foil. On the side of the float was
a sign that read 'So big you can ride it,' with an image  of a
rainbow-wrapped burrito in the center.

The Chipotle logo was also displayed prominently on the float as it
made its way down the street while thousands watched and cheered."

Chipotle employees were also spotted wearing, “Homo estas?” t-shirts, "a pun of 'Como estas?' which means 'How are you?' in Spanish."

Chipotle has been vocal about its' support for gay rights. Back in March, the fast food chain pulled sponsorship of the Boy Scouts' Scout-O-Rama fundraiser event in Utah, citing the company's policy not to support organizations that discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation.

Christian News notes, "The Scout policy was reportedly brought to the company’s attention by homosexual advocates." You'll recall a Towleroad reader, along with Think Progress, reached out to Chipotle, expressing concern over their initial sponosorship of the Boy Scout event. Christian News also attributes Chipotle founder Steve Ells' sexuality, "as a likely a factor in the company’s activism."

(Flickr images via Adam Fagen)


  1. daws says

    Is Chipotle the place where it’s like Subway for burritos? I went to such a place, I think it was Chipotle, and I wanted to cry. It was magnificent (and delicious).

  2. SFshawn says

    I hope Chipotle makes the cut into the Castro at Market/Church. Their food is fairly healthy and reasonably priced and would be a great addition to the neighborhood. It would also give Zapata and some of those other mediocre burrito joints a reason to serve better food!
    The fact that they are so pro-gay AND that they annoy the religious freaks is just an added bonus! Go Chipotle!
    Go Chipolte

  3. Maguitac says

    Homo esta bien. Thank you very much!

    Although I love me some homemade burritos, why in the love of everything unholy would you see a burrito and think anal penetration?

    Qué, qué, qué??

  4. csh says

    the McDonald’s of burritos? glad they were denied the Castro permit.

    seriously this is California go get a real burrito.. even a yuppie burrito like Papalote would be better.

  5. Brian1 says

    Seems Christian News readership skews pretty monolingual. The explanation that homo estas was a pun on como estas, and then translating this extremely basic phrase, was just sad to read.

  6. Chris Hodgson says

    Chipolte has been deckeing out their employees, for Gay Prides around the US, in ¿Homo Estas? tees since ’07. The haters are always SO late to the party.

  7. Rexford says

    Has Chipolte solved all of it’s widespread labor issues with undocumented workers and quit classifying other employees as apprentices, so they don’t have to pay overtime?

  8. Jerry says

    You have to have the sodomy first, then Chipotle after!

    That should be an ad campaign.

    Actually, though, here in Austin we have Freebirds World Burrito, which is much better.

  9. Buster says

    @ Sean Mandell — to repeat my message from the other day: IT’S means “it is”, ITS (no aposotrophe) mean its (possessive) just like “his” or “hers”, ITS’ (the form you seem to prefer) is not actually a word.

  10. Visitor says

    Its’ homeskuling? (All kidding aside, any written-word journalist who hasn’t mastered “it’s” vs. “its” [and, yes, there no such thing as “its'”] should do so before going to sleep tonight.)

    Is Chipotle still owned by McDonald’s?

  11. Joe in Ct says

    I love it when our religious adversaries use terms like, “Open Homosexual.” It implies they really would be happier if we all just stayed out of sight and in denial, much like the “good closeted homos” who play their church organ and lead the choir.

  12. millerbeach says

    Is it just me, or does it strike everyone else as odd, as to how much interest these “Christian” groups have in all things homosexual? From our parades to our weddings, what we do in public, what we do in private, thinking all the while how they are above it…no, not quite. You have IMMERSED yourselves into OUR lives. GET OUT NOW!

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